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  1. G

    Question Screen waving/tearing without V-sync

    Hello there! So, im having this problem for the first time in my life. My screen is "waving" after my PC hits more than 60FPS. This doesnt make any sence to me, because ive builded many PCs and i havent ever faced this problem before. Some people say this is because i have 60Hz monitor, but i...
  2. O

    Question Monitor tearing/waving while V-sync is off

    Hello everyone! So my problem is pretty simple, my monitor is waving/tearing when V-sync is off, while V-sync is on, it wont. I dont want to keep playing 60FPS so i want to keep V-sync off. I have tried diffrend graphics cards and diffrend monitors PLEASE, i would like to get simple anwser...
  3. O

    Motherboard for overclocking i5-4690K

    Hey, I'm going to buy an i5-4690K and going to OC it to around 4ghz or so along with a new cooler, hyper 212 EVO (also open to suggestions when it comes to cooling) and I'd need a new motherboard that would allow me to do this. As for price, I'm willing to pay max around 150€. Don't know if...
  4. U

    my pc is 4 yrs old it has 2 gb ram intel core 2 duo no graphics

    my pc is 4 yrs old it has 2 gb ram /intel core 2 duo /no graphics/ now from 1 month it has been shutting down automatically and restarts what is the problem. help me its frustrating.
  5. Jason H.

    BIOS says CPU temp is 60C, but my MOBOS temp program says it is 30C

    Title explains it all.......... bad temp sensors?