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  1. R

    Question motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x

    I need a nice motherboard that isn't too expensive and fancy.
  2. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    Question Can someone tell me what these Voltages mean?

    Hello I have recently just update my bios on my ASRock B450m Pro4 from 2.00 to 3.40. And in the new bios I found few new stuff, and I want some of you guys to explain to me what some of these means on the pictures and to what should they be set. Previously I was just adding a frequency and...
  3. rounakr94

    Question Want to install Win 8.1 on Ryzen

    Hello, since I have a ryzen cpu and nvidia gpu. I want to try out my luck installing Windows 8.1 on my PC while retaining my previous Windows 10 install. Since nvidia has support for Wimdoes 8.1 I have the drivers, also Realtek audio and lan drivers are there plus the usb drivers. So what I want...
  4. rounakr94

    Question Which ssd to use as boot?

    Hello I recently got a BX500 240gb as a gift from a online shop and installed itnin my system. So I want to know that since I already have another ssd in my system which one of the two should Inuse as OS and game drive? 860 evo 250 as OS and Crucial as Game drive. Crucial BX500 as OS and 860...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Is there any difference between 2600x and 3600 in fps with a gtx 1070?

    Hello guys. I want to upgrade my rig and I plan to buy either a 2600x or a 3600 but I'm wondering if there will be any difference between these two CPUs in fps. My gpu is the gtx 1070. I will be gaming at 1080p. I will use my cpu ONLY for gaming. Thanks in advance.
  6. P

    [SOLVED] What motherboard for 3700x?

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine will buy a ryzen 7 3700x and he doesn't know what motherboard to pair the cpu with. He wants to buy a x470 mobo because x570 motherboards are really expensive. His budget is 120-160€. So which x470 motherboard should he buy? He doesn't want to overclock btw...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] What to do once I open my new pc?

    Hello everyone. I will be buying a ryzen 5 2600x, an asus prime x470 pro motherboard and the cmk16gx4m2b3000c15 ram. I was wondering what I have to do once I open my pc. Should I download any drivers or a bios update or something like that? Thanks in advance.
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600x or 2700?

    Hello everyone. Now that the 3rd gen of ryzen cpus launched, the prices of the previous gen have dropped drastically and I think it's a good time to buy a 2600x or a 2700. The problem is that I live in Greece and the 2600x is about 150€ while the 2700 is about 200€. I have watched benchmarks and...
  9. rounakr94

    Question SSD seems to get slower over time

    I have a Samsung Evo 250gb and I have a 6month old Windows 10 install on it and I think that the ssd is getting slower with time. The space occupied is 28gb in windows and 23.29 as Over Provisioned out of 232.9 gb available space. Examples being: chrome,m s office used to open instantly on new...
  10. Question Garbled up RPM specs of Corsair Fan

    Hello i have a Corsair SP120 led and the rpms on it are printed in different as per website. On front its 1500RPM On back its 1550RPM On website its 1650RPM. Anyone have any idea?
  11. R

    Question SP120 Led Wonky performance

    I recently bought a sp120 red led as a front intake fan and its rpm is kinda jittery. On initial startup it shoots up to 1650 then after sometime it drops to 1480 and increases to 1550 and then drops back again and keeps repeating this. I also have a Coolermaster fan but that isn't doing this...
  12. [SOLVED] SP120 Red Led not running at rated speed.

    Hello my newly bought CorsairSP120 is not running at its rated 1650RPM as advertised on Corsair's website. I have attached the screenshot from HWinfo. All are connected to Mobo headers Here is the bios screenshot.
  13. R

    Question /DELETE

    I wanted to replace the SickleFlow X front intake fans of my case to something better and was looking at this fan. Corsair SP120 Red Led (1650RPM/55CFM @ 1.46mm/H20 So will it be a better intake for my case as it has a HDD cage infront of it. NB: I have a CM Sickle flow X infront and as soon...
  14. P

    Question Why my CPU usage is at 100% while I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege?

    Hello everyone. I've been playing siege since 2017 and I really love the game, but the last 7-8 months my game has poor fps and that is because my cpu is at 100% all the time. My gpu is the gtx 1070 and cpu is fx 9370. When I bought the game that wasn't the case though, I was playing with 100+...
  15. R

    Question CPU cooler fan position

    Hello my current cpu cooler fan(conical 92mm-120mm) is damaged and I am in search for a better cooler like the hyper 212 red led. Now the problem is that the cpu cooler is bigger than my case can accomodate(150mm) so I have to mount it horizontally bottom to up exhaust rather than the...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Buy 2600x now or wait for ryzen 3rd gen?

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I was playing Rainbow Six Siege and I had very bad fps(my gpu is gtx 1070) and that was because my cpu(fx 9370) was constantly on 100% usage(most of the cores were at 100%). And I have been playing like that for a long time and it really pisses me off and is ruining the...
  17. Question Best fan placement for optimum cooling?

    Current fan setup in my case is 2xfront intake 2x top exhaust 1x back exhaust. If I change the setup as in the picture will it help the cpu temps?
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Will CPU bottleneck GPU

    Hi..... I am looking at buying the Asus FX705DT, but it comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU and a GTX 1650 GPU. I am worried that the AMD will bottleneck the GTX and my gaming experience wont be at its full potential. Would getting an i7 and a GTX 1050ti be better for a gaming package...
  19. Goofygiggles

    Question Task Manager incorrectly reports CPU usage

    Hello! I've got a Windows 10 machine with an i7 4770. I use MSI afterburner and HWMonitor to check my CPU utilizations, and I've noticed that task manager always reports the CPU usage as being about 20% higher than it actually is. Back when this computer had Windows 7 on it, task manager...
  20. Darbloader

    Question Guys i cant enable my VT-D tech (virtualization)

    why? i dont know! it's gray and I can not select Here is the problem https://ibb.co/DG5Ms54 Here is where you can see that i have Hyper-V https://ibb.co/nrrFsc8