Question Low gpu and cpu usage

Sep 25, 2022
I have a pc with the specs listed below:
rx 6600 8GB
i3 10100f
msi b560m pro-e
16gb ddr4 3200mhz (xmp mode enabled in bios)
crucial MX500 1TB
silentiumpc vero l3 700W
My problem is that in most games my CPU and card usage is very low. This happens in call of duty mw2 beta, bf 2042, far cry 5, far cry 4, valorant, the division 2, borderlands 3 and a few more.
For example in mw2 the usage is: 78% GPU (55°C), 50% CPU(48°C), 10GB RAM, 7,4GB VRAM. The problem is not VRAM because far cry 5 for example, used much less memory.
link to the photo of usage in mw2 beta:
there arent many games which uses all eight threads of your CPU, 50% cpu usage means 4threads are used for game, so you can spend your another 4 threads on something else
as long your gpu isnt running around 100%, than its waiting for cpu to give it some job, you could increase resolution, antialiasing or add some postprocessing game effects to utilise your gpu more without loosing fps, but to get higher fps, you will need to upgrade cpu
Do not look at CPU/GPU utilization, it's not a meaningful metric in a vacuum. Instead, look at the performance you're getting in games. Are you happy with it? If yes, you don't need to do anything. If no, then we can start looking at which hardware may not be pulling its weight.

Typically for higher FPS, it's useful to look at the CPU first to see if it can even achieve something you want. And the best way to test this is to run your games at the lowest graphical settings.