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  1. JCarax

    Question Random system freeze & black screen crashes ?

    Hi, I've come across this issue recently where (mostly while gaming, but it happened once while watching youtube) I'll either get a black screen (fans and computer working but can't do anything) or sometimes a freeze where I have to hit the reset button. Started consistently happening around a...
  2. Rivsu

    Question Need some help with a Bluetooth card to my motherboard

    So I have a HP Elitedesk 800 G3 SFF and I bought a Bluetooth card it’s telling me to plug it into a usb-f in the motherboard yet I don’t have one there is a usb_c but it didn’t seem to work if anyone know what I could do thank you
  3. Technoidy

    Question Storing PC in a basement long-term?

    So last year I built myself an expensive ($2k+) gaming PC. Now I'm going to be moving to a campus for around 18 months or more, where I can't bring anything with me. So I'm in the process of getting rid of my stuff, but a friend is going to let me leave a couple boxes of stuff in his basement...
  4. mora06

    Question Cursor acceleration pc, losing smoothness

    Hello guys, Context : i am a fps enjoyer and i can't aim with this! Sorry for bad english ! It's happening of both of my pc so i don't think this is a hardware problem but who knows. I'm posting videos who shows the problem on windows and on games where i shake my mouse for 5 seconds and...
  5. warwar13

    Question [Weird] PC wont turn on every morning but fans are spinning

    I have a very unique problem of my PC. This PC is already 3 years old. My PC won't turn on every morning for a week now. I just noticed that when I completely turn it off and go to sleep (removed also from wall socket), then in the morning when I try to turn it on, it won't display anything...
  6. S

    Question Gaming PC build

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a new gaming PC that will serve me for at least another 5 years, I recently found already selected components that fit into my price limit, so I need to know your opinion on what to replace etc. Case: Endorfy Regnum 400 ARGB Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 7600 GIGABYTE B650...
  7. S

    Question Moving/cloning drive to another on dual bootable PC help needed!

    Hello guys, I am currently using an m.2 nvme ssd and recently bought a sata ssd. I have a second Windows 11 license so I will use it to make my PC dual bootable. (Nvme for games and sata for school etc.) I want to move everything from my NVME to the SATA driver so I can fully clean my nvme...
  8. X

    Question Cleaned PC with "surgical spirit"

    Hi, I cleaned my CPU and it's pins and the motherboard CPU socket earlier today with "surgical spirit." I did not have isopropyl and this stuff seemed the closest to it so I had used it, however when I checked the ingredients, as it contains; Castor Oil 2.5% v/v, Methyl Salicylate 0.5% v/v...
  9. azzu.25

    Question Motherboard rgb is on but PC not turning on when I press power button ?

    Hello folks! I've been facing a issue with my pc, when I switch on at the wall socket and press PC power button, it won't boot even though the motherboard rgb lights are on. But if I wait for 10-15 minutes and try to start it, it boots up normally but sometimes shuts down after like 1-2 hours of...
  10. D

    Question PC Shutting Down

    Hello everybody, so my issue is that my PC will shut down by itself. The longer I leave the system off, the longer it will stay on when I boot (but still less than 5 minutes). If I try to turn it right back on, it won't make it past the boot/bios screen. I originally thought that my issue was...
  11. Michallo

    Question PC turns off immediately after turning on. Motherboard lights are all on.

    Hi, hopefully this is the right place for me to find the resolution to this tragedy. Today i received my new PSU and so started changing everything from my current setup with the new PSU. Just so you guys know I've got TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING motherboard, i9-9900k and 8x4 3200mhz Corsair ram, if...
  12. N

    Question Weird screen flicker with 3060 Ti ?

    Hello people, I am desperately in need of you help. English is not my first language, so apologies. I recently bought new PC that has a 3060 Ti GPU and after 2 days of gaming i started to notice that sometimes when I game or browse in Chrome, my deskop shows for a brief second. After a copule...
  13. marlomite

    Question One of the cooling fans on a new build has started spinning slower ?

    Hello, I have a new pc build and today one of the cooling fans at the top of the case started spinning slower and is making an annoying sound. Does anyone know what the problem may be? Here is a video I took of the fans running: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qI1IiZx9Hw
  14. L

    [SOLVED] PC Refusing to Start after USB Power Surge

    As the title says, a few days ago I got an USB power surge warning as I was charging a few too many VR accessories through my USB ports. Unplugged all the devices and everything seemed normal. However, when I tried to start the PC the next day, it would refuse to boot. The fans spun up and the...
  15. Vitorcj

    Question Need help, PC failing to Start

    So just came home from work today and tried to start my PC. Right after pressing the power button, it started and about 1 second later it shut down again. It kept doing this process over and over unitil I had to plug it off. Im trying to figure out if the problem is my PSU or the MoBo, or...
  16. D

    Question Is my vg278hv asus monitor compatible with HP ENVY Extreme 12th gen?

    Is my vg278hv asus monitor compatible with HP ENVY Extreme 12th gen? If I thought ASUS or HP would actually tell me, I'd ask them.
  17. G

    Question ASUS Prime B650 Plus – bricked BIOS after many problems

    Hello, My problem at first concerned my RAM memory. Few days ago I get my new computer with the motherboard from the title, Ryzen 5 7600X processor and 2x8gb RAM DDR5 Kingston Fury Beast 5200mhz. When I first time booted this PC and installed Windows 10, I went to BIOS and I noticed, that my...
  18. K

    Question PC Shuts off randomly without warning. Help diagnose cause?

    Hello! How are you all this fine evening, hope you are well. Recently I decided to upgrade a few components in my PC to improve performance. Added more RAM, upgraded the graphics card, and put in a new PSU. However, since then, at times the whole computer will shut off at random without...
  19. R

    Question Monitor goes black for 1sec then comes back on ?

    Monitor goes black for 1sec then comes back on. this happens whenever my brother in the other room switches his AVR on. weird thing is we are NOT connected to the same outlet. My monitor is directly connected to an outlet and my PC is connected to an AVR that is connected to an outlet where...
  20. N

    Question Please someone review my pc

    Hello,im getting really low fps on games like valorant and as i see my friends are hitting 300 or 200 fps with similar or even cheaper builds. UserBenchmarks: Game 66%, Desk 84%, Work 53% CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 - 82.9% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 - 79.9% SSD: Kingston A400 480GB - 41.9% HDD: WD Blue...
  21. lamont228

    Question PC - TV Connection problem

    I've ran into a strange problem for the first time. Whenever i connect my network cable into my computer, the tv's image and sound start lagging (connected through signal cable). Both my Pc and Tvs are connected to the same router. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
  22. G

    Question PC Break Question

    Hello, So I think my pc is 10 years old and I was wondering when it will break? And also will it be fine for another five years because my brother gave it to me and he said it will be fine. So is this true? thanks
  23. G

    Question My PC And Games (Handle)

    Hello, So my PC is GTX 770 And AMD FX 8320 and I know it is a very old pc and the parts are very old but I was wondering if is it still decent for old games? Like the games that don't require much for example hidden object games and those other games that are not demanding? Thank you
  24. G

    Question Adapter Of Controller (Left in back of PC)

    Hello, So I bought an Xbox 360 unbranded controller from eBay to play my favorite racing game on PC but I was wondering If I could leave the adapter of the controller plugged in at the back and if I turn off the pc will the adapter turn off as well and if I turn it on again will the adapter turn...
  25. D

    Question Gaming PC build advice

    Hello, My old computer is getting old, so I decided to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with choosing the right components and would need the best advice. The PC should be mainly used to play more demanding games - (Cyberpunk, RDR2, Kingdom come) at least on medium details with...
  26. D

    Question is my monitor dead?

    I have a AOC AGON AG322QCX 31.5" WQHD 144Hz VGA HDMI DP LED Monitor i bought like 4 years ago. Almost every time i turn my PC on it has green purple and grey horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. It goes away if i restart the PC sometimes and other times it just goes away. I'm just...
  27. kuj1o

    Question RGB fans not lighting up or spinning, fan headers not working.

    I recently just built a new pc, and everything was plugged in correctly and I made sure of it. But, when I turned it on only the rgb from the ram worked. No fan spins, rgb or etc. I have a CPU: RYZEN 5 5500 Motherboard: x570 aurous elite used Ram: trident z 16GB SSD/HDD: 500GB western GPU...
  28. A

    Question PC gaming from another room ?

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to play games on my PC from the living room. To do that i used a 15mt HDMI cable connected to the TV. The issue now Is for the controller, if i connect It to the PC and go in the living room, unfortunetely the PC Lost the signal. To solve this problem i used parsec on...

    Question I am a little confused about what to make of my system performance ?

    Can anyone please tell what needs improvement (this is my custom build from 2020 - i got it for 700$) Userbenchmark Full rig summary
  30. S

    Question Momentary temperature spikes on My i7 13700K

    I am using a i7 13700K with NZXT KRAKEN X63 Cooler. When gaming my average temps are around 65C to 70C. But in HWINFO64 Temp graph I see sometimes My temps goes around 80c or even 85C for like a millisecond. Then it comes back to normal 65 to 70c. Is this Safe for my CPU? and Why is this...
  31. C

    Question Help with PC build component compatibility.

    Hi, I am building a custom PC from a customize PC website and have customized a couple of parts. Can someone please have a quick look to see if these parts are all compatible? Also, if there are any parts that are not recommended, do say. CHACOR05010 Corsair 5000D Airflow Black ATX MidTower...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Will it hurt my GPU if I turn off AUTO FAN STOP at low TEMPS?

    I have a GIGABYTE AORUS 4070 TI ELITE. It has a Really nice looking Fan RBG but it turns off when GPU Fans are turned off. If I turn off auto off will that harm my gpu?
  33. N

    Question should i replace my psu?

    I've had this psu (CiT builder 600W) for a year and was wondering if I should replace it as its not a really known brand. The cable had problems which led to crashes but after replacing that's been working fine for now, I'm just worried that if it starts having problems again then it'll damage...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] Will a 4070 TI will be enough for 1080P Ultra Raytracing without DLSS?

    Hii, I am looking to buy a GIGABYTE AUROS ELITE 4070TI 12GB for my setup. I am currently on a 1080P monitor. I will upgrade it in the future to a 1440p panel. But For Now Can I play games like Cyberpunk on all maxed including RT MAX? And in the future Can I also run games at high settings on...
  35. Skylake123

    Question After gaming for a while, the whole PC stutters even at idle ?

    Hello, I just got a custom PC built last December and everything was going well until one day I noticed that my game (mostly Overwatch 2 and Cyberpunk 2077) started to drop frames like every 2-3 seconds after a few hours of use and the stutter continues even after I exit out of the game with the...
  36. S

    Question Is there a reason I should Go for AORUS GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti ELITE Over GIGABYTE GAMING OC 4070 TI?

    I was looking to buy a RTX 4070 TI. I found 2 GPUS I like. GIGABYTE GAMING OC 4070 TI and GIGABYTE AORUS 4070 Ti ELITE. The Elite is extra 60 USD. Is there like a better PCB on the Aorus model and better thermals or something? My sytem : I7 13700K Asus Z690 TUF ddr5 32 GB ram evga supernova...
  37. K

    Question PC suddenly started crashing

    Hi there, my pc suddenly started crashing a few minutes after booting and by that I mean it first cuts the monitor output, staying on a single frame, then comes this repeated sound in my headphones that's preceded by a thump. It stays like this until I restart the whole PC, and sometimes after...
  38. makemorelove

    Question Need Help With AMD Alternative To This Cheap Gaming Build

    Hello, I'm not very good at building PCs and everything that comes around with it. However, I tried to build the cheapest possible Intel based PC as mine is already 12 yo. Here's the list: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/makemoreloveTTV/saved/#view=t3RfdC And this, just in case the above link...
  39. S

    Question First time build, Nothing launching except RAM

    It's my first time building a PC with all new parts and when I turn it on, the PSU makes a startup noise but only the RAM sticks light up. The system fans and the CPU cooling fan aren't running at all and the monitor remains with "no signal". I have tried plugging the fan cables into a second...
  40. A

    Question Chrsitmas new build not working after working once!

    Me and my Son decided to build a gaming pc for his Christmas pressie..... RoG B5550 f motherboard Ryzen 5 5600 X Sapphire Radeon RX6500 XT Pulse 2 x8gb ram - Team group Vulcan RPG 500W power supply CiT GForce Mid-TOwer ATX RGB PC Gaming Case So I carefully put the PC together (never built one...