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  1. L

    Power supply help

    I’m looking for a semi modular psu for my new build, I’m going to have a i7 7700k ASUS striz z270 mobo, 16gb ram a water cooler and 3 fans, as well as a gtx 780ti soon to be replaced by either a gtx 1060 xtreme or a Volta card when it comes out, my question is what watt psu to get, I’m also...
  2. I

    Loking for KVM Switch

    I want to connect 2 laptop via HDMI Port to 2 monitor with one keyboard and Mouse. Please assist how to connect. Please let me know the appropriate 2 Port HDMI KVM Switch.
  3. C

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?

    Can I use 19.5v 4.82A power adapter on my speaker which needs 19v 3A?
  4. gabe.witcraft

    i7-6700 non k OC

    Hi, I recently purchased the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII GENE and was wondering If I can still overclock my i7-6700 non k via the BCLK method (I'm hoping to get it to 4.7ghz). My concerns are that maybe the older bios won't recognize my Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti Xtreme. I'm new to overclocking, any help...
  5. C

    Which Motherboard should I get?

    So I'm just about ready to start ordering parts for my ryzen build, ill be getting either a 1700, 1700x, or 1800x, depending on my budget in the next month (decided not to go with a 7800x just because of the expense), I don't plan on doing a lot of overclocking, but I might dabble in it a...
  6. R

    New graphics card lagging

    Hello, I have replaced my old R7 360 graphics card to a brand new Gigabyte 1050TI WindForce OC 4G. Sadly my old graphics card works better than my new one. My specs are: I5 4460 8 GB Ram Toshiba dt01aca050 (500 GB HDD) Gigabyte 1050TI WindForce OC 4G ASROCK H81M-DG4 BeQuite 350W PSU While I am...
  7. L

    Is this pc compatible (firs pc build and I want to make sure)

    Is this pc compatible?:
  8. B

    120mm case fans

    Looking for fairly cheap but effective 120mm case fans. Thanks!
  9. G

    Overclocking Amd Fx6300 to 4.2 GHZ are my results good? Need Help for PUBG

    I have aida and amd OverDrive on when stresstesting. With Prime 95 on for an hour i get no errors and I am stable. Socket temperature goes up to 62C maximum and the cpu temperature goes to max 51. Are the temperatures good? Are my Bios settings good? What should I change more if I want a better...
  10. S

    Compatibility of this built?

    Is built compatible? Here's a link for an amazon list of the parts.
  11. L

    Is this PC good enough for 900p gaming??

    My specs are r5 1400 msi b350 gaming pro crucial balistics sport ddr4 ram (2x4)gb msi gtx 960 4gb antec vp500pc cooler mater masterbox lite 3 And is it a good upgrade from my old pc? It's specs are core 2 quad q9400 8gb ddr3 gtx 750ti
  12. A

    Toshiba p300 3tb internal HDD not recognized anywhere!

    Hi, Recently is decided to upgrade my storage space and bought the Toshiba P300 3tb internal HDD. I plugged it in and it wasn't recognized in either the BIOS nor Device Management. I checked if it was working (powered) and it was. I tried different kabels (working ones from other HDD's), I...
  13. Q

    Assassins Creed Revelations

    Hi, I recently purchased a activation key for The Lost Archive UPLAY dlc to unlock Vlads Tepes sword mission but after playing the normal mission one day, i noticed something that was not there before and that was the download link bar. I proceeded to download the dlc, however, i got an error...
  14. ZenKoiDragon

    what are the pros and cons of antivirus

    so... antivirus... any reccommendations on an antivirus? hopefully cheap.. or even free and non intrusive... Norton IS a virus and i feel almost as strongly about mcafee.. What are some alternate avenues? is there an alternative to antivirus software? well.. thats all i wanted to ask...
  15. PootsMaster

    DVI-D to HDMI adapter not working

    i bought the said adapter and tried to plug my hdmi monitor to it, but the monitor gets no signal and the pc doesnt recognize it. However, oddly when i tried to plug in a VGA monitor using the DVI adapter along side another HDMi adapter, the pc detected the display, but received no input signal...
  16. R

    Is this a good overclock?

    I've been overclocking my 6600k With My EVGA z170 FTW Motherboard. I am currently sitting at 4.6ghz at 1.304 Vcore. My CPU is air cooled by a Noctua U14S. Is 1.304 Safe for air cooling? And why are my temperatures only at 50c full load using AIDA64?
  17. K

    Asus sabertooth 990fx (first model not r2 or r3)

    So I recently transferred my pc from one case to another and now I get no boot. I have checked the connections several times pulled all parts and still nothing. Last year I have had a "fluke" where my system did that for a week but it seemed to be fixed when I pulled the cpu and put it back in...
  18. K

    Gtx 1050 ti vs gtx 1060

    I am curious, which is the better card. I am not worried about price. I wanna know what card is better overall. I'm looking for one that will improve my frame rates and I want the better one. I know the 1080's are out but I don't fell like paying that much though. Thanks in advance.
  19. homeboyboom

    Asus AI Suite 3

    Welcome, So today for some reason my AI Suite 3 (Dual Intelligent Processors 5) just wouldn't load properly. It didn't show up in the 'Toolbar' section and when looking at its process on the Task Manager then it was sitting at around 1-2 MB of Memory and CPU 0%. I later simply 'End task' the...
  20. D

    Looking For Advice For This System

    Hello there, I'm building a pc and these are the components, could you tell me if they fit or not? Mobo: MSI B150M Mortar Motherboard CPU: Intel I5 6500 (non-K) RAM: 16GB HyperX ddr4@2166mhz/ Storage: Kingston UV400 120GB Sata III SSD WD Blue 1TB Sata III HDD GPU: Gigabyte GTX...
  21. T

    Upgrade old system or wait out for new pc?

    wondering if you can help me out, current build is: pentium g840 gts 450 8gb ddr3 i have a 16gb 1600 kit currently only using 8gb of it due to restrictive lenovo motherboard. i have £250 (about 300-330 bucks) and im looking tk upgrade my pc cause its stuttering a bit in gta v and due to 100%...
  22. M

    Gaming Pc With Periferals and Windows

    So I recently create this PC Part Picker list on a good computer with peripherals ( http:// ). In case you were wondering I do not plan to overclock nor do I plan to run SLI in this computer. However, the Headset and Keyboard are not exactly what I wanted I instead decided to go for a HyperX...
  23. A

    More cores or Higher clock speed

    I am pretty new to this pc building business and i am confuse which cpu to pick. there a lot of option and it is has become hard to pick one. so can anyone explain me should i go for higher clock speed or more cores. my main priority would be gaming.
  24. S

    My idle temperature on my R9 380 is 76C at 0% load, why is it so high?

    My system is Windows 10 AMD FX-8120 @ 3.42gHz 16 Gigs Ram R9 380 Sapphire 4GB CPU temp is 50C AMD Driver is
  25. G

    use a Moble device anywhere to use your tower at home

    Basically I was thinking of having my phone to be able to run high end video encoding and such wile I'm out and about Say when using phone towers use a data saving mode where the fps streaming is low or high depending on what your doing I know it will have about a 3sec delay but it will still...
  26. J

    random power cut can damage my pc :( ?

    there is a power outage almost every day here and i cant afford a ups anytime soon.. i usually play games or youtube when power cuts and my pc shuts off .. i unplug everything right after that .. will this damage my pc or any components ?
  27. J

    Looking to build a good pc for medium gaming and possibly photo editing in the future

    I am trying to build a pc excluding the monitor for under £800 (£600/700 would be better) I am going to use it for medium gaming and photo editing in the future. Want it to last a long time if possible and still be able to play games in smoothly in 5-10years+. I mostly play CS GO at the moment...
  28. MontyInHD

    R9 390X or the 980TI

    So after looking at some GPUs, just incase the new polaris or pascal, seems to be a let down, or is too much for me. I came across the R9 390X, this was a new card for me as I was just focussing on the 980ti. So then i found out that a R9 can be somewhat very powerful in crossfire mode. So...
  29. G

    First Time Build

    Hello Forum, I have been looking at building my own PC lately and was wondering if I make a list of the parts I want, could anyone tell me if they are okay. I have been building radios for about 15 yrs and am comfortable with electronics but never have build a computer before, I am old and bored...
  30. B

    i2 Question Mate!

    Processor : Core i3 4170 (3.7 Ghz) Cache 3 MB (BOX) Motherboard : Asrock H81M-HDS (Intel H81, Vga, DDR3, PCI-Exp 16x) HDD : Seagate 3 TB Sata3 RAM : OCPC XTREME DDR3 PC12800 1600Mhz 16GB KIT (2x8GB) Case : NZXT Source 210 Window Black PSU : Power Logic...
  31. A

    Y50 70 Screen Replacement

    Hi everyone, i got a question about replacing my laptop screen. My Y50 lcd broke down, both lcd and touch panel. I want to ask if i can replace the monitor with non touch panel and lcd because it cost me less than the touch version. If it possible what should i do. Thank you. My laptop specs I7...
  32. DKDarrenKelly

    SSD can't connect

    I recently got the Samsung SSD 850 EVO, I'm a bit out of the loop with all the installation for it and everything but it won't seem to connect to my pc. I'm running on a Del Inspiron 660 Motherboard. with a 750 power supply on Windows 10. Everything seems to be connected but not running. Is...
  33. T

    How does my PC compare to an Xbox one?

    A couple years ago I built a PC with an AMD A8 5500 CPU at 3.2 ghz with a Nividia Evga 650ti and 8gigs of Ram how does my current setup compare to an Xbox one for gaming?
  34. N

    Power consumption of the Radeon R9 290 Can I run it?

    I have the corsair 750m PSU and The requirements for a radeon r9 290 I was hearing were 750 wat. I was wondering if I should steer clear of it because of this as my psu would need to power other stuff as well as the gpu namely the motherboard and hard drive (I removed the disk drive a while back...
  35. H

    Unusable PCIe slots?

    I ran into something that seems funny to me so I’ll ask here if this seems normal. I have a Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H mobo. It has a PCIex16, then two x1’s and finally a x4 slot. No onboard video as I did not buy an APU as I intended to run a separate video card from the start and didn’t know that I...
  36. H

    Lowering windows resolution from 4k to 1080p?

    Hi everyone, I'm really looking into the ASUS Zenbook UX303LN-DB71T. I noticed it has a 4k display which honestly I do not really need at all. I was wondering what are the pros and cons of changing the windows resolution to 1080p? Like would the battery life increase by a substantial amount...
  37. J

    Overclocking Settings on AMD A10-6800K

    Hi! I'm pretty new to overclocking as I've been running stock settings for 2 years now on my A10, and I've started to see a performance drop that is expected of a computer this age. I was just wondering if I could overclock it to push it a bit further before I build a new one. Specs: AMD...
  38. S

    Just my $800 budget newegg gaming build

    Please read the parts on this link and tell me if this is a good deal? Is the GPU too weak to be future proof (3+ yrs?) Does the case come with a built-in DVD bay?
  39. U

    Computer does not power up, but the mainboard's power light is on

    When I try to turn on my computer, it does not boot. It doesn't give any beep while starting. It does not show the BIOS start screen, and all the fans don't spin up. What might be wrong? I tried to shut down the power supply and turn on again, take the CMOS battery out, use the power button on...
  40. J

    Quick help with steam please

    I am new to steam so please ignore my newbness.....I have added my friend that I want to play with on the actual steam app and she has accpeted. Now though when I open far cry 3 and try to add friends its says that I don't have any friends although she is clearly added on steam. Very...