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    Question Computer extremely slow and stutters when games ARE NOT open?

    I have installed the newest versions of both my audio and graphics card drivers. Whenever I open my computer, it acts completely normal for a couple of minutes. Then the entire system becomes laggy, things take a while to load, and my video skips around, it looks like about 1fps. The audio is...
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    Question GPU Usage spikes at idle, causes stutter in games

    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x (2019) GPU: GTX 970 (~2016) RAM: 16GB Corsair vengeance RGB (2019) PSU is 550W. I've recently moved home and ever since i arrived I've noticed 1fps stutters in rainbow six siege. At first, i thought this was game related or driver related. I updated my drivers, changed my...
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    Question 1 fps R9 390

    Good day all, I have been scouring this site, but no no avail. See Benchmark below. Fundamentally GPU problem. This is a not a crazy system, but this is defo a low benchmark for it none the less. I have removed and manually reinstalled the GPU and its drivers twice. UserBenchmarks: Game 11%...