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    Question What Can I expect from this PC build configuration for playing ESO?

    I'm not sure how many people here play Elder Scrolls online, but I plan to upgrade from my old i7 6700 geforce gt 730 PC to one that is more suited to handle gaming. $2k is my current budget. I do not want to assemble all the parts together which is why I've chosen this customized PC build. I...
  2. D

    Question Keyboard lights up but doesn't work and the enter key switches pc on and off

    As I was cleaning I scooted my pc and the power cable came out a bit and my pc switched off. After that, my wired keyboard won't work properly. It lights up, but typing doesn't work and if I hit enter it switches the pc on and off. Sometimes the keyboard will type '1111111' or 'zzzzz' on its...
  3. D

    Question How much could i sell my used PC for?

    i am looking to upgrade my PC and was wondering if it would be worth it if i sold my old PC and started from scratch and wanted to know a rough estimate of what i could sell it for. Specs: CPU: Intel i3-7100 3.9GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB Case: MicroATX Motherboard...
  4. yurkovichh

    Question Intel Bluetooth Decided to become wonky. Any idea on how to fix?

    I have absolutely no idea how to begin going about fixing this Yes, I've tried restarting my computer Yes, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Bluetooth driver Yes, disabling it fixes the loud disconnecting notification, but now I cannot connect anything to my computer via Bluetooth...
  5. A

    Question Pc keeps stuttering and crashes if left on a game for too long..

    I can clearly see my mouse lag across my screen every so often if I move it slow enough. When this happens, any audio coming through my headset lags as well. I recently installed a new cpu cooler if that helps at all. All help would be appreciated.
  6. M

    Question Ram Error.

    Hy guys! (sorry my bad english) I bought a new PC and the memory doesn't work. Games and applications are crashing and some times get blue screen (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT). I downloaded the Adia64 and it 'said' the memory is the bad component, but the MemTest didn't found nothing error. In BIOS I use...
  7. Sachin_94

    Question PC power on; but won't boot at my place (home). But in other places it's working fine

    I have ryzen 3 2200g cpu with onboard vega 8 vga. It worked fine till yesterday. As usual I turned it on; pc starts, but didn't boot. Today I took it to the shop I bought from because it's under warranty period. But it starts normally without any issues. Then I brought it to home and turned on...
  8. B

    Question PC won’t boot up

    Hi everyone Over six months ago I built a new PC. The components were: GTX 1060 6 GB Intel Core i3 8100 Asus H310M-D and some other stuff It run without any problems. About two weeks ago I bought a new case. After installing every component I plugged it in and turned it on. The fans would...
  9. SolidFib3r

    Question My builded PC won't start now

    Hi, I have builded a PC a year ago, and it worked right away with no issues till now, So I traveled out country and left my PC for more than 4 months turned off, Shipped my PC from my home with my brother, So when I opened the case to see if everything looks good, everything was except the...
  10. R

    Question Will these parts run correctly and be COMPATABLE and will this setup run games i desire? !PLEASE RESPOND!

    In the link i will provide below, I would like to know weather or not these parts will run together and and are COMPATABLE and weather or not they will run the games i want on High settings. This will be my first ever computer so i want to know weather or not it will be good for a first budget...
  11. R

    Question Rx 5700 XT or RTX 2060 Super?

    Hello, I want to buy a new gpu but I don't know which one I should go with. I have seen reviews and benchmarks of both of these cards, and the Rx 5700 XT seems to perform better by 5-20 more fps, but the thing that is holding me back from buying it is Ray Tracing. I Know that some people say...
  12. S

    Question CPU Usage goes to 100% while gaming

    So, my GPU is failing, yay. Now, I am experiencing something that really bothers me. In most of the game, the CPU Usage will go to 100% and the game pretty much lowers it FPS down and starts lagging. It stays 100% CPU Usage for 10-15 seconds and usually the frame from (let's say 60fps) drops...
  13. Z

    Question New PC keeps FREEZING

    Ok so ive built my pc a month ago with the help of a friend. and the first few days it was freezing but not that often, maybe like once every 30 minutes and only for like 5 seconds each freeze. I didnt think much of it and continued on with using the pc. The next two weeks my pc almost never...
  14. S

    Question Help me choosing the right graphics card?

    My config; Intel i5 7th gen 7500, Corsair 8gb ddr4 2400Mhz, Corsair VS550 watt PSU, Asus prime B250-Pro LGA1151 motherboard, Seagate 2TB firecuda HDD, Crucial 275gb MX300 SSD, My budget for graphic card is within 30K
  15. D

    Question Gaming Build

    This is my third build, so if you have any recommendations please tell me! Note that I can't go any higher as I'm already going as high as I can! I'm planning to do OC but not extreme (so maybe try to put the i5 around 4.8-5ghz), that's why I chose AIO cooling. Mobo: MSI Mpg Z390 Gaming Plus...
  16. R

    Question Monitor light keeps blinking and no display

    Hi all, I went to move my pc one day and plugged it back in and my monitor would not turn on. all that I saw was a continuous blinking light. I called Lenovo support and all they could tell me was to hold down the power button for 30 seconds. There must be some reason why the power light is...
  17. M

    Question My new pc crashing.

    I bought a new PC, but every game crashing. I installed the new drivers. Intel® Core™ i3-8100 Coffee Lake, 3.60GHz, 8GB RAM DDR4, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC GDDR5
  18. C

    Question format a hard drive

    Hi, this case its kinda long to explain, I will be thankfull for any help anyone can provide. So I recently bought a new PC because my old PC wasn't working as intended nymore (It was running really slow and its really old anyways). I got all the parts I needed for the NEW PC (MB, CPU, RAM...
  19. O

    Build Advice Does this build have merit? ($2000 budget)

    Last time I built a PC was in 2014 and it ended up a mess. I want to make another one without any of my previous pitfalls, so my priorities are as follows: Performance Aesthetics/aesthetic cohesiveness General common sense stuff (ending up with clean cables and well chosen parts that don't have...
  20. Wayfall

    Question Portal 2 to bright (using lowest in-game brightness settings)

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows how to lower a Valve games brightness lower than the lowest in-game setting? I wanted to do another playthrough but the game is very bright even on the lowest settings so rooms on my last playthrough that were pitch black or now very bright. I have this...