Question GPU Usage spikes at idle, causes stutter in games


Jul 25, 2015
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x (2019)
GPU: GTX 970 (~2016)
RAM: 16GB Corsair vengeance RGB (2019)
PSU is 550W.

I've recently moved home and ever since i arrived I've noticed 1fps stutters in rainbow six siege.
At first, i thought this was game related or driver related. I updated my drivers, changed my game settings and nothing changed.

Then, I tried other games. Using task manager, i noticed ethernet spikes exactly as my gpu usage spiked. Again, i thought this was related. I replaced my ethernet cord as the previous one was over 10 years old.

I used MSI afterburner to identify what was going on. Every 74 seconds (there is no "give or take" this is exactly 74 or maybe 75 with human error) my gpu usage drops to 0, back to rest, then back down to 0, then rest and then it runs fine for another 74 seconds. This causes a 1fps stutter, twice.

My cpu usage and power usage both drop exactly at the same time.
I tried switching the power cable in case it was damaged. This didnt fix it either.

I've tried so many random things online, looked for hours at graphs to see whats causing it, but i simply cannot find the root.

I noted that ive moved home because even though my pc was secure in the van, im not ruling out it could've been damaged somehow, but how do i identify exactly which component is the issue, im not even sure GPU is the root cause anymore.

Before i moved, everything was fine, no software has changed since moving except the installation of a wifi driver which i tried uninstalling (didnt fix it).
Im planning on replacing my gpu in october, but if something else is causing the issue, i need to prioritise that (such as the psu)

GPU usage spikes with power usage and ethernet, happens on several games on separate drives, happens exactly 74 seconds apart, doesnt have to be max usage.


I've tried:
-Setting power mode to maximum in windows control panel
-Setting power mode to maximum in Nvidia Control panel
-Reinstalling and updating GPU drivers
-Running benchmark tests to identify issues (none present)
-Running a memory diagnostic
-Ensuring temperatures are 10+C below max
-Setting game settings to LOW
-A new ethernet cable
-A new power cord
-Testing if the issues occurs with games on different drives (it does)
-Running a latency test