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Where to Find the Crab, Llama, and Fox in Fortnite Battle Royale

To those who are new and wondering what these animals have to do with Fortnite, well, these three animals are part of a weekly challenge. Yes, the season 3 of Fortnite gives a new challenge every week and you need to complete all challenges before the season ends. Anyways, there are many guys who have not yet found the 3 animals that are the Crab, Llama and Fox. And to complete the challenge, you have to find these 3 animals shaped structures. This is why I am going to tell you how you can find these 3 structures and complete the challenge before the season ends.

Note: Before I tell you all about the location of these animals and how you can easily reach to them, remember, you don’t have to find all animals in one single round. You can prioritize, which animal you want to find per match. And that’s how you will be able to complete the challenge in just 3 matches.
So here’s how you can find the Crab, Llama and Fox in Fortnite Battle Royale:

1. Finding the Crab:
In order to find Crab, you need to go to the Moisty Mire and towards its southernmost part. You can also find the location on the map by looking at the intersection of H10. Go to the Moisty Mire in the bus and then when you are near the H10, drop down and glide towards it, you will see a wooden crab. You can smack the crab to collect the wood and fill your wood stock as well.

2. Finding the Llama:
The Llama is located beyond the Junk Junction part of the map. You need to travel towards the Junk Junction on the bus and then drop as soon as you reach near the intersection of B1. Once you are in the air, Glide towards the edge of the cliff which is near the water or towards the far northwest corner of the map. There you will see a Llama which will be made of the scrap metal. Just land on Llama or near it, and your finding will be registered. You can leave afterwards.

3. Finding the Fox:
The last structure is also not that hard to find. You need to go to the east edge of the wailing woods. Set a waypoint at the intersection of J3 and then glide towards there. You will see a giant structure of Fox made of stone. Go near the fox and your finding will be registered. You can also search the Fox structure to find the chests and loot inside.

This is it guys, you can easily find these animals and complete the challenge. Make sure to set the waypoints at the intersections that I have told you about to make it easy to find the structures.