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  1. Walece

    Question my computer keeps crashing when i play certain games

    Hi, when i play certain games like crossout for example my computer crashes within a couple of minutes. But for other games like terraria or minecraft i can play fine without my computer ever crashing. I have reinstalled windows multiple times, i have also tried another graphics card, i have...
  2. UserTom

    [SOLVED] Computer drivers

    Hi, What do you guys use when you buy or use a new computer for the first time and you wanna know ALL the drivers that are outdated. Also, I remember on my 2080 Strix I had a program where I could boost the clock of the card in gaming mode but I don't have the name anymore. Any way of...
  3. jahlex

    Question GPU both mounting holes were stripped out and now screws won't tighten

    I stripped out the mounting holes of my case and now the screws can't tighten my GPU in place, they still hold it in though just not tight enough. I have a few questions about this: Is it safe to leave it like this without doing any damage to the GPU or the PCIe slot? If not, will leaving my...
  4. R

    Question When i press my left and up arrow key, it does not do anything but if i hold it, there are beep sounds.

    I checked everything, i unplugged it and switched to another port still nothing, keyboard is brand new working fine, but this thing bothers me. also im not on a laptop btw.
  5. folksrust

    Question Computer Part Problems, big lag spikes and frame drops with good PC parts

    Basically like a week ago-ish I noticed my game starting to lag a little and I look at task manager and the memory usage is at 98% and then a day passes and it starts to lag really bad, like ill scope in with my sniper and it'll lag or if i get shot my game would freeze up making it so I cant...
  6. okystokey_pro

    Question Computer fans run for a second then turn of and repeat...

    Computer starts up with fans running on both the power supply and cpu fan.. the system does this then shuts down and repeats until I turn off at the power supply. New Ram, CPU, as well as a new power supply unsure of what it is assuming it something to do with motherboard as it wont even post...
  7. kook

    Question What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my tower?

    What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my computer's tower? View: It is blinking constantly and it's basically been there since I got the computer. It blinks slowly though. Is it maybe related to a WIFI PCIe card or something?
  8. M

    Question Is it safe to keep my USB port powered even when the PC is off?

    Hello, I own a MSi B450 Gaming Plus Max Motherboard, and I notice that only one of my USB ports are powered after I shut down my computer(USB Mouse plugged in and the lights are on even the pc is off). So I removed my USB mouse and plugged it in the other port, now the said powered port was...
  9. Zeyon

    Question Just pilled like a mouthful of gatorade on my pc and it shut off

    Hi as u can see from the title, ues im careless i know please im. ot the most affluent or anything and it hapenned like 20 mons ago and im freaking out what do i do i turned it upside down and let it drain out and im leaving it theree now tp dry tomorrow im going to clean the motherboard which...
  10. B

    Question My M.2 is showing on devices but not showing it on Disk Management please help

    My M.2 doesn't seem to work on my pc I have a 250gb SSD for my windows , 1tb HDD for storage and was planning on using the 1tb ssd for extra storage. It shows in Devices but nothing in storage or disk management for me to create a partition for... Its really annoying and cant find anything in...
  11. Y

    Question My PCIe BT/WiFi card isn't working, even though I have drivers ?

    So about two months ago I installed Windows 20H2. My Bluetooth stopped working when I first installed it, I didn't have a problem with it to begin with since I wasn't using bluetooth but I decided to switch back to my previous version: 1909. My bluetooth still wasn't working so I concluded that...
  12. AwesomeCoolDude

    Question My monitor spontaneously goes black for no apparent reason ?

    HELP! I bought a Gaming PC back in August 2020. I'm having issues with my monitor while using it ever since, for some reason my screen just blacks out spontaneously. The screen goes black without any reason while gaming(N.B MOUSE CURSOR DOES NOT APPEAR), the screen used to show me "NO SIGNAL"...
  13. Blitz7013

    Question Gigabyte B460 HD3 | Bluetooth?

    So the other day i was looking through settings and i was wondering if i had bluetooth on my brand spanking new custom built gaming pc. I'm pretty sure that this mobo has bluetooth i just need confirmation or debunking. thanks
  14. gordonmousedeer

    Question What's happening to my mother's desktop computer?

    My mother's desktop computer recently had issues. After using the computer for a while, these lines (picture links below) would appear on the screen. Sometimes everything on the computer screen would freeze (even the mouse cursor) after using the computer for some time. She had to restart the...
  15. sidiqb

    Question PC turns on but no signal to monitor ?

    Hello, I have a PC running on Gigabyte motherboard with 4GB DDR2 RAM with 1TB Seagate HDD, intel Pentium Not long time ago, the PC runs smoothly but now it won't display screen. Below are the condition The DVD tray can get out after I pressed the button The fan runs smoothly, not too fast...
  16. Duncan_168

    Question Help Please!! PC wont start after Bios

    Hi All! So i was setting up my printer, when windows updated the bios (windows update said urgent system firmware update, and so i downloaded it like an idiot) After it downloaded, my PC Restarted. -I got a screen with the boot Logo Mecer under it "installing system update please wait" After...
  17. Question computer crashing and restarting now and than

    HI my computer crashes sometimes when I open big software are a lot of web pages. some times it run without any problem.
  18. E

    Question Computer Crashes Every Single Time After Start Up

    Thank you in advance for any advice... I have been trying to diagnose this issue for close to 2 years. This is a tough one... The ONLY issue I have with my computer is it will hard crash not long after I start it up. Once it crashes, it won't crash again as long as I keep the computer running...
  19. BlancBG

    Question Windows 10 freezing

    Every few hours (anywhere from 5-24 hours) my computer completely freezes up. It is lsited in control panel as an unexpected shutdown, with the event time as when ti frozen, and another time when I restart the pc. This has happened before on a different drive, and the issue was getting so...
  20. Bigwandi

    Question PC freezes and then restarts, accompanied by a distorted audio loop ?

    Hi, So for many months now I have been having an issue where the displays will freeze, a distorted audio loop (if there was any audio playing at the time) can be heard from the output and the PC will restart itself, not during any of these crashes has the system given a BSOD. The crashes have...