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    [SOLVED] PC is booting directly into Windows without showing the BIOS or boot logo

    My PC is booting directly into Windows without showing the BIOS or boot logo This problem does not persist, sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. My device specifications: HP Z230 I don't have a GPU but the device is connected directly to the DisplayPort of motherboard
  2. W

    Question Will BIOS get corrupted If I leave the motherboard for about 12 months without any power ?

    I bought a mid-range motherboard that came out the factory 2 months ago. I will use it for a future PC build I'm planning, but I'm not actively working on it. The question is: If I leave the motherboard for about 12 months without power (it won't be unpacked and connected to a power supply for...
  3. A

    Question What parts need a upgrade to my system?

    Hello all. I'm thinking my PC could do with an upgrade but not sure what part/parts would be more priority to upgrade. Here are my specs: Motherboard: ROG Strix X570-F Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT PSU: Corsair RM 750X RAM: Ballistix 16GB Thank You.
  4. Darklife124

    Question PC restarts when gaming ?

    Hi guys, I've been having this issue with my PC for a while. Sometimes when under load, it will just restart by itself. I've changed out the PSU and motherboard but it didn't solve my issue. I attached my event viewer log. It happened at 11:53AM. Please help!~ Thanks! -->LOG<-- My PC spec...
  5. W

    Build Advice I need help selecting PC components for a coding (->ML/AI) ?

    Hello, I am in a first year of my Maths degree, learning CS individually at the same time. I have started learning some C and Python on my new laptop (HP Spectre x360 2024 Ultra 7 32 GB 1TB), but I need a second device to: Learn Linux, I prefer to have windows on my laptop due to compatibility...
  6. K

    Question Cant Watch videos/streams or sometimes even listen to music while playing games. brand new pc

    Recently got a new pc i9-14900kf, 4070 ti super, 32gb 6400, good temps. So the lag im getting isnt frame drops. Basically if im trying to watch a stream and play the stream will lag and not play unless i alt-tab. same with videos if its on HD it will lag if i am playing but fixes as soon as i...
  7. J

    Question PC and Monitor issue

    Hey! I recently got a new PC, monitor, keyboard and headset off of a delivery app. When the pc came it was already set up, so all thought i had to do was put all the cables in. So I put them all in correctly as well as my hdmi into my pc and monitor. But for some reason, the pc won’t turn on and...
  8. M

    Question Upgrading CPU from 12400f

    Hello. So far I have i5 12400f and in most games that are CPU intensive, my PC simply choke. I want to to get 13600K without need to upgrade mobo (I have GIGABYTE B660M Gaming X DDR4,) and powersupply ( I have SILENTIUMPC Vero L3 700W 80 Plus Bronze,). But in some near future I also plan to...
  9. A

    Question weird noise from my pc

    Good evening, I need your precious help to find the origin of a noise I've been having since last night on my tower and which is starting to drive me crazy. I have the impression that it could be a fan slightly unscrewed on the PSU (to the ear it sounds like the noise is coming from below) but...
  10. sereinspirit

    Question Why isn't my PC running smoothly? What can I do to upgrade? [Complete Beginner]

    Hi guys, this is more of a general help post but i wasn't sure where to put it. I have a PC that someone built for me last year. I know hardly anything about tech. I was excited but i was soon to find out that it does not smoothly run ANY games or software. It isn't strong enough to run Windows...
  11. T

    Question $1000 build advice

    I'm building a pc with a budget of $1000 and wondering if all these parts are compatible or just some general advice. Thank you. CPU: r5 7600x CPU cooler: Thermalright Assassin X 120 Refined SE 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler Motherboard: MSI PRO A620M-E RAM: TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan 32 GB (2 x 16 GB)...
  12. P

    Question Need to know if my psu can handle all this

    Hello everyone. I have this pc: CPU: intel xeon e3 1270 v3 3,5ghz RAM: 1X8GB ddr3 1600mhz 1x4GB ddr3 1600mhz GPU: Geforce 1060 GTX 6gb (edited) STORAGE: SSD kingston 500 gb MOTHERBOARD: asus h81m-k PSU: SENTEY 600W 80 PLUS BRONZE HBP600-GS...
  13. RandomMushroom

    Question Pc shuts down, no display but fans keep spinning and RGB still on?

    Hi everyone, so yesterday I was just watching YouTube and my pc suddenly shut down giving me no display and no sound. Changed hdmi cable and monitor and still nothing, The PC's RGB was on and fans kept spinning, I had some booting issues with the motherboards battery giving me long booting times...
  14. Urbanw1

    Question Screen-shake, crashing games, and not loading properly ?

    For a starter I have an rtx 4090 with an I5 13600KF, the powersupply is about 1200 watts if I remember correctly and has 16x2gb ram sticks, I know the specs are a bit all over the place but I think it might help identifying my problem. Lately I have been playing a few games that take a lot of...
  15. ItsYZ

    Question How can i get rid off the error message?

    So i just upgraded my motherboard to a z790 Tuf gaming plus wifi, and for some reason i get this error message its weird because the fans are working just fine, im using a Corsair H150i rgb pro xt AIO and have the 3 pin connector plugged in to the pump fan, i was wondering if anyone knew what is...
  16. E

    Question Pc wont recognise HDDs - new upgrade

    Hi, I’ve recently attempted to upgrade my gaming pc considerably, but after getting everything up and running it wont seem to recognise my two HDDS together. Intermittently, it recognises one, through using the other cable or another port but I have no idea what the issue is exactly, I’m trying...
  17. Dantheman09061995

    Question severe lag, crashes and blue screens on a new pc

    cpu: ryzen 7 7800x3d gpu: msi rtx 4060 ti mobo: asrock b650i lightning ram:Crucial Pro RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 6000MHz m.2: samsung 970 evo pro (i think) ssd: samsung 2tb cooler: CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L psu: Segotep 750W Power Supply, 80 Plus Gold windows 11 Just finished this...
  18. T

    Question Gaming Build (1st) (Ryzen)

    Hi! I hope this is not in the wrong place, but I didn't see a build section. I am a first time builder with no experience what so ever. I am on a 12 year old Gateway and am looking to build something I can do moderate gaming on with a budget and the ability to upgrade some. Again, I have no...
  19. E

    Question is this build good? trying to go cheapest with perfomance

    should I sell my asus laptop with i7 7gen and 1050ti with 16gb ram and 1tb storage and make a small gaming pc instead under 400$ with a used gpu, it will be a 2nd pc because I own a high-end gaming pc with 13700k and 4080 so it will be a secondary pc in case friend come plus I still have a...
  20. G

    Question My PC Theory

    Hello, So I cleaned out my PC myself and ever since I have realised that there is noise and some problems. I needed help with these. So I have noticed that watching netflix on web is glitchy and black stuff on screen comes and goes and its not a monitor problem because i changed monitors and it...
  21. C

    Question PC keeps restarting

    **Computer Type:** Desktop **GPU:** RTX 4070 **CPU:** RYZEN 9 5900x **Motherboard:** MSI MEG X570 UNIFY **BIOS Version:** Latest version **RAM:** 64GB GSkill TridentZ Nero **PSU:** Corsair RM1000x 80+ Gold (I think this is the PSU but I threw the box out) **Case:** Unknown **Operating...
  22. marvinmethner47

    Question Hi What cann I do about this?

    So im having networking issue, still have the same internet provider and 100mbs. Everything worked fine untill I wanted to upgrade to Intel. I thought it was the board so I sent it back and ended up capping the whole ordeil. Now im back on my old platform and ever since i went back on it the pc...
  23. TheShaun

    Question TV screen goes black for 1 second every time I hover my mouse pointer over youtube thumbnails ?

    I don't have much time to do the research because I'm a very busy person. So, apologies if this is a commonly solved issue. My screen goes blank for about 1 second when I hover my mouse pointer over youtube video thumbnails and other similar website video thumbnails. Not every video thumbnail...
  24. Father doug

    Question I think I broke my pc

    Hello, yesterday i had put new thermal paste on my cpu but it is still overheating any advice?
  25. M

    Question "instant Gaming Response" issue on LG TV ?

    Hello, So i have a very interesting problem, that i have no idea what could cause. So ive recently bought an LG OLED65C98LB OLED TV and I hooked it up to my PC to play some games. So my issue is, that whenever i set the resolution (on my pc) to 4k (the native resolution of the TV) the...
  26. david032

    Question I need help, after a motherboard swap

    I just bought a new motherboard and built it inside of an nzxt h5 flow rgb case. Everything was going well until i powered on my pc. It doesnt boot, keeps turning on and off by itself, one of the fans smell burnt and from 4 fans only 1 work (the tilted on the bottom), but 2 of them on the front...
  27. N

    Question Monitor won't display anything ?

    So, last night my PC was working fine then when I go to turn it on today it doesn't display anything on the monitor. I have been able to connect Bluetooth headphones to the PC and can hear my wallpaper playing music but the monitor refuses to display anything. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  28. AziPloua

    Question Pc turns on and shuts down repeatedly

    I just started it, it showed me a screen saying something like "your overclocking settings have failed reverting changes to default" and then took me to the bios settings i saved and exited and it took me to the welcome screen which then got froze i shut it down and now whenever i press the...
  29. driu11

    Question New pc crashes while gaming but not during stress tests

    I'm trying to solve an annoying problem, my pc keep crashing while gaming ( it never crashed while doing normal tasks, at least until now ... ) , the screen suddently become black and the pc restarts. I have a dual monitor setup and if both screens are connected to my GPU they stay black and the...
  30. V

    Question Upgrading for best Gaming for future

    Hey Forum, Please advise on best setup Current setup : Ram 8 gb DDR4 3ghz GPU - 1050ti Dual fan 4gb CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2Ghz ( 6 core) Motherboard A320M Pro (MSI ) Requirements -- Future Proofing -- Upgrading from current laggy setup & slow FPS games like valorant --Playing AAA...
  31. Garen D

    Question PC Monitor #1 Says no Signal, second one works fine but needs a hard reboot to get the first one to work. Why?

    So a PC I have is acting strange ever since I updated the BIOS(I cleared CMOS already to see if it was the problem) and ever since then my PC's main monitor always says no signal first time I boot up my PC. I've tried updating BIOS, updating both monitor / GPU drivers but It's only fixed if I...
  32. LibbiBibbi

    Question PC Crashing/Freezing seemingly only during multiplayer games

    SPECS: RTX 3070 Intel i7-9700K 32GB DDR4 3600mhz MSI z390-a pro Windows 11 issue: PC Freezes completely, nothing affects it. I tried BIOS mode called OC genie or something which caused the PC to reboot instead of freeze. I've been playing The Forest and Ghost Exile multiplayer with my friend...
  33. team3d

    Question Why my Gaming Pc Shuts Down itself and Starts Again After I Unplugged USB 2.0 Network Adapter?

    Hi Something Bad Happened to my PC and I am Starting to Panic. here is what happened to it 3 hours ago: I Press the power button, The Windows 11 came up and running, after that it froze. the mouse and keyboard went off and I could not open task manager or restart the system even with...
  34. MrBobby

    Question Pc was turning but after installing the gpu it won’t show life.

    I am building a computer and I went to test of all the fans turn on which they do. So afterwards I installed the gpu and then went to test if the gpu fans are working and nothing turned on, not even the cpu cooler or case fans. I tried re-plugging in cables and such, I even removed the gpu but...
  35. Flame1

    Question Fan recommendations for a Lian-Li O11 Dynamic XL case ?

    Hello! I'm currently using 7x Corsair LL120 fans with the Commander Pro in the O11 Dynamic XL case, but I have an issue where they often start to flash in random colours and Corsair won't replace them because they're out of warranty, so I've been looking at other options. I use a 280mm AIO...
  36. H

    Question New PC Wont wake up from sleep, and sometimes gets stuck at VGA light on boot.

    Hello, I just built a new PC in September and up until the start of November, it was running fine. Now all of a sudden, when I put it to sleep, and try to start it up again, all the lights come on, the fans start spinning , but the monitors never come on and it never actually wakes up. After a...
  37. S

    Question Windows is blurry and pixelated with a 7800 XT ?

    Hi I just completed the following build.. - CPU: Intel Core i5-12600K - CPU cooler: Deepcool LT720 85.85 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler - Mobo: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI - - RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL14 Memory (3 years from older PC)DDR4 - Storage: #1- Samsung 980 1 TB...
  38. Jaybird222

    Question Upgrading a STGAubron Gaming PC?

    I reposted with the correct format, I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your help!
  39. W

    Question My PC is having a mental breakdown.

    So my PC which I've only had for a couple of months now is acting up. Whenever I don't have RAM in the slots the pc is fine just no display. However when I DO have RAM in any of the slots the CPU fan will turn on and off periodically. I haven't tried replacing the RAM with new RAM yet but if it...
  40. G

    Question Cleaning Out PC

    Hello, So I was wondering how often you clean out pc. Is it every 6 months? and can I use Compu cleaner and just blow all the dust-out and finish? Thanks Gerjaffers