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    Question A question about a cpu upgrade for Precision T3600.

    Would this Xeon E5-2687W CPU work with this dell precision t3600 computer. The cpu has the correct socket LGA 2011, correct architecture Sandy Bridge EP. But it says "Up to 130W" and this Xeon E5-2687W uses 150W. I have a 635W psu. Would this be a issue or not? I have had issues with i7-3930k...
  2. Bae-lish

    Question Should I pair a 1660 or 1660ti with my i7 3770?

    I have a non-k 3770. I won't be overclocking it. But I'll overclock the gpu. And have 2x8gb 1600mhz DDR3 ram. My monitor is 1080p 60hz. I'll use it solely for gaming and won't upgrade in at least 5 years. This include mostly AAA games. So should investing a little more on the ti-version will...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] CPU overheating

    I bought this gaming laptop 1 month ago and for the duration I noticed random freezes only in games where it ran perfectly fine nothing wrong whatsoever then an abrupt freeze for ~5-10 seconds then it resumes as though nothing happened. I updated drivers for everything from my BIOS to my GPU...
  4. thirumalai94

    Question Can I use two different graphics cards at the same time

    I have GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, this I recently bought. I am going to buy one motherboard which has two graphics card slots. I already have one old graphics card which is "GT 610 2GB" So, if I can combine both GTX 1060 and GT 610, will it give me more graphics memory (3GB + 2GB = 5GB) ? In...
  5. Z

    Question PC keeps rebooting

    so i bought i new gpu and my pc kept restarting so i changed the power supply with a better one and the problem was solved but today this issue happened once again and pc keeps restarting when i open games or stress test it my specs are: i5 4460 rx 470 8gb be quiet system power 9 500 w bronze...
  6. T

    Question HDD Corrupt?

    Hi, I'll get straight to the issue - I think my HDD must be corrupt. It shows up in File Explorer fine, however, when you go to access any files from it, it freezes solid (even if I just try to open an image file from the HDD). The issue is, I have important files on there I would like to keep...
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    Question CPU overheating cause FPS drops?

    I just bought a card yesterday HD 7790 1GB, and im getting fps drops in game like Fortnite, i have 100+fps, sometimes i go in town i get 50FPS. Also if i change resolution from 1920x to 1280x my fps doesnt change... it is becuase of my CPU overheating? I have AMD Stock fan, i dont have thermal...
  8. V

    Question Monitor turns black while gaming

    Hi all, this is my first forum post so please bear with me if I don't include certain information (not sure what y'all would need in order to help me). I have a Spectre Z27 4K monitor connected to my Omen HP Laptop. Whenever I game, I have a few solid minutes of 60FPS+ gaming & no blackouts...
  9. O

    Question Looking for a prebuilt pc to run overwatch at ~200 fps

    How much would a prebuilt computer that can run overwatch at ~200 fps cost, and which should I buy? The monitor I want to get is the Asus VG248QE.
  10. Z

    Question Wich result from which Wattage calculator should I trust? new PSU

    The result are the Load wattage unless specified otherwise: https://www.msi.com/calculator = 198W http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/ = 245 W https://seasonic.com/wattage-calculator = 259W https://www.newegg.com/tools/power-supply-calculator/ = Recomended PSU wattage 472 W...
  11. Simonky16

    Question Should I buy a GTX 1070 or a Vega 56?

    RMA'ing my old card. I could get a GTX 1070 for 278€ (311 USD) (and up) and a Vega 56 for 298€ (334 USD) and up. I however only have blower style Vega 56 cards available in my price range. I value linux drivers somehow, but I heard that there are some for the 1070, so I hope that shouldn't be...
  12. X

    [SOLVED] Is a ryze 5 2600x enough for this 2 monitor setup?

    I already the 1440p monitor(it's the Asus strix 1440p 165mhz) and I just order a new RTX 2070. But my brother told me I could have his old Asus 1080p 144hz. So I was wondering if my Ryzen 5 CPU could Handle two monitors and a RTX 2070.
  13. M

    Question Pre-wiring for tv and internet

    About to start building a house , it will be on a slab , bricked and the walls will be spray insulated. Now what i think i would like is to have two rg6 cables from outside run up conduit in the wall and down in a closet , and here is where i'm not sure what kind of equipment i need to go ahead...
  14. adooley8

    Question Rather hot idling temperature - GTX 1070

    I need some help with my GPU temps. As of late, the GPU is idling very hot, roughly 52c which is way above my comfort zone, especially considering the card used to idle at mid 30s without any issues. Now i must confess, while doing some PC maintenance i had a nightmare occur. I bought some...
  15. S

    Question What is a fair price to sell my PC?

    Hello all, I’m hoping to find some recommendations on what a fair price would be to sell my system. It’s older, built in early 2013, but with some upgrades. Would be nice to get an estimated price for separate system and then system+peripherals, thanks everyone. Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Samsung ssd 970 pro nvme m.2 1tb slow speed results?

    Hi, this are my benchmark results of Samsung ssd 970 pro nvme M.2 1tb should I expect faster speeds? I have Asus PRIME X470-PRO MB, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 200 2gb, and sata slots are used with hdd and dvd drive, I have used one pcie slot for GPU, is that something that slows down M.2 ssd? I...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Do i have to take the cpu out to reapply thermal paste?

    I going to buy a new cooler and i need to reapply thermal paste. I was wondering if i have to take the cpu out of the motherboard and then clean up the old thermal paste on it, or if its safe to clean it off while the cpu is on there.
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Desktop can't connect via utp, but laptop can

    My desktop has a problem connecting to the modem via utp, but my laptop (with the same utp cable) can. My desktop is connected with two cat6 to my modem, desktop to wall, wall to modem. When I boot my pc the connection switches between "no cable" and "identifying network". After 20 seconds of...
  19. Terry1978

    [SOLVED] Monitor dilemma

    Hi all after upgrading some parts of my pc i think that i shoould get a gaming monitor also !!! at the moment i have a Iiyama ProLite XB2380HS (IPS) it has given me an outstanding performance back in the day when i used the asus 660ti GPU but know i think that i need to change it for somethink...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] ASRock mobo not working with my ryzen 5 2600 and corsair vengeance lpx ram

    I have been trying to boot my new PC, but when i switch it on, the fans run, but I don't have a boot screen or a BIOS. I have been told my CPU might have been DOA but I'm not sure. Can anyone help with this?