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  1. T

    Question Iems for fps games

    I've been looking for good iems for fps games. I commonly see people recommending blon bl03, tin t2, kz zs10 pro, kz zsn. Which in the ones i mentioned should i buy? you guys can recommend other iems too if its within my budget range. My budget is around 40usd currently
  2. dylanbekers

    Question high-end laptop not getting the fps i want/expect

    hi, i have a msi ge75raider 10SGS with these specs: cpu: intel core i9 10980HK @ 2.40Ghw RAM: 2x 16384 MBytes DDR4-3200 (1600 MHz) motherboard: Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. MS-17E9 (U3E1) graphics: LQ173M1JW05 (1920x1080@240Hz) U2879G6...
  3. O

    Question Display Hertz and FPS

    Hi! I don't know if this has been a thread yet but im gonna post it anyway. So im playing games on my ASUS TUF 280 Hz monitor while having around 140 fps in those games. And it feels alot smoother when it's 280 hertz on 140 fps than 144 hertz on 140 fps. Can someone explain why this is? Also I...
  4. B

    Question 3200Mhz running slower

    Hi. I recently purchased a KF432C16BBAK2/16 ram kit. In theory, its 3200MHz at 1.35V CL16 2x8GB. My motherboard (Asus ROG Strix B450-F) set it to 2400MHz CL18 and 1.2V by default, which is normal of course. I set it to 2800Mhz with 1.35V to see if its stable or not, didn't want to do 3200...
  5. P

    Question New RX 6700 XT stutters in every game

    I just upgraded from a 4GB RX 580 to an RX 6700 XT and no matter what game I try I always have high average FPS but terrible stutters. I have a 1080p 144hz display and I lock every game to that refresh rate. Basically all games look like this: - Average FPS: 143 -1%: 120-140 -.1%: 6-12 Can my...
  6. R

    Question Battlefield 5 really bad fps with 1080 ti

    I recently got a 1080 ti and upgraded from a rx 480, everything plays way better but battlefield 5, which plays way worse. I've looked at videos with the same specs and they get more than double mine. Even a 1050 ti with a i5 7400 runs better some how. I've tried every setting possible and still...
  7. I

    Question Fairly High End PC Can't Run Call of Duty games but can run other highly intensive games

    I bought my prebuilt HP Omen pc in the height of the GPU scalper season, and it seems to run almost every game like a dream. Rust, CSGO, Valorant, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and PUBG are some of the games I've run it on, however anytime I load up any Call of Duty on my pc I get into the game...
  8. JesusChrist6595

    Question Massive fps drop for no reason

    Games i played before are now getting massive fps drops down to 20 fps. Before these games played perfectly, above 60 fps. I checked cpu usage and at first its like 30% but then it goes down to 10% and lower. Gpu usage is fine. Is there anyway to fix this I have uninstalled and reinstalled...
  9. Axolotl_98

    Question After restarting laptop today I'm only getting 20 FPS in Unreal Engine ?

    Hi, I recently brought a laptop and I have been using it for couple of weeks, It gives me decent 60 Fps when working in Unreal Engine, but since this morning the max FPS I got was 20, it mostly bounces around 18-20fps and I haven't even done anything, it happens on all of my projects, I also...
  10. A

    Question Warzone fps

    I have a i7-10700k cpu, 3060 oc 12gb gpu and a Msi 1440p 165hz monitor. I’m only getting 100-120 fps and I’ve done all the best setting I can. Is this a normal fps rate or is there anything I can do get more? Many thanks
  11. J

    Question HARDWARE UPGRADE MADE THINGS WORSE? I literally bought a brand new GPU, a new 144hz monitor and my games run WORSE than prior to the upgrade. What?

    So here goes my ignorant self asking for help with this problem that makes no logical sense whatsoever.. I was playing Apex Legends (lowest settings) and League of Legends (max settings w/o shadows) on 60+ fps, all the time, no frame drops even when a lot of effects are in place, never had a...
  12. Waterflopper

    Question I have feeling my pc isn't running as it should.

    I have a 3070 and a ryzen 5 5600x but when i play warzone i get like 50 fps on a settings other people use to get 150 fps with the same specs. anyway anyone knows what to do?
  13. M

    Question GPU and CPU Usage below 50%, but no matter what the settings are, FPS is low

    Whenever I try to play Cyberpunk, my FPS caps at 43fps no matter if the setting are on low or high. Along with that, my CPU and GPU are capping at around 50% usage according to NVIDIA software. I've tried updating all my drivers, fresh installing windows, and even bought a new GPU but nothing...
  14. Question Lower FPS than usual with Ryzen 5 5600x and RTX 3070

    Hi. In the last two weeks my computers performance has dropped for no reason. I used to get 350-450 FPS when playing csgo even in all settings set to highest possible. Also in COD Warzone I used to get ~140 fps with high settings on 1080p but know I get 110 on low setting even with dlss on. In...
  15. E

    Question FPS drop after switching monitor from 4k to 2k

    I have a problem when playing 2017 prey, I have a 3060 ti and a ryzen 3600xt. Before when I was playing on a 4k screen I went to perfect 60fps, now with this new screen with asus tuf gaming VG27AQ 2k hdr g-sync 144hz but I put it at 60hz since I can't reach the maximum with this configuration...
  16. J

    Question Fps is low but all resources running at around 40-60%.

    This seems to be a common problem but I've tried every fix and spent hours monitoring my hardware utilization and fps but have seen absolutely no results. I like to play Destiny 2 and my frames are inconsistent between 60 and 80 fps on a 144 Hz monitor. Sometimes I can even have frame skips, but...
  17. gpu999

    Question Is my GPU overheating?

    Specs- cpu: Ryzen 5 1600 gpu: GTX 1060 memory: 16GB RAM When I play any game, there is no issue in the initial 2 minutes of gameplay. But thereafter, the GPU temperature rises to 96 celcius and CPU temperature hovers around 50 celcius. When this happens .i.e. when the gpu temperature reaches 96...
  18. Sleep_

    Question Low frames with low GPU and CPU (%) usage, but high Memory (%) usage

    Hello, Recently installed Elden Ring, and found my ever-growing nightmare has stepped up a level. The past couple of years I've had my build, it's gotten less and less fps with every new title I play. I've tried many fixes (apart from new RAM - I'll get to that). However I feel as though my...
  19. K

    Question GPU - Gsync and Monitor - refresh rate highly unbalanced.

    Hadware: Gpu - 1070 Cpu - 8700(non-k) Ram - 32gigs (2x16 2400mhz) Monitor - G32CQ4 Problem: Fps looks stablized but refresh rate goes crazy, while in game or in loading screen goes down to 50, it does that in some apps too, while happening it changes brightness too millisecondly, better to...
  20. W

    Question Laptop FPS gets capped when I plug the charger in

    I have an ASUS TUF F15 that was working fine and giving me high fps until today where it capped all games on 60 fps, weird thing is that when i unplug my charger the fps goes back to normal. Please help.
  21. T

    Question After Bios Update + Cpu Upgrade, fps has dropped Significantly, even in light weight games.

    First off here are my specs: OS: Win 10 mobo: Asus prime x470 cpu: and Ryzen 9 5900x (old one was 7 2900x) Gpu: gigabyte gtx 1080 G1 cooler: Corsair icue h100i elite capellix. Memory: 48 gb ram; 2 16gb and 2 8gb Corsair vengeance DDR4. Psu: evga super nova 850 g2, 80+ gold 850w So I had my...
  22. B

    Question Getting low FPS when loading and playing game, but once I pop hwmonitor up and the games in the background, it gets 260 FPS

    So the other day I was playing Carx drift and my FPS was normal (around 140-200 fps) now yesterday once loading the game, the fps went as low as 1 FPS and not even moving. Once the game is in menu I see around 15 FPS, if I pop a program up and the games in the background I notice it jumps up to...
  23. Question Is The Volts To High? Or Am I Within Standards?

    Recently over clocked my Asus 1070-Ti Turbo, I actually have 3 Over-Clocked profiles, and the first one is for defualt card setting clocks for everyday usage. But when im gaming on AAA titles like Call of duty Vanguard, Or even the good old GTV online setting are always ultra or maxed at 1440p...
  24. T

    Question 3070 ti paired with 8700k low FPS Warzone?

    I just recently got a 3070 ti from ASUS TUF and I have it paired with my i7 8700k and 16GB 3200mhz RAM. 1080p monitor mostly low settings on Warzone i'm getting 90-140fps.. I feel like this should be way higher as I was getting the same FPS when I had a GTX 1080 in there.. Is this an issue with...
  25. A

    Question Logitech G102 or Razer Mouse ?

    Hi . I have no idea which mouse is better and good and have high lifespan I went looking and found Logitech g102 lightsync but I did read reviews that it has double click issues And I don't want to face that problem too or let's say don't want it for the 1st year Then I found again 3 more...
  26. A

    Question Is Logitech g102 LightSync mouse good ?

    Hi . I have no idea which mouse is better and good and have high lifespan I went looking and found Logitech g102 but I did read reviews that it got double click issues And I don't want to face that problem too or let's say don't want it for the 1st year Then I found again 2 more options which...
  27. monkeymanagers

    Question Need help identifying the problem with my GPU please help!!

    My GTX 970 starts to downclock when in high demand areas or in general when playing games sometimes it downclocks very low or just a bit and it never clocks up unless I open like the menu I also never tampered with it no overclocking everything is stock and this starts to create bad fps drops in...
  28. taylorb12345

    Question Massive FPS drops/stutter on games that used to run perfectly a few days ago.

    Hi, I have been playing COD (Cold War, Vanguard, MW) on my gaming laptop as well as many other games for literal years on high settings. I use the optimized settings from NVIDIA Experience for the most part and have NEVER had any issues. I was playing Cold War last week and it ran great. The...
  29. mrkerryn

    Question Performance issues in newer games

    Hello, I've always got no problems with any games in terms of FPS, like steel division, witcher 3. etc.. (always about 60 fps) But I recently bought a game called Post Scriptum which I tought will be fun.. But after I started playing it, it became a nightmare.. I have contstantly under 20 FPS on...
  30. Mikey91

    Question Zotac RTX 3070 repeating FPS drops

    Hey, guys! I faced the most ridiculous and notorious issue which happened to my Zotac ECM73070C. It started happening a month ago when I noticed some stuttering while playing RDR Online. One out of 5 launches or so i experienced critical lags which quickly disappeared after game relaunch. Then I...
  31. SenatorPC1989

    Question Is there a difference between 60 FPS in 60Hz monitor vs 75hz and 120hz and 144Hz ?

    hi if my pc just run 60 fps in game , What is the difference between a 60 and 75 and 120 and 144 Hz monitor? for example my vga is gtx 1650 and monitor resolution is 1920*1080 my vga cant run more than 60 fps in many game in full hd So do I need to get a monitor above 60 Hz?
  32. K

    Question CPU lag spikes and temp drops whenever being used

    Been dealing with this problem for quite a while, whenever i play any game (such as csgo or valorant, the non-heavy and heavy games alike) my cpu lags at regular intervals, about every 5-10 seconds and fps dips by a large amount. e.g: playing valorant at 120 fps, lag occurs, fps drops to 40-50...
  33. Tadas_w

    Question CSGO Choppy FPS

    Hi all, I come here with a question that is really baffling me. So I did a fresh install of windows on my pc yesterday, I redownloaded all my drivers and whatnot, and redownloaded all my games. When I booted up csgo, however, I noticed something really odd. My fps counter was staying pretty...
  34. RoberRaik

    Question Stutters every exact minute in Fortnite

    Hi, i recently switched from a RX 480 to a 6600XT and a Corsair RM750 thinking that all of my problems should be gone, but I can't get rid of these stutters, I tried a lot of things without result, they last about 100-200ms and happens every exact minute. PC specs: - CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 AF (No...
  35. S

    Question Games micro-stuttering for seemingly no reason ?

    Msi After Burner During A Sea Of Thieves Gaming session Whenever I play games most of them micro-stutter without loss of fps. so if fps is around 144 the game micro stutters to 140 fps. monitoring the game through MSI afterburner and the stats look fairly normal, besides the frame time stat. now...
  36. M

    Question Heavy micro-stuttering on Warzone ?

    Hello all! Brand new PC user here, just picked it up and it's such a more enjoyable experience than my console. It's leagues above what I used to have in terms of performance and ability to customize it. Love everything about it. BUT, I am experiencing a very problematic micro stutter when...
  37. Brevlada

    [SOLVED] Stuttering FPS during gaming

    Hey, so I've been having issues for a while now with stuttering/unstable, and sometimes even quite low FPS (during certain games) while gaming. I think I have a pretty decent PC, so I'm not sure what could be causing these issues. My specs CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 core processor + Wraith Spire...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] PC Weak link

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of information and even if it might be boring to read it might help to understand my problem. I have played World of Warcraft for a long time. And my pc could never handle it. I always had to lower the settings in order to receive an optimal performance. The final...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Is the RTX 3060 good for 1080p gaming ?

    Hi all. Is the rtx 3060 a good gpu for 1080p gaming? I'm mainly thinking about ultra modded Skyrim with 60fps capped gameplay. I'd like to play God of war, Dying light 2 and Far cry 6 as well. Gpu pricing in my area is as follows: Rtx 3060: 663.40$ Rtx 3060ti: 955.33$ Thank you.
  40. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] If you lower your monitor's refresh rate does it mean that your FPS is capped to that refresh rate?

    Greetings, As I have said in the title, does a lower refresh rate also cap your FPS to that refresh rate? I'm having a problem with my GPU recently, I get flickers when I set the refresh rate of my monitor to 144hz, but when I lower it to 120hz, I don't get it frequently. Got curious if my FPS...