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    Question Low GPU usage (<10%) whilst playing GTA V among other games.

    I know there are many threads about this issue, however, none of them seem to match my case very well. PC Specs: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5-6400 (2.7GHz base clock, 3.3GHz turbo) Gigabyte H110M Bronze rated 500W PSU non-modular. Standard 1TB hard-drive. I've had my PC for two years now I...
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    Question Minecraft low GPU usage

    Hey guys, since a few days I have this really strange problem: Minecraft only uses about 5 - 30% of my GPU and I don´t know what causes it. I was possible to play without a shader at about 400 FPS or so but now I only get 40 FPS. I tried deinstalling and reinstalling my graphics driver. I...
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    Question FORTNITE gpu usage drops in more demanding scenarios

    When tested my pc in a private match, I realized that my fps was underwhelming at around 90 fps when looking straight into the city my gpu and cpu usage was at 55%, but when I looked into the ground (trying to get the least demanding scenario) my fps rose to 220 fps and gpu usage to 90% with the...
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    Question Low GPU CPU usage GTA V

    So i've been playing gta recently and in story mode i get from 90 to 120 FPS average on medium high settings, with 40-50% GPU usage and 40-70% CPU usage. On solo online sessions i get 40-80 FPS with 20-40% GPU usage and 40-50% CPU usage... On public full sessions I get 30-60 FPS average even...
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    Question Low Fps,GPU and CPU usage

    Hello I checked many threads on forum could not found a specific solution for problem Spec: Fx 8300 MSI gaming 720 MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X Seasonic 1000W Gold I have low gpu usage low cpu usage low fps in games I am currently playing WoW and my fps rates 30-50fps in world 5-20fps in raids. I...
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    Question 2070 low usage

    I have a 2070 and ryzen 5 2600 and the usage on fortnite is low. I cant break 144 fps on low settings on fortnite and the usage stays at 40-60%. I have dual channel 3200mhz 16gb ram. Anti aliasing also barely works on all games and it looks disgusting. Im considering 1440p. Would love some help
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    Question CPU/ GPU low usage and performance problem?

    Hi, i am new at this forum. I recently bought a 2080ti to my system. I will list my system specs down below. Well when i tested it i saw that i was having less performance than other people in games. Arround 20-25 % lower fps. I then started my research and after using msi afterburner osd i saw...
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    Question Very Low GPU Usage

    Ok. So this is my setup - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ I have an Asus Rog Strix GTX 1070ti paired with an AMD Ryzen 5 1600. In almost all games, my GPU usage is under 15%. In GTA V, I have my graphics at high and I cannot run it at a consistent 60fps. My GPU usage is normally 7% and CPU usage...
  9. Envelion

    Internet cutting out when computer comes out of sleep mode

    I've been having some annoying computer issues starting about a week ago. My set up is a a desktop Windows 7 PC, which is connected to the modem through the router. I've noticed that lately, if I put my computer to sleep, and then wake it up later, the internet cuts out. The only sure fire way...
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    CPU temps in 70c - 75c

    When i play open world games like gtav utt and when i play battle royale and wide open games i get cpu temps to 70c-75c after long gaming. Is this ok ? CPU cooler: stock intel CPU: I5 7500 kaby lake. Airflow kinda shit but getting a new case tomorow :)
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    graphics card bandwidth

    Hi i have a question about 64bit 128bit and 256bit gpu's. So i have a r7 260x wich is 128bit so i was wondering can i replace it with a for example gt 1030 wich is 64bit or maybe with a 256bit gpu. I dont understand those bandwidths.
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    What power cord to buy for my Corsair VS450 psu?

    I bought a VS450 only to find that the cord has US plug. I am from India. The plug says it has a 13 amp fuse. I want to buy a replacement cord but what should the ampere rating be on that?
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    Dell s2716dg doesn't work with only DP that came with the monitor.

    I just bought the Dell s2716dg and I'm having a connectivity problem with the display port cable that came with the monitor. The cable works fine if I plug it into any other 144hz capable monitor that I have, but not the s2716dg. Any ideas friends? p.s. HDMI does in fact work on the s2716dg...
  14. K

    Super glue on DC power jack?

    Hi all -- A section of the DC power jack in my laptop broke off. It's a very clean break along the black plastic & I'm wondering if i can use a tiny bit of super glue to re-affix (taking great care to ensure the glue is on plastic ONLY)? Would it melt, is fume a concern, etc.? If super glue is a...
  15. Nerdy Nerd

    Io shield installation.

    Ok I know this is suppose to be an easy part to install. My motherboard is a h170 and the shield that came with it has a sticker like thing on it except it is not a sticker but it is removable. Is it ok to remove it? Could the shield just be the bare metal with the holes cut out if course? Thanks.
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    I5-4590k vs i5-6600k

    Was wondering which cpu shld I go with: I5-6500 I5-6600 I5-6600k I5-4690k
  17. R

    computer build advice?

    I'm currently building my first computer and i wanted to run it past you guys first. The only part I already own is the gpu and psu and I don't really want to spend much more than what the parts already cost. Willing to get a new psu if it's really important. Mobo: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170MX...
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    Is a 320W PSU enough to run the Msi geforce N750TI-2GD5/OCV1??

    Note my PSU is manufactured by Delta Electronics and thx for the help
  19. D

    Looking for graphics card

    Hey guys I'm looking for an appropriate VGA around 160€ (or 173$) My computer right now: Mobo: ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 Processor: AMD Fx8320 RAM: 2x4GB 1600Mhz PSU: Chieftec 600W My current VGA is a Sapphire Radeon HD6750 1GB Right now the best choice is an MSI Radeon R7 370 2GB Gaming, I...
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    How I Solved "Display Driver has Recovered" & Blue Screens with GTX 670 and Windows 7 x64

    I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time, but I wanted to share another fix and sets of steps to take that might not be out there for this very frustrating and sometimes mysterious issue that has plagued me on and off this year and the last. If you don't know/understand what this...