Question My Pc have around 100+ or sometimes up to 200+ less fps than other pc with same build or worse! HEEELP please

Oct 7, 2020
Before i say anything i wanna share my build:
CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K
GPU: Galax Nvidia RTX 2060
Ram: 1x16 GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MhZ
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD
SSD: Western Digital 480GB
HDD: Seagate barracuda 2TB
Air cooler: Noctua NHD15
PSU: Evga 600W 80 gold plus
My userbenchmark:

So i play mostly games like fortnite and valorant and since i like to play competitive, I play on the lowest settings at 1080p to get max fps. Since i have many friends who have around the same setups as me i'm able to see and get feedback on the FPS they get and i compare it too mine. I know single channel when it comes to ram isnt the most optimal thing but i would sacrifice around 10% of my performance right there as opposed to dual channel. So that wouldn't explain the fact that one friend in particular who has the same exact pc as me except for his i5 9600k as a processor and cooler master evo 212 as a cooler which are worse than my parts, have 150+ more fps than me on valorant and fortnite. The only thing different on his pc is that he's using dual channel (2x8 3000mhz). According to all benchmarks ive done all my components are working just fine. we compared our task manager in game we both had 100% Cpu usage but when she was using around 69% gpu i was using 49%. Based on that i thought my gpu had a problem maybe but then again when i put settings on epic it gets to 100% and also it seems just normal on benchmarks. Our cpu reached 100% because we uncapped fps just to test. Both my CPU and GPU temperatures do not exceed 70 degrees at all time with my noctua.
I tried reinstalling windows and formated both my drives, updated my bios to the latest version. XMP profile for my ram is and was always enabled.
I do not overclock anything except for xmp which is normal. i optimized my control panel and windows (we have exactly the same settings everywhere) All drivers up to date. no temp problems. oo and i have an alienware 240hz gsync as a monitor which i have plugged to my gpu through displayport.
I have 220 fps in game on valorant on average and 180 on average in game on fortnite. This is very low for people with the same setup as me. From videos ive seen on youtube and my friends perfomances i can say i should be getting almost double in terms of fps. Especially on fortnite my fps gets down to 70 sometimes and its frustrating while my friend always have 150+fps more than i do with approximately the same setup

I would really appreciate it if someone gave me a solution to help me solve this problem. It will make my year as this a problem ive been dealing with for quite some time now :(
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May 6, 2014
As you have applied many options already and your CPU is stronger too.
* One option is that you should take you friend's RAM and use it on your system
=> If FPS problem persist, then:
* use your friends GPU and test it on your system
You will find the clue...
Make sure that your your friend's graphic settings are 100% same as yours and where is the game installed, on SSD or HDD at your friends system?
Oct 5, 2020
Looks like I have the same issue
In Escape from Tarkov i have ~60 FPs, or 20-30 while shooting.
Strange, while wih 1050ti and i3 8100 with 8gb ram i had the same...