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  1. N

    Question How to fix FPS drop ?

    Hello everyone, I’ve recently purchased a new PC •Gigabyte RTX 3090 GPU •i9 -10850k CPU •Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb (2x16) Gigabyte Z490 aorus Elite motherboard •Corsair 850w RMX 80+ gold PSU •Samsung 970 SSD 500gb •western digital SSD 2T •Corsair H100i elite cappelix radiator, 2 x fans...
  2. R

    Question Weird FPS

    I have been playing Dota 2 for a long time on my laptop and it works pretty fine. But for the past couple of months while playing the game starts up fine and runs pretty good and all of a sudden BOOM my fps goes down to 10-15 then after 10-12 seconds it recovers itself and runs fine and then...
  3. C

    Build Advice Just wanted to know how good these PC specs are ?

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800 3.8Gh.z MSI Gaming motherboard, 16GB DDR 4 ram , 8gb GeForce graphic card 500gb SSD + 1 TB HDD and would you say if it's better than : iBUYPOWER - Gaming Desktop - Intel i7-10700F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB - 1TB HDD + 480GB SSD
  4. LoizosAristides

    Question Low FPS / High Integrated Graphics usage when using an External Monitor

    Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes. I've recently bought a 1440p 144hz AOC 27G2U monitor. I've got it connected to my laptop via HDMI 1.4, which means I can't utilize the 144hz capabilities, due to the laptop port not being HDMI 2.0+, but that's fine with me...
  5. R

    Question Subpar perfomance in GTA 5

    Specs: GPU:2080 CPU:I7 8700k RAM:16GB 3000Mhz When running GTA 5 I will average 50-60fps at all times and at best getting around 70fps. This is while playing with lower than high graphic settings and it almost doesn't matter if I use higher or lower graphic settings as the results come out the...
  6. JoaKoBigatti

    [SOLVED] xfx rx 6900 XT POOR performance

    I need help. I bought a rx 6900 xt as its said in the title, and im getting so low fps in games like RUST. i was seeing some benchmarcks and this videocard have to be capable of getting more than 200+ fps on this game. my setup: -i9 9900k -16gb ram 4000mhz -gigabyte z390 aorus pro wifi -asus...
  7. I

    Question FPS stutters but I didn't have them earlier

    2 weeks ago my fps was fine but now I'm getting small but noticeable stutters in Valorant and CSGO. I already uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers, updated drivers, updated windows. I disabled dvr also. Some other context is that I was having PC crashes once a day where it would buzz...
  8. LegendEli

    Question Only getting 30fps when steaming

    Hi I have a custom built pc but when I want to stream o can only do 30fps what do you guys suggest I upgrade to at least get 60fps Graphic Card: XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) Motherboard: ASRock ATX Motherboard (B450 SSD: WD_Black...
  9. V

    Question Best settings for AOC C24G2U?

    Hi, I recently bought a new monitor AOC C24G2U model, now need a little help to set things up... Someone to tell me the best settings for competitive gaming to squeeze best of this monitor but balanced in terms: response time <--> ghosting.... Thanks in advance xD
  10. S

    [SOLVED] RX 5700xt not performing well in games.

    Hello guys,I recently bought a new AROUS RX 5700XT card. I saw that the card is not performing so well in most games comapred to the youtube benchmarks that i watch with the same configuration as mine. An exemple would be when i play COD Black Ops Cold War I only get around 110 fps on nuketown...
  11. T

    Question Quick Question about VRR

    With my new GPU I'm trying to get VRR to work. I've been having issues where at random my screen goes black for a second or two and then goes back to normal. I'm also experiencing some minor flickering of the screen. This only happens when I turn VRR on in my AMD options. M<y monitor is fully...
  12. R

    Question Cod MW / Cold War Stuttering?

    I experience a ton of lag on MW/Cold War, and it's gotten signifyingly worse each season after launch. Lag spikes causing ping spikes as well as audio delays. Usually occurs when another player is spotted or any players gunfire. I don't know how to fix this problem, it only happens within Battle...
  13. Z

    Question Low FPS but good rig (SOLVED)

    My build: Ryzen 5 2600 4.0GHz (OC) Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 OC MSI-B450 650w Sharkoon PSU 16 GB RAM Monitor: Acer 1080p60 I have low FPS on normal games, like Destiny 2 and Warframe and even games like LoL have FPS drops if I activate an Overlay. Cyberpunk was running ok with 50 - 60 FPS but...
  14. N

    Question Performance Issues

    Hello! I'm not entirely great with computers, but I understand how they work to an extent. I'm big into gaming, but considerably have FPS lag/stuttering in every single game I play. (Hunt: Showdown/ Apex) I run everything on low settings typically, but still experience problems. I have a 144Hz...
  15. L

    Question i'm suddenly getting weird fps drops

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I've been playing pc games for a long time and I suddenly am experiencing this sudden, odd FPS problem. I don't know how to fix it. I've been trying for about a week with different methods. For example, I typically I get around a consistent 400-600 fps in...
  16. P

    Question FPS drops every once in a while

    I am having this problem when I play this game, path of exile, my FPS sometimes drops all the way down to 0 and then very quickly smoothes out(it's very fast to bounce back up ). I very rarely drop below 80 fps and normally FPS is between 120-144 (I capped it) while playing this game and that is...
  17. Avrrtripp

    Question Good fps but not soft games

    A few days ago I don't feel smooth games as if I saw tears on the screen active freesync on my monitor and gsync compatible and it doesn't solve, limit fps by 139 and i disable freesync, I play competitive games like fornite, cs go, valorant and my components are R5 3500X 1650S 2X8 3200MHZ SSD...
  18. B

    Question Gpu usage is not stable and causing low fps and drops?

    Hello, i have an amd rx 560 (4gb). my gpu usage while playing games like valorant,csgo and fortnite goes up to 100% for a sec than it goes to 20 and 70 basically it goes to random percentages and fps drops alot and my pc is not performing how it used to when i first got it i mean it is giving me...
  19. HuskyZ

    Question Fps Spikes

    I have fps spikes in most games. I have an asus dual gtx 1650 i7 2600 and 8gb of ram. I dont have a ssd but i dont think thats a fps problem. Do you think the cpu could be bottlenecking the gpu? What should i do about it?(Motherboard doesnt let me overclock my cpu or ram)
  20. klaflo

    Question FPS drops in game with OK hardware ?

    Hello, Lately I have been having a problem with my computers performance and I have no idea what would be the cause. The issue starts to happen while I'm playing a computer game (LoL) at the later stages of the game, when the game becomes more complex due to action happening on the screen - but...