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    Question Hi all, M2SSD+USB3 Evo850 [250GB] or newer Evo860 ?

    So I know that an M.2 Solid State Drive is roughly 1500read + 1000write & is a lot faster than a normal SSD 500read + 500write & I know that Samsung [Evo 850] has a newer 860 out ..but on Ebay there's an M2 Evo850 [250GB] in an enclosure with a USB3 connector ..So0o0 will an M.2SSD thru...
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    Question PC blackscreens when watching Netflix

    When I start watching Netflix or HBO, my pc randomly turns black for some seconds, then normal, and then black after some minutes. If I keep watching, these blackscreens occur more often, and it is really annoying. When watching YouTube, it is perfectly fine. These blackscreens started appearing...
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    Question RTSP streaming through VLC

    Hey guys we have an issue that we cant seem to resolve. We are trying to get an IP camera to stream RTSP through VLC. Our end goal is to have video or images streamed through VLC instead of having to use the browser. Any help would be appreciated!! Edit we are to the point where it is asking for...
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    Question 1 ram not being used

    I have 2 sticks of 4gb ram ddr3 but only one is being recognised, in bios it says that i have 8gb of ram but when i boot up only 3.92 are usable
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    [SOLVED] Can See RGB Fans through Meshify C Front?

    I know this is dumb but I have a simple question. With rgb case fans, will I be able to see them if I put them as front intake on the Fractal Design Meshify C?
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    Question Where should I spend my left budget on?

    I'm building a PC to study about web development, below is the list of component: CPU : Core i7 8700 Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix H370-F RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB Cooler : Deepcool Gammax GT Storage : WDC Blue PC SSD 500GB PSU : BeQuiet System Power U9 600W Monitor : LG 24MK600 Keyboard...
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    Question Do I need a wireless adapter for my motherboard for internet?

    Hey, I was wondering if you need a wifi adapter or some sort to put into your motherboard, i'm going to build my first computer very soon. The motherboard I will be getting is Asus Strix Z390-H and I was planning to get an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N PCIe Adaptor. Does this motherboard come with...
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    Question AMD wraith spire RGB unable to sync

    So i am unable to sync colors with asus aura sync. When i choose any effect in aura sync it is also available on cooler but colour does not sync. Like only color which sync are red and green and all effects sync to motherboard, ram and cooler but colour only syncs to on colour
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    Question Advice ram

    Hi, i buyed a ryzen 5 2600x and msi b450 tomahawk, i need to find a good ram but it is hard, I see that for one model there are many models ecc I see gskill trident z rgb 2x8Gb 3200mbz and corsair vengance Pro 2x8gb, the problem that I found is that, some times the ram doesn't work a 3200mhz but...
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    Question Is old seasonic m12ii psu sleeved cables compatible with new seasonic m12ii evo edition psu?

    Hi everyone, In 2010 I bought seasonic m12ii bronze power supply unit and it came with sleeved cables in flexible mesh, photos View: https://imgur.com/a/Xabp22V it is noisy so I removed it and replace with a new one in 2017 In 2017 I bought seasonic m12ii bronze evo edition power supply unit...
  11. OniichanGlenn

    Question 600$ PC build that can be use 24/7

    Good day. Can someone help me build a compelete pc set up that can be use 24/7. Im an encoder and i need to open atleast 20 chromes app 24/7. My budget is 600$. Thanks. And also I prefer an amd ryzen 3 2200g. Thanks
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    Question HELP! Completely Stumped, Having trouble disabling Charging beep for windows 10

    My laptop charger sometimes does not power my laptop correctly so the laptop will frequently switch between being charged and not, the damn beep every time it disconnects and reconnects is driving me nuts and I want to disable it until I can get a new charger. I have tried all the normal fixes...
  13. KGrinols

    [SOLVED] System Upgrade Recommendations

    Hello, My PC currently runs 'fine' for 90% of everything I need it for, however as the world adapts to 4k video and 1080HD 60FPS streaming services such as Twitch/Mixer/YouTube I'm running into stuttering/tearing? I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but regardless the video will not...