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How to fix Windows 10 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error

The Windows 10 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error has two main causes, a glitch within Windows when resuming from sleep or an issue with virtual machines running on the computer. If you’re seeing this message and want to know how to fix the Windows 10 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error, read on!

HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED errors usually result in BSOD and a reboot. In many instances, BSOD can be caused by old drivers or obsolete drivers that are no longer in use. Our first step therefore is to check driver status.

Fix the Windows 10 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error
Let’s check drivers before doing anything else.

1. Navigate to Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update.
2. Check for updates and download them.
3. Reboot and retry.
4. Update all graphics, audio and network drivers.
5. Update any other third party drivers.

Check all drivers on your computer.

1. Open a CMD window as an administrator.
2. Type or paste ‘driverquery’ and hit Enter.
3. Check for drivers no longer necessary and remove them.
4. Type or paste ‘driverquery /v’ and hit Enter. This will tell you exactly where the drive file is located to help deletion.

If you run a virtual machine, check the version of software you’re using.

1. If you use VMware, check the version and update if necessary.
2. Use the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter if you need to upgrade to Hyper-V.
3. If you use a third-party VM solution, make sure you are using the latest version.

In all the HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error I have seen, one of these steps addresses the fault. Hope they work for you too!

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