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    New Computer Won't Turn On

    I recently just finished building my gaming desktop and I have issues with booting the computer. It will usually always start on the first boot and I have installed windows and all of the drivers. The issue appears after I shut down the computer and go to turn it on again. When I press the...
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    Old CPU upgrade?

    Hello, I have a old pc with intel e8400 cpu, Abit ip35 motherboard and 8gb DDR2/800 ram as a second pc at home for basic use. I would like to upgrade a little with a minimum cost. If I change cpu to Intel Xeon L5430 (from ebay, 18 euro, modified to work with LGA775 mb), will I see noticeable...
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    PUBG Timeout Error

    I have over 200 hours of PUBG played but since a few months ago, I am unable to join a game without the use of a VPN. I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling (game is on my SSD); ran as administrator, contacted their support, tried to contact my ISP (who told me that their job is...
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    Nice case recommendations?

    I need the best looking micro ATX case. My budget is 150. My only request is a nice tempered glass window, and LED fans included. Throw them at me
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    Biostar motherboard issue?

    I have an old Biostar A880GZ motherboard with a Phenom II 970 black edition cpu. I tried putting a brand new GT 730 in it and the pc wouldn't boot. I take the gpu out and it boots fine. I went to FB and asked on some pages there and it was recommended to update the bios but for the life of...
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    What power supply should I use

    I’m putting a gtx 750 ti into my hp pavilion p6754y computer and I need to know if I should get another power supply! Current power supply is 250watts (appreciate any help)