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Forum discussion tagged with usage.
  1. dead7gamer

    Question I need Help! PLEASE

    I recently upgraded my GTX 1070 to a RTX 2080 TI and i mainly play fortnite but i cant even get 240FPS and the game stutters i have a Ryzen 9 3950x and my pc is not running like its supposed to , all my drivers are up to date too, i have 32 GB RAM DDR4 3200, PSU is a Corsair RM 750X , 500GB SSD...
  2. N

    Question High GPU usage

    I recently upgraded from a GTX 960 to a GTX 1660 super. My 960 ran at 5% usage while idle but my 1660 super runs at 34%?! In task manager management of desktop windows and runtime for client-server use the most of my GPU. Both like 12%. But there is no way to shut them down. Does anyone know how...
  3. N

    Question Low CPU usage,high GPU usage.

    Hello,i have low CPU usage in games but high GPU usage, CPU:AMD FX-6300(stock oc) GPU:RX-580 8GB ASUS DUAL(overclocked) which i bought new last week 12 GB of RAM In games i get 100% GPU usage but CPU 40-85% I dont understand,my CPU cannot bottleneck RX-580. Please help!
  4. H

    Question How to monitor the internet usage of the whole house?

    Hello, As the title say, How can I monitor the internet usage of the whole house? My current router: Netis WF2409E I've already logged into the, but haven't found something useful, expect this: https://prnt.sc/s0bp13 Thanks!
  5. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Why is it that when I open my task manager I see my cpu usage drop a lot ?

    Any advice would be helpful. Precisely a way to stop the issue would be ideal. Thanks
  6. M

    Question Low CPU and GPU usage

    I play fortnite competitively, my pc's specs are decent, however my game stutters like hell, it drops to 20 fps, and sometimes i can notice input lag .my cpu is always at 40-50% usage and my gpu is always at 20% usage, all temps are good. pc specs-16gb ram @3200mhz ryzen r7...
  7. henterpriser

    Question Low CPU/GPU usage in most games

    Hello guys and thanks for opening this page. Recently I did an upgrade to my PC; I upgraded my GTX 1050 2gb to RX580 rog strix o8g when i was playing with my GTX 1050 the GPU usage was maxed out in almost all games and I was getting kinda normal FPS and because of that I decided to upgrade. Due...
  8. Tikku82

    Question Warzone FPS problem

    Hi Before the 27th update patch, my game was working perfectly. These days, something happens at the Warzone loading screen. Temp/Gpu usage drops and fps drops almost half to what it used to be. Note that other games and CoD other game modes runs perfectly + the lobby. Its just Warzone issue...
  9. T

    Question How to separate wifi and ethernet in windows 10

    Hi. I want to connect to my wifi and ethernet at the same time. I know this is possible so that's not my problem. I want to know if it's possible to make windows use them separately. for example, I want my IDM to use the wifi while steam uses the ethernet connection. How to do that? I am asking...
  10. PvEdominator

    Question High ram usage at idle.

    Hows it goin everyone. I'm havin an issue with my computer in that I seem to have a ram issue. Looking at the task manager performance section, says the amount my ram is using is 6.1 in use. When I exit chrome and just have discord open, it's about 5.5GB in use. Says i have Cached pretty much...
  11. tony45

    [SOLVED] Why does processor usage fluctuate?

    After I downloaded new drivers. The processor's usage rate has become highly volatile .. what shall I do ?
  12. N


    Hello so about a month ago i replaced my HDD with a new one and after that in every game i would get massive lag spikes that i never got before so again i replaced that HDD but the same issue presits i never got these lag spikes before so i need help is it my HDD causing this? Or did i damage...
  13. B

    Question High RAM usage

    Hi, so recently I upgraded my rig to r7 3700x, rtx 2060 msi, 2x8GB Corsair 3600MHz CL18 Vengeance RGB. But something strange occurred. My RAM usage is waaay off. My user uses only 3GB, but windows shows ( and other programs ) that 80% (sometimes even 95% ) of my RAM capacity is used. I can't...
  14. SamySven

    [SOLVED] GPU Usage drops to 0% one time a game

    Hello everybody! I have this problem since 3 months and I didn't find a solution so far. I hope you guys can help. Problem: First I realized that my computer freezes while playing certain games. This freeze includes: sound stutter/freeze and graphic stutter/freeze. However I have this problem...
  15. M

    Question CPU usage 100% on most games

    My PC has started to hit major bottleneck issues lately, for almost all games i'm running far less frames then i should and my CPU usage is maxing while the GPU usage is at around 20%. I know with my graphics card there will be bottle necking, but my rig should easily be able to run CSGO at over...
  16. Question Gpu Usage Spikes from 0% to 100%? (sapphire rx 580 8gb) How can i fix this?

    Im having spikess what should i do??? Any setting i should turn off from amd radeon software? I tried installing msi afterburner and turn on unified usage monitoring but that didnt quite work. I ran fortnite (yes) to screenshot the spikes for you Is this normal? I also sometimes have spikes when...
  17. Question GPU Core/Memory/Voltage Issues.

    Hello, I've had this Gigabyte 980 ti for a while and i gave it to a friend. It was damaged somehow and would't output anything to monitors (pretty sure it didn't really do anything. I baked the card at 385 F for 8-10 minutes, following the advice of ifixit. I've done this 5 or 6 times before...
  18. A

    Question big problem with utilization

    alright, so basically, when i play watch dogs 2, my gpu usage stays on around 20-40%, making my game run at no more than 30 fps. that, however, gets even worse the more i play it and when i am in a vehicle. there are also a lot of micro stutters, which sometimes occur while i try to lets say go...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] 5% GPU Usage In Game

    I only have this problem in one game, Red Dead Redemption 2. I haven't been able to find anyone else having this issue. My GPU usage ranges from about 4-8% whilst playing. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!
  20. I

    [SOLVED] MSI RX5700 XT - 60% Usage

    Hello, I just bought a Custom RX5700 XT. Running the first games, i noticed that i wasn't having much greater performance then my older GPU ( gtx 1050ti oc ) I then noticed that GPU usage wasn't getting higher then mid 60 % . When checking the cpu, im geting around 80% usage in pubg...