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  1. moity

    Will the i5-4690k processor stay at 209$ ?!?!

    I JUST noticed on amazon it has dropped to 209$ ! Do you think the price will stay this low and not jump back up to 264$? I really would like to know since i'm waiting to be able to just buy all the PC parts at once for my build.
  2. H

    swich amd graphics

    hi i have buy a hp pavilion 15-133ne which has 2 graphics. a radeon 8610g and a radeon r7 m260. laptop always use 8610g graphic and i cant switch to r7 m260 graphics becuse its no option in amd catalyst and even inbios/ so how can i switch to r7 m260? please help i dont have money to buy a new...
  3. R

    Acer Aspire v5 laptops

    Does any v5 motherboards fit into one another? if i find one thats for acer aspire v5, will it fit my acer aspire v5-571p-6464 laptop?
  4. T

    Samsung EVO 750GB and 1TB in Raid 0

    Can I use a Samsung 750GB and 1TB in raid 0. I have a hero VII mobo. How can I set that up?
  5. Q

    About 750D and PWM Fans

    I will be getting P9X79-E WS, Corsair 750D and H100i for 4930k. But I thought I'd get some extra case fans (one on bottom and one on top), SP120 PWM Performance edition. However, I'm very confused with this PWM fan controller and just fan knowledge in general. Do I just connect these two fans to...