Question GPU Usage Dropping for No Reason Suddenly Causing Huge Lag Spikes

Jul 13, 2022
Hi, so i built a new pc about a month ago and everything's been working perfectly fine up until yesterday. I've been playing rdr2.

So since yesterday i've been getting small but noticeable fps drops every minute or so but every time i get into a gun fight or the music starts playing more intensely, i get huge fps drops with the game sometimes just freezing for a second or two. This continues every time i shoot for the entire fight sequence.

I am also now getting this, every time i tab out of a game, my entire computer starts freezing and lagging, takes like 10 seconds to open a new chrome tab and cant type anything in windows search bar and just general freezing.

The only thing i did differently yesterday to every other day was open icue and change my system fans to extreme instead of quiet.

Thank you to anyone who has any fix for this. :)

I use i5 12600k
Rtx 3080 Suprim X
16gb 3600 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
Corsair RM850
two NVMEs and 1 Hdd

All temps are fine, cpu and memory usage is fine. I have no idea what it could be.
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