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  1. D

    Question What's causing those small framerate dips to be so noticeable?

    So I know dips from 60 fps to 59, 58 and even 57 are normal and they shouldn't bother me. And they don't. What bothers me is that those dips you can see on the graphs in fps and frametime, while they don't look like much on video, they are extremely distracting and annoying during live gameplay...
  2. Lucky admiral

    Question Monitor recommendations for competitive gaming ?

    "Hello everyone, I'm looking for some recommendations on a new monitor for my gaming setup. I mainly play competitive games like CS:GO, Valorant, and COD, and occasionally dabble in games like Diablo and Destiny 2. I'm also planning to upgrade my PC in the near future, so I want a monitor...
  3. T

    Question Game stuttering

    Copy pasting from my ltt forum post for some more eyes. PC was fine yesterday. I first noticed it in CSGO, my framerate would hit around 120 ish and every other second it would dip down. Using the GeForce Overlay thingy it's saying my 99% is around 10 FPS and it's creating a stutter that's...
  4. S

    Question My 6750xt is doing around the same fps as a 1660 gtx super?

    I have micro stutters too that wont go away on neither gpus ye my pc is a mess i have a : -Asus AMD radeon RX 6750xt GPU -i5 10600kf CPU -corsair vengeance pro RGB 16gb 3200 RAM - corsair RM850 80+ gold PSU - Asus Strix Z490A Mobo - Samsung 970 evo SSD 1TB -HDD 2 TB seagate barracuda...
  5. gsus31

    Question I have low fps on all games (specifically valorant) even on lowest settings but highish end pc, despite trying everything i can think of.

    Hey guys i have low fps on all games (specifically valorant) even on lowest settings, despite trying everything i can think of (including OC gpu) i can't seem to get above 180 fps on valorant, this is a last resort for me... any help will be much appreciated! Can provide userbenchmarks results...
  6. Sonny208

    Question How to optimize a brand new 7900 XT on a ryzen 7 3700X

    Hi Guys So i'm really in need of help here. This is my PC: B450 Auros Pro WIfi 32gb RAM (already made sure months ago that they are at 3.2ghz which is the highest they go, i believe) Ryzen 7 3700x Brand new: 7900 XT PSU - 850W Gold Playing in a 1440p - 165hz monitor /DP cable Having a second...
  7. Peppy2-5-2023

    Question My PC runs fine on +120 FPS BUT stutters at 60fps

    I have a M27Q IPS 170 Hz monitor and a LG IPS 60 Hz monitor from 2015. I have no problems running games like God of War, Resident evil 4 remake or Battlefield 2042 on an unlocked FPS. However, when I lock them in 60 fps mode, they begin to stutter badly, with or without Vsync, Free sync on or...
  8. I-need-help

    Question My computer shuts off when I play games ?

    Hello! As the title says my computer shuts off when i game, but only under a very specific cenario... My computer only shuts off when the game i play either gets very high fps or when the scene that the GPU is trying to process (100% power GPU) is too great. E.g. when i play Stalker: GAMMA on my...
  9. jojoduckie

    Question Upgraded to 4080 and no FPS gain in Squad or Tarkov

    Hello, I'm in the process of upgrading my PC and just installed the 4080 from a 3060ti hoping to see an FPS gain in some games. It seems like there was little or non in most games. Herer is my UserBenchmark. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/60916629 I have ordered a Ryzen 7 5800X3D that...
  10. DanDan12321

    Question FPS drop after installing second SSD

    Hey, My hardware is: MSI B650 edge wifi Corsair vengeance RGB DDR5 2x16GB 5200MHz ASUS TUF RTX 3070Ti gaming oc Samsung 980 pro 1TB (installed in the M2_1) I recently installed another 980 pro 2TB in the M2_2 (FROM CPU) and changed it to the M2_3 (FROM CHIPSET) after deleting the volume...
  11. P

    Question Rzyen 5 5600G iGPU gives smoother gaming than the GTX 1660 Super ?

    Hello! I tried it out and for some reason the Ryzen 5 5600G iGPU gives a smoother game and less input lag, for some reason it is better than the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super 6 GB. Why is that? Thank you.
  12. S

    [SOLVED] FPS drop in some games ?

    Hello, I bought a pre-built PC in december and have had some trouble with certain games but nothing that could not be resolved with some tweaks like turning off steam/geforce experience/EA/ubisoft connect overlay, setting the texture filtering from quality to performance from nvidia control...
  13. A

    Question Need Assistance! Performance Issue

    I've some serious problems with my laptop's performance and I've don't everything almost trying to fix it, I need an expert in this field to talk with to tell the details, id be thankful for whoever would respond to my request and help me!
  14. P

    Question Best configuring BIOS settings ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS

    Hy guys! I would like your help, because for some reason the game is not smooth(CSGO,CS1.6, and whatever fps) and I have a G-sync 240hz monitor, and I think something needs to be set in the bios, but I don't know, Windows was installed today. I attached the rest below. Thank you for the help...
  15. A

    Question GPU 100% Usage, underperforming and low FPS ?

    Weird problem with MSI GF63 THIN R9CX laptop. Nvidia 1050TI - 16GB RAM It underperforms on all kinds of games and its consistent having same low fps whether it's light or heavy, I've tried GTAV , WARZONE, Need for speed heat, HITMAN And Valorant it wasnt like that a while ago but suddenly ive...
  16. A

    Question My fps in most games usually is about 34 frames, no matter how much i lower graphic or change the games

    laptop Msi gf63 thin 9rcx 1050ti 16RAM I've tried doing many things to fix it but i did not know the main problem to find a suitable solution for it
  17. A

    Question CPU usage high compared to GPU usage, while gaming ?

    I built a new pc 3 months ago and I've noticed this issue where My CPU is always over 80% usage while my Graphic card averages on 50% usage. First time I noticed when I was playing Far Cry 6...where it gives more than 80fps on high settings for like 10-15 min ( at this time CPU less than 50%...
  18. divin3d

    Question Low FPS on High End PC ?

    SPECS: 12700kf 4070 Ti ZOTAC 32GB RAM 3600Mhz MSI B660M MAG Mortar, RM850x Corsair 80 Gold PSU 970 EVO 1TB SSD Z NZXT Flow case Hello everyone. I’m making this thread because I’ve been having problems with my brand new pc I built. When I first built my pc, I had a 750w psu in which I...
  19. F

    Question Benchmarks are fine but in games i have low GPU usage and low FPS ?

    I must say that I am completely at a loss and don't know what is happening with my computer. Some time ago, I began to notice that in games like Warzone 2.0, I had fewer frames per second (FPS) than I usually did. After about an hour of playing, the FPS dropped by 30-40 and stayed that way...
  20. MaddenGG

    Question Screen tearing on second monitor

    I have a Gigabyte G5 laptop (144 hz) with RTX 3060 which I am using with a BENQ 60HZ monitor. In some games (Total War Warhammer III, Pharaoh: A New Era) I am having terrible screen tearing even though I have my VSYNC set to ON. I tried different approaches: VSYNC ON in-game, OFF in NVIDIA...
  21. F

    Question Warzone stuck at below 60 fps

    I can’t run warzone 2 for some reason the fps stuck at below 60 Problem with Warzone when running with D.O.C.P. In bios enabled it runs like this . The fps stuck at below 40 but when I turn it off it goes to normal . I have a zotac 3090 gpu , Cpu: ryzen 7 5800x3d , motherboard : rog crosshair...
  22. M

    Question squad low fps 4080

    hi guys, i cant even maintain 80 to 90fps on any settings whether it be 1080p/1440/4k low med high or ultra, with many dips below 60. my friend has a 13600k with a 3070ti and gets 120 on 125% res scale, I cant even get that on low 1080p. I have tried everything i can think of! PLEASE HELP...
  23. I

    Question FPS Drops Dramatically RTX 3070

    Hello community!!! I would like to have your help. Recently I update my Pc gaming but noticed some problems with the stability on gaming. This is my current build: Ryzen 5 5600G RTX 3070 16 GB RAM (3200) PSU 600w Gaming Monitor @ 4k This happened only with three games at this moment. Dead...
  24. lolz14234321

    Question Low gpu usage in games while cpu is only at 50%

    Hi, i have 4070ti 7600x 32GB 6000 cl36 and in for example warzone 2 i have 50% cpu and only 40-50% gpu usage at 1080p Highest (other people have a lot more gpu usage with same specs) In 3Dmark i had 30 points above average. Please help CPU: 7600x Motherboard: b650 live mixer Ram: 32Gb 6000 36cl...
  25. southpawww

    Question FPS drops on high-end system ?

    PC SPEC RYZEN 9 5900X RTX 3080 FE ASUS PRIME PRO X570 OLOY 32GB 3200MHZ SAMSUNG 980 EVO 850W SEGOTEP PSU ------------------------------------- I built the PC around christmas time cause I was in need of an upgrade and so I thought these specs were quite the upgrade since my previous build. It...

    Question PC performance gone bad after factory resetting

    My pc was getting hot while I was gaming so I factory reset the pc, but then after I started to play the same games as before like Valorant, I started getting frame spikes going down to around 100 when I usually average around 190 fps, this never happened before the factory reset. Does anyone...
  27. justinhaspcproblems

    Question PC possibly dying?

    My PC has always treated me well, i used to run intensive games at almost max graphics @ 144fps+. Within the last 6 months, Ive had trouble running games like Valorant, League of Legends, and even Minecraft at a consistent 144fps even on the lowest possibe settings. I have to actually close my...
  28. bogdan.filipovici

    Question Ridiculous underperforming Strix Scar 17 SE - thoughts and help please!?

    Hey guys, New here. I'm currently running a Scar 17 SE (12950HX and 3080ti) connected to a 240hz alienware display. A couple of days ago, while re-doing my cable management, I noticed that the cable from the power brick wasn't connected that well and it did spark a bit when I tried to plug it...
  29. M

    Question rtx 4080 low fps!

    Hi, im having issues with the specs as seen in my signature, bf5 and bf1 run about 90fps to 120 on 1080p or 4k (res scale) no matter what settings, when even the 6800xt i returned ran the games at 165 locked on low - I am very puzzled by this and nor happy. Same thing goes for squad its going...
  30. P

    Question DDR4 or DDR5 for FPS Gaming

    Is DDR4 or DDR5 the best option for FPS gaming? I have got F5-7800J3646H16GX2-TZ5RK G-Skill, has about a 9.4 FWL, looking to use on a high end Z790 ROG mobo (with intel 12900k). I see I can also easily find 7ns DDR4. Considering only peak performance, and nothing else, with 0.1% lows in mind...
  31. mizofps

    Question FPS drop in games, and stutters when browsing the web ?

    Currently, I run on a pc that has these components. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: EVGA 3050 MOBO: X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming RAM: G.Skillz Ripjaws 16gb (2x8gb) The issue is (happens very frequently), my fps in games like Valorant and Fortnite and other games on steam, my fps drops to unusual level...
  32. MhN

    Question FPS problems

    An hour ago I was playing fifa 23 in 120 fps. I exited it, the background image of the computer changed by itself to solid black color. I thought it was a graphics problem and I pressed win ctrl shift b. Now when I play fifa I barely reach 60 fps. I tried everything, I reinstalled the drivers...
  33. P

    Question Gsync onand the v-sync is on is working only

    Hy guys! My problem: I have a monitor, and if .G-sync. is turned on and v-sync is turned on, the game is fast, otherwise, if vsync is turned off, it is not. and bad hitbox in fps game, not smooth. G-sync and V-sync on: as if it were turned on at the same time Why is it that if vsync is not...
  34. rainybench

    Question My GPU is not giving me the frames it should ?

    So, I just got myself a new GPU (RTX 3060) and it is pairing well with my 3600x but when I started playing valorant for the first time, it showed me 170-200 fps on avg maybe even around 250-ish on a good day. I don't know what is wrong with my setup. I tried overclocking it, I tried not to let...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] Will a 4070 TI will be enough for 1080P Ultra Raytracing without DLSS?

    Hii, I am looking to buy a GIGABYTE AUROS ELITE 4070TI 12GB for my setup. I am currently on a 1080P monitor. I will upgrade it in the future to a 1440p panel. But For Now Can I play games like Cyberpunk on all maxed including RT MAX? And in the future Can I also run games at high settings on...
  36. B

    Question GTX 1070 clock-speed is at 139mhz most of the time ?

    The gpu's clockspeed most of the time is 139mhz, but during furmark, unigine heaven and games it goes up for a little bit, then back to minimum... The problem is I can't get my GTX 1070 to work properly, I installed previous and even the latest drivers. I tried everything, even clean installed...
  37. D

    Question Strange 1 fps drop and AES-256 results

    Hi. Have problem with fps drop in cybeprunk 2077 to 1 fps in some cases. (like cutsenes with Jonny) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AQYOd_nN0s -always this moment Test aida64 gpu test and see my AES-256 result almost 2 times lower then other 3080 TI Already change my ddr4 ram...
  38. J

    Question RTX 3060 Ti GDDR6X paired with Ryzen 7 2700X Bottleneck?

    Hello, I just upgraded my GPU from a GTX 1660 SUPER to a RTX 3060 Ti. here you can see my current build: PC-Partpicker I use a Ryzen 2700X with 3200Mhz 16GB Memory and a 550W Powersupply. Yet for some reason i get really bad FPS in my Games. When i play the Witcher 3 i get around 50FPS avg...
  39. E

    [SOLVED] Need help on understanding different fps types.

    Can someone plz explain what does those left side numbers (much less) and right-side numbers (much higher) mean for fps? what's the difference?
  40. CrazyCube

    Question Low fps, high usage, need help!

    So i've recently bought a new laptop, this was for my study, since i game as well i thought why not just buy a gaming laptop so i can do both on them. I bought a MSI stealth 15m, this laptop contains (the important info) intel core i7-11375H. 16 GB RAM (DDR4). Nvidia RTX 3060. Since this...