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Stardew Valley - Guide to Farming Chickens

Stardew Valley has two different types of farming. The first one is very straightforward as it involves planting seeds and growing crops. Seeds plus water equals crops. Simple enough. The second type of farming involves animals and is a little more complicated. Farming animals has a couple of steps and can be a little costly if you don’t take care of certain things. The easiest and most profitable animal farming is farming chickens. This requires you to make a home for them, feed them and keep them happy. Here are a few simple steps that will ensure that you get the most out of chicken farming.


1) The first thing that you need before chickens is the chicken coop. It is a starter building which you can get built from Robin fairly easily. All you need for a coop is 4000 gold, 100 pieces of stone and 300 pieces of wood. If you take all that to Robin, she will make the coop in 3 days.

2) The next step is the feed. You can either buy hay from Marnie to feed the chickens but that is really expensive and it is a real hassle to go to Marnie every few days to get more feed, the solution to that is to make a Silo. To make a silo you need 100 gold, 100 stone, 10 clay and 5 copper bars. Robin will make the Silo for you if bring all these things to her shop. The Silo can store up to 240 pieces of hay which you get
when you cut grass with the scythe. Make sure to store feed for winter as no grass
grows in winter.

3) Now that you have your silo and your coop, it is time to get some chickens. You
can buy chickens from Marnie and your basic coop can hold 4 chickens at once.
Make sure to feed them every day and let them out of the coop by opening the side
door as the chickens will eat the grass in spring, summer and winter. This saves your
hay and makes your chicken happy as they like grass much more than hay.

4) Now that you have chickens and are feeding them regularly, they should provide
you with eggs once they grow up. You can either sell the eggs or you can put a little
more effort into it and get much more money by making Mayonnaise. To make
Mayo you will need a Mayo machine which you can craft yourself. Mayonnaise sells
for much more than just an egg but it takes about half a day to make Mayo.

5) Chickens are not the only things that you can have in the coop. You can also have
ducks, rabbits and dinosaurs in the coop. All these different animals provide
different materials. To unlock them you need to upgrade your coop so that it houses
more than 4 animals.

Chicken farming is great as it provides a steady form of income in the winter when
you cannot grow any crops.
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