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  1. 4thehalibit

    Question Looking for software

    Hello, I'm new here, if this is wrong place I apologise. Where I work we are trying to come up to a solution for quicker PC replacement. We have custom software that is hosted on a server and maintained by a 3rd party we also have online software like VIP, PDF Reader Chrome, but we would like to...
  2. joshhh-16

    Question Need help in choosing which second hand gaming PC to buy!

    Hi All, In need of help to determine which PC to buy, I am a console player moving to PC and I have bought a 144hz screen 1080p. So preferably whichever will provide me with higher fps for gaming, currently I mainly play fortnite. I have only just recently started reading information about...
  3. L

    Question Upgrading from 16/4 Channels to 24/8 Channels

    Greetings! Newbie here. I have a Netgear C6300 modem router combo. I am in the process of adding Ring Security doorbell, cameras, and lighting around my house, in addition to the devices I already have that use Wi-Fi. I dont' have the project finished yet, but when it is, I will have around 20...
  4. Benji19912

    Question Can I play this game comfortably?

    I can run Witcher 2 on high and get 20-65 fps in high density area's and 60-180 in low density area's, do you think I could play Battlefield V on low? im running a fx 4300 amd and a gefroce gtx 960, but please use witcher 2 as benchmark and not hardware as alot of people just look at hardware...
  5. H

    Question Memory says specially designed for z370

    So I’m pissed now because I’m waiting all this time for parts to come and realized this says specifically made for z370. Can someone confirm if this works for z390 https://www.amazon.com/G-SKILL-TridentZ-288-Pin-Desktop-F4-3200C14D-32GTZR/dp/B071VRMFDQ
  6. Sagar_20

    [SOLVED] Chance of recovery of a water damaged phone

    I accidentally dropped my Moto G4 Plus in water on march 31 night.. After this happened, i put it aside for a few hours and then when i started to use it, i noticed some water had entered inside the display from the top left, phone was working but within a few seconds or minutes, touch stopped...
  7. A

    Question im going to change my I5 3300 processo to a I7 3470 (i dont use a laptop) . Will this make me have to reinstall all my programs ? thanks

    im going to change my I5 3300 processo to a I7 3470 (i dont use a laptop) . Will this make me have to reinstall all my programs ? (CORRECTION: It is I7 3770, NOT 3470) for now the CPU is I5 3330 GHZ 3.20 ghz 4 CPUS it wil change to a i7-3470 8 GB of RAM 64 BITS OPERATIONAL SYSTEM GPU IS...
  8. H

    Question No response from pc

    Current rig: gtx 750ti, mobo dh55pj, cpu xeon x3450, 1333mhz ddr6gb ram. I bought a new cooler (cooler master h410) to replace my intel stock cooler. My pc was working fine before this but after installation there is no response from MoBo. No fans working, nothing. Only this View...
  9. A

    Question Ryzen 7 2700x Build and i7 9700k Build quick review for each if possible

    Trying to weigh up which build i'm going to end up going with and just want to make sure there's nothing that raises any red flags for compatibility issues or anything. Both gpu's are just a (temporary) 1050ti at the moment. mobo's are probably a bit overkill, and if so any other good...
  10. SlagRat

    Question I've installed a new motherboard but now it has DRAM issues?

    So I've just recently bought a new motherboard to replace my old Gigabyte Z270X. I got the ASUS STRIX Z270H. After taking it all out and putting in the motherboard, starting it up I got no beep, no lights and no video output. Noticing I left some things unplugged I plugged everything back in...
  11. S

    Question Spilled water.. on my PC.. first time.

    Yeah. I'm an idiot. I know. I was going to go downstairs from my room to help out my mom with moving a desk upstairs (because we were redoing my room) and I was playing on my computer on this tiny (nightstand?) and I didn't have room for my Club Soda (basically just carbonated water and it was...