How To How to change Bookmark icons in Chrome

I recently answered a question regarding the boomark icons in Chrome. Sometimes the default icon attached to a bookmark is too similar to another icon. That is a problem I wish to help solve.

Perform a Google search for Bookmark FavIcon Changer or click that link.

Once you have the extension installed please right click on your new extension's icon and click Options. That will lead you to this

You will also see a listing of your bookmarked pages. Click the bookmark you wish to modify, so that it is selected and click on the the Shortcut button within that options screen. This is where the magic happens.

The sections

are self-explanatory. Let's assume I just bookmarked the incredibly awesome page which is Tom's Hardware Forum. I call the bookmark Tom's and Chrome happily places the bookmark within my bar(depending on settings). The problem is our bookmark bars are only so long. Editing the names of the bookmark allows us to fit more of our favorite places on the web onto the bar and less of them in reserve. However I now have Youtube, Tom's Hardware and Netflix next to each other. They are all red and now I am seeing red because I was just sent to Netflix.

Back to the Options screen noted above. I click on Choose File after filling out the previous sections and I choose this
(48x48 px) . I choose the bookmark's place and I click add. Done!!! Tom's bookmark icon is now blue and my bookmark's navigation is easier and I can now personalize my web experience even more.

I welcome suggestions for a better tutorial.