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  1. K

    Question Laptop's CPU Upgrade

    I have a really old laptop, it's a HP pavillion dv6 and has core 2 duo T6600 as CPU. I searched it up and it has PGA478 socket which is as far as I know supports CPU upgrades, I want to upgrade my CPU. Can anyone tell me what CPU would be a good upgrade and how can i do it?
  2. OldLinuxDistros111

    Question *again* Can You Help Find Me A Laptop To Buy?

    ------------------------------------------------------ Here Is Information Filled Out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Under The Age Of 16 So I Can't Work For A Job q 1. What is your budget? a =...
  3. N

    OLED Laptops

    Hi guys, Has anyone used an OLED laptop for any significant length of time. If so can I ask what you used it for and if you have ran into any obvious issues with degradation like burn in, declining brightness ect..? Thanks
  4. A

    Question Laptop Suggestions - Work

    I currently run a HP Envy x360 15 Ryzen 7 as my laptop. It's fine as a laptop really, works as I'd need it. But it's heavy, big, runs hot and ultimately it's way too much laptop, bought at a different time in my life when I potentially needed the portable power. Travelling with it not fun, my...
  5. S

    Question Fan Noise and High temperatures

    (I apologize for my grammar ) Hi, I have and laptop Honor MagciBook 14 (2020 - AMD), few days ago everything was normal, normal noise and temps but on the other day when i start watching a video on yt laptop get really hot and fan started spin really fast after few seconds laptop just turned off...
  6. J

    I just bought a CHUWI corebook x and I want to replace the battery.

    So I just bought a CHUWI corebook x and I really like it. But the stock battery is kinda small out the box and I'm worried about having to replace it in a few years since CHUWI has bad customer support and CHUWI is not such a popular brand. Can I just buy a battery that is not made exactly for...
  7. T

    Question Was this Lenovo Legion 7 16-inch laptop a good deal ?

    Recently been looking at gaming laptops to purchase for work/gaming and stumbled upon a Lenovo Legion 7 with: 32GB Ram, 1TB SSD, RTX 3070 i7-11800H. The deal for this one was from B&H Photo and Audio and it was a used item but had a 10 rating for condition. I got it for $1500. Is it...
  8. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] Does Acer Aspire A315-22 have replacable SSD and CPU?

    Hello. The laptop i currently use is Acer Aspire A315-22. Does this laptop have a replaceable battery and SSD? I know the RAM and the CPU are soldered, but what about the battery and the SSD? Will i be able to replace the battery and the SSD when the battery life ends, and the SSD's write/erase...
  9. TheFlash1300

    Question Can leaving ta laptop turned on 24/7 damage it?

    If i leave my laptop turned on and plugged in 24/7, will this lead to damage, if no overheating is happening, and the temperatures of all components are normal? Should i expect damage to the battery and shortened life-span and durability of the battery?
  10. TheFlash1300

    Why are there still computers with 4GB RAM?

    Why do companies, that produce laptops and desktop computers, still produce laptops and computers that have 4GB of RAM? Since Windows 11 came out and it requires at least 4GB of RAM, shouldn't every new laptop or computer be produced with at least 8GB of RAM, so there can be 4GB of RAM for...

    Question why i cant change anything in the BIOS

    Hello guys, I have kind of weird problem in my laptop bios. My laptop is MSI ge63 raider 9se rtx. so, after buying my laptop I realized that my CPU already overclocked and the temperature over 94c all the time while playing games. so, I decided to turned hyper threading off from the bios to stop...
  12. dumbleburn

    Question Help choosing between laptops

    I'm buying a notebook for college and I have narrowed my choices down to a Samsung model and a Dell one, the two being aprox. the same price. Model 1 Samsung i7 1165G7 Intel Iris Xe GPU 8 GB RAM DDR4 256 GB SSD 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) 43 Wh battery Model 2 Dell i5 1035G1 Intel UHD Graphics...
  13. I

    Discussion i3 1005G1 vs Ryzen 3500U

    Hello, I have the chance to buy either of two notebooks with the mentioned CPUs, and I can not decide which one is better. According to benchmarks, they're quite similar, with the Ryzen usually performing better in multi-thread tests, but worse in single ones. I would use the laptop primarily...
  14. AStudentWithHighHopes

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 freezes a lot

    Hello, I bought 1-2 months ago an Asus ROG Zephyrus with the CPU consisting of an AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS and GPU RTX 3050 Ti. At the beginning it had freezes but like 1 per day and I didn't mind it too much. Now it has up to 6 freezes per day and it's driving me crazy cause first I am not in my...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] Laptop cooling pad

    Does anyone know of any good laptop cooling pads? I saw...
  16. yanag

    MacBook Pro VS Acer Predator Triton 500 VS MSI GE66 Raider

    I’m looking to maybe change my MacBook Pro for a better laptop m. I’m a 3D character modeling and concept artist and will be majorly working with programs like Maya, Belnder, Substance, Zbrush, Photoshop and the Adobe Suite. My question is: since for the next approximately 5 years I’ll be very...
  17. W

    Question I can't Undervolt my MSI GF65 Thin 10SER When I play AAA titles the CPU Temp crosses 90+ and 95 sometimes. So I changed the Maximum Processor rate to 99% under Power options and clock speed dropped to 2.4Ghz and Temp dropped under 70c But there are FPS decrease games not huge but Yes. Then I...
  18. P

    Question Huge FPS spikes in League of Legends and Beat Saber ?

    Hi, I have a Predator Triton 300 with an RTX 2070 and an i7 10th Gen. Ever since I got the laptop, on its fresh installation, I have been getting huge fps drops in both League of Legends and Beat Saber, which are the only two games I play. I sit at around 150 - 220 fps on League of Legends but...
  19. E

    Question Got scamazonned and accidentally purchased Razer Core X

    So as the title says, I purchased a "universal" external GPU housing on amazon. What they actually sent me was a RAZER CORE X eGPU housing. Which is only compatible with Select razer and MAC laptops, hardly universal. So here's my question. Is this still usable on an ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS M15. I...
  20. jbrualdi

    I need help finding the right laptop.

    So, I've been looking for a new laptop for a while now, and I can't seem to find something that works for me. I mostly use my laptop for work; some computer programming, graphic design, and AutoCAD. Occasionally I do play games on my laptop, so I am looking at gaming laptops. My main problem...
  21. R

    [SOLVED] Used laptop choice - Legion Y540 vs Asus Tuf FX 705DT?

    Specs are practically identical - Y540 (i5 9th gen/GTX 1650/8 Gigs Single Channel/512 GB SSD) Asus Tuf 705 DT (Ryzen 7 3750/GTX 1650/8 Gigs Single Channel/512 GB SSD) I plan to use them for my daily use - programming, UI development, entertainment and some 1080p gaming (I can do medium to high...
  22. K

    [SOLVED] ROG Strix GL533VE won't turn on at all

    One day I was gaming on my ROG Strix GL533VE, after I'm done playing, I simply just shut it off and kept it charging like usual ( been using it like this for 4-5 years). The next day I tried to turn it on and suddenly the charging light turns off and my laptop won't turn on I opened up the...
  23. blinmakerivan

    Question diy dual fan in laptop

    i have an asus k55n. I want to put another internal fan in place of the dvd drive. my problem is how to power the fan. is there any way i can draw 5 volts via the dvd sata port?
  24. JBSTAH

    Question Laptop with Nvidia 960M suddenly performing terribly, went from 50-60 fps to 20-30

    My Asus GL552VW has a 4GB 960M. Previously, I was able to run most games very well (I didn't play anything super taxing). But now my FPS is going way down in old games it used to render at 60+ fps like Warhammer 40K Space Marine, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands, etc. In the Performance...
  25. C

    [SOLVED] Liquid metal cooling in Laptops

    Hey. So i was wondering if it would be a good idea to get liquid metal on both the cpu and gpu, in laptops. HIDevolution and Eluktronics offer this option. I've heard some bad things about liquid metal on gpus, so I would greatly appreciate any info on this topic. Also, does liquid metal need...
  26. J4CoB1

    [SOLVED] Which MacBook to get?

    Hi guys, my friend has decided to get a MacBook which he will get for university which will involve just a lot of writing. There are two MacBooks which he is deciding between and one of them is the 2019 and other is the 2020 one. 2019- Operating system MacOS Mojave (10.14) PERFORMANCE...
  27. J

    Best laptops for the end of 2020

    Hello everyone! I know now is one of the worse time to buy a laptop with many brands implementing Ryzen in the next year and a lot of exciting changes bringing USB-C 4 to the same level of Thunderbold 3 and intel opening Thunderbold 3 to AMD. I would love to wait for these changes, but my...
  28. S

    Question Sudden Heating issue on HP Pavilion Gaming 15 2019

    The heating issue cropped up about two days back. I installed Solidworks 4 days ago and ANSYS student 3 days ago. The laptop was bought in Sept 2019, specifications are: i7-9750H Nvidia 1660 Ti Max Q 512GB SSD 1TB SSD 12 GB RAM It has been on dual boot since the beginning, UBUNTU 18.04 LTS...
  29. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Creating A Script For Adjusting Laptop Screen Brightness? Linux Mint 19.3

    I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on a 2009 Macbook Pro. The only thing the Power Manager is recognizing concerning brightness is the laptop keyboard (Macbook feature), not the actual display. Currently, I have this "xrandr" argument/command assigned to the F1 and F2 keys, the keys for...
  30. DeathSentenceQ

    [SOLVED] SSD Not Recognized on laptop please help

    So i have the laptop Lenovo V310-15ISK and i recently bought a SSD ( Kingston A200 M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe ) i installed it and nothing. The bios doesnt recognize it the windows as well nothing. Things i tried and didnt work: -Updated bios to get some new features like some sata management dunno...
  31. M

    Need help choosing

    So basically im saving up for a laptop in the summer but dont know which one to get I really like the razer blade 15 though it is quite expensive But i also really like the ryzen 9 4900H but cant find any laptops with it and an rtx 2080 I want an rtx 2080 but becasue im buying in the summer i...
  32. laptop-Tech

    Question a new laptop?

    I need a upgrade in hardware but don't know what to choose and so i bring it to you guys here are the links...
  33. D

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Yoga 720 Compatible Graphics Cards?

    Hello, the Lenovo support for some reason can't give any technical information and directed me to a third-party repair shop to get this information but to me that is very weird So I am here to get the information instead. The Lenovo Yoga 720 that I have has integrated graphics that it uses...
  34. Gr8asparagus

    Question NEED HELP

    So I recently bought a dell XP’s 9550 spec’d out and it works great...except for one big annoyance. This annoyance has to do with the keyboard. The problem is, when I close the lid of the computer, it goes to sleep, but when I open it again, the keyboard doesn’t work so I have to restart it...
  35. Rokas108

    My Laptop runs games like crap even when it has decent specs.

    Hello This question has been asked here a dozen times but here I go. Basically I have an MSIGE72mvr 7RG Apache Pro laptop. I will leave the actual specs of it bellow the post. Every time I try to run games like Insurgency Sandstorm or Battlefield 5 it seems to struggle with frame rate even...
  36. K

    how To make my laptop fast

    what can i do make my dell inspiron lappy fast it has an i3 processor 1 tb hdd , 8 gb ram
  37. Peanut132

    Question What is the diffrence between these two ram and which can work on my laptop?

    My laptop: lenovo y520 - 15ikbn First ram RAM Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400 MT/s DR x8 - 260-Pin Laptop Second Ram Crucial 8GB RAM DDR4 Laptop SODIMM 2400MHz 260Pin 1.2V - CT8G4SFD824A Which is compatible or both compatible?
  38. WrathofGod

    [SOLVED] 8gb or 16gb RAM for laptop?

    Hi, I’m planning on buying a laptop for photo editing, graphic design, and maybe some video editing. I don’t plan to game on it so I was wondering if 8gb ram would be fine. I know 16gb is recommended/preferred but those tend to be more expensive. My budget currently is around $800 but it might...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Can you set up your drives for different functions?

    I have to drive (one ssd and one hdd) and my ssd has the OS and the hdd has some apps and files, and I want to know if you can set them up so that the ssd has the OS and the hdd has the files (document, pictures, downloads, etc) and apps. And if I can, can someone help me (I have windows 10)?
  40. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG laptop with high temps!

    Hey there, I have an Asus ROG Strix GL703 laptop that gets really high temps and so out of option at this point. If anyone can give me some pointers on what else I could do to make it better, that'd be so great. Config: i7 7700HQ // GTX 1060 // 16 GB RAM // 128 GB SSD / 1 TB HDD // 120hz - 17"...