Question Computer Incredibly Slow Out of Nowhere

Sep 9, 2021
Someone please help I've been using this computer for years now and I have not downloaded anything substantial recently nor have I made any modifications to the PC itself regrading parts. Yesterday I was playing a game on my computer and all of a sudden my computer froze completely causing me to have to turn it off after it never coming unfrozen. Upon turning it back on it is now very slow as right clicking or opening an application is very delayed. Moving the mouse and in general using the computer is very slow and several programs take minutes to open to which was originally seconds. I have disabled several background apps, start up apps, checked the task manager and nothing is using a lot of usage, restarted multiple times, reset to factory specs, deleted majority of my hard drive files, my drivers are update to date and I have attempted to update Windows but the update is stuck at 100%... I feel like I have done everything or whatever I could think of or find online. I am unsure why this has occurred and what to do from now on as I'm not sure what to do to fix my computer... Please help.