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  1. Mobassir94

    Question why power cut caused my ups to turn off my computer during gaming?

    I was playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla on my pc and with my new UPS which was connected in normal mode. Suddenly I faced load shedding/power cut during gameplay and I saw that my pc got turned off. Then when electricity came I again played the same game and with ups in normal mode, then during...
  2. S

    Question Which PSU to choose?

    So, soon I am going to change the PSU of my main PC (System Power 9 600W) and put it in the old PC. I want to get much more powerful PSU compared to this, as I need room for upgrading my parts. If someone finds this helpful here are my System Specs: MB: Asrock AB350M Pro4 CPU: Ryzen 5...
  3. TheBawss

    [SOLVED] PC turns off after half a second

    Hey y’all I’m really stumped here. I recently built my very first computer and it had problems with the last Asus board I had so I got a new one and all was working well for 4 days, until today it shut off on me while gaming. When I try to turn it back on it instantly shuts off. The mobo has...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Can I use a different power cord?

    I'm building a new PC, so I ordered a new PSU: "Adata XPG Core Reactor 850W". I noticed that the power cord that came with the PSU (the one that connects the back of the PSU to the wall) has a plug that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug as shown here...
  5. Mr4Derop

    Question Ryzen 7 1700x Having Kernel_Power 41 issues

    So recently (since february 14th), i've been receiving some temperature problems.(I've had kernel_power 41 crashes in total of 32.) My ryzen 7 1700x has been crashing at ~75C, which i think is really not good. All of that crashing was on 3.78ghz on 1.35V. I have raised the voltage to 1.4 and it...
  6. S

    Question GPU blinks when pressing power button but computer doesn’t start at all ?

    Yesterday I reset my pc like 7 times trying to turn on secure boot in bios to play valorant. After playing for a few hours in secure boot, I shut it down and went to bed. Now when I try pressing the power button the gpu blinks and then nothing happens at all. I’m so lost and what I should do bc...
  7. M

    Question PC restarts instead of waking up once a month

    TL;DR: Sometimes my PC restarts 2 times instead of waking up, at first there's no display output, then there is, then it restarts one more time. The time in Windows is wrong and there's nothing in event viewer. My PC also sometimes restarts by itself (Machine Check Exception; Cache Hierarchy...
  8. D

    Question Laptop turns off on its own randomly, not sure why. Turns back on normally after, but randomly turns off again after a few hours of use ?

    I have a laptop that I have been using for many years, and yesterday it suddenly just turns off on its own without warning. Today the same thing happened again. I've looked around and the causes suggested by the sites are overheating, malware, and failing battery. Based on Malwarebytes and Avast...
  9. S

    USB port with power-off charging - Will it keep powering on a non-chargeable device?

    There's this blue USB port on my laptop called "USB port with power-off charging" used to charge mobile devices even when the laptop is sleeping or off. I plan to use the port for a microphone because all the other ports on my laptop are used for my keyboard and mouse. I want to keep it...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] 6+2 concern

    slightly concerned about the odd mismatch my 6+2 pci cable has, the left one is fine, but the shoulder/clip thing to keep the 2 locked with the 6 on the right doesn't work, and the 2 pin is ever so slightly (few mm) further out of the 8 pin connector than the 6 are. Just worried that it may...
  11. L

    Question Will my current PC be able to handle a graphics card upgrade?

    I currently have a NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super and want to upgrade the card. I'm not sure which GPU to go with, but have it down to 3 options: 1.) MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus 2X 2.) EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC Gaming 3.) MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G I currently have: CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R)...
  12. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Good psu

    Hi, I m not following the psu market and news, I don t know nothing about elettronic and electronic engeneer. Which are good psu? I know seasonic do good psu and I also know there is a gigabyte psu and the lux from aerocool that are explosive. In general which brand are good and which I shuld...
  13. UltimateOssas

    [SOLVED] "No Signal" Monitor > PC fans still running > Need to reset PSU

    I just got a new PC since I thought my laptop was acting up. Before getting a PC, I was running my laptop without a battery. I can run everything fine in my laptop except gaming where after playing for a few minutes (longest was an hour and a half, shortest was about 5 minutes), laptop would...
  14. signum_

    Question Function in the BIOS that turns my PC on when it gets power?

    Wasn't 100% if I should ask this in Systems or here, sorry if I chose wrong. Anyways, I'm a freelance video editor, and while I am usually at home to work, there are occasions where I will be gone for a week or so to visit family or whatever, and up until recently, I would force myself to work...
  15. Dreaming Dragons

    Question End Power Cycle on Bootup?

    My PC worked perfectly fine like an hour from this happening. When I turned on the pc after accidentally fiddling with the power button I dont what I did but I appear to have booted it in a power cycle and cant seem to undo it The power cycle starts off with a higher frequency (it turns on...
  16. 1

    Question Polling rate spikes from 70 to 1600hz on 2 different pcs and 4 different mice.

    Recently i`ve got a new aorus z390+9900k and a new mouse (mz1), then i measured the polling rate and saw this. What is interesting is that i had EXACTLY the same issue on my old i7 3770 and multiple mice (viper mini, gpro (wired) and fk2). And i was thinking that i just had a faulty mobo or old...
  17. Question Sudden drop in power

    System: CPU: I5-12600K GPU: Inno3D RTX 3050 RAM: 32GB Kingston DDR5 Motherboard: Gigabyte z690ud ddr5 PSU: Corsair RMx 650 HDD: Seagate 2 TB 7200RPM SSD: Samsung 980 1TB My PC was working was it was my first build, it is not even a few weeks old, everything was working fine, I plugged in all my...
  18. Twenney

    Question PC just shuts down and when I turn it back on the BIOS is reset

    Hi all, Last few days my PC just suddenly shuts down momentarilly, RGBs on my rams keep lighting and when i turn the PC back on the bios i reset. What could it be?
  19. M

    Discussion Thoughts on increasing GPU power usage and global warming

    Hello everyone, this is something that's been on my mind ever since the launch of the 3090, and especially now with the 3090 Ti and the upcoming launches of RDNA3 and, in particular, Lovelace, I feel like it's something I want to discuss with the community. In last couple of years, governing...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Touched wrong end of usbc into usb socket, pc wont turn on.

    My dumb butt wasn't looking and the other end of the usbc plug touched the metal part of my usb port on my pc. It turned off instantly. I naturally tried unplugging and plugging back in. Didn't work; fans came on for less than a second and didnt spin and stopped. I tried taking out the mobo...
  21. KronosBlaster24

    Question USB port power problems on Asus Tuf 505DY ?

    I have been facing this annoying problem for a while now. The usb ports for my 2 year old laptop seem to be not supplying enough power to my devices. Pen drives work fine but when I connect my phone to the laptop it keeps connecting and disconnecting before giving up (It shows that its...
  22. P

    Question SSD Powering Issue | Sleep Mode bugged

    Hello! This is the first time I ask about anything on a forum, and you get why - I am totally stumped now with my issue. I try to figure out what is the problem. Here are all the details: My specs: MSI Z390 Edge Gaming Intel Core I9 9900 AORUS RTX 2070 CORSAIR 2×8GB Hard Drive 4 TB PHISON SSD...
  23. Bxzza

    Question PC Power On Issues

    Hello, I've had my build for around 10 months now (specs below), its had it problems here and there but nothing i havent gotten past. however recently it's been having issues powering on, sometimes it powers on completely fine, others the power button just does nothing (so far only seems to...
  24. Ponylena

    Question Will psu overheat?

    I have a Lenovo thinkcentre M58 type 6138 (tower version) and I have replaced the previous processor with a Q9550 and added a GT 730 Graphics card. I want to play games like counter strike global offensive but I'm afraid that it will blow up. The PSU is 280W. Thank you
  25. DrWorm97

    Question How to fix computer crashing

    Hi, so I'm working on my second computer and I keep getting Kernal Power Event ID 41 as well as Event ID 1000 dwm.exe. My PC components are listed below as well as their condition. I've also posted the PC part picker link if it is easier...
  26. AspectSaber

    Question HP pc fans spin for half a second, then computer turns off and fans stop spinning

    Ok so I have an HP computer that I had upgraded the power supply to a 430 watt about 2 years ago. I had paired it with a gt 1030 and I upgraded it to be safe since nvidia recommends atleast 300 watts. So it worked for 2 years with no problems. However now I removed the power supply as I am...
  27. jimjamran

    Question Bricked Motherboard - Any suggestions / troubleshooting tips?

    Hello I was recently sold a faulty motherboard - I managed to get my money back however the seller has gone quiet so I guess I can keep the faulty board? Anyway - I'd like to give fixing it a go, always keen to learn. Current setup for testing: HX1200 PSU *8-pin + 24-pin) B550 Aorus Elite Ax...
  28. speedgurken

    Question Motherboard has power but PC won't boot ?

    When I try to turn on my computer, the motherboard lights up (no status light, just an LED that indicates if power is connected). Pressing the power button or shorting the power pins, however, does nothing. No fans spinning, no disk starting up, nothing. This comes a day after I replaced my CPU...
  29. K

    Question Mobo only sometimes powers on

    Hey all, I've been running into an issue lately where my only sometimes wants to boot. And when it's in sleep mode it won't turn on at all. So when it's turned off, about 80% of the time it won't post. It''s off, leds in casing are on, I push the power button, fans turn on for a sec and nothing...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Can my system damage my graphics card?

    I've just got my hands on an RTX 3080Ti, however I've only got a 750W Corsair RM750x. Judging from the TDP of my CPU and new GPU, there isn't really a way for my system to go over 750W as far as I would know. If my system were to crash due to power limits, could this damage the card? Also, can...
  31. I

    Question Advice on connecting all peripherals via docking station ?

    Hi guys, I have a pre-built MSI Aegis Ti5 with the following main specs Intel® Core™ i9-10900K MSI GeForce® RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X 64gb DDR4 ram 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU I also have the all peripherals- 2x 75hz monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, Webcam. Currently i connect all my...
  32. C00kiie

    [SOLVED] SATA power cable, cant find connector

    Hi! Just received my Corsair H100i, but I cant figure out where to connect the SATA power cable... I have an SF750 PSU, and a AsRock X570 ITX mobo, in a Lian Li Q58 case. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  33. editor1

    [SOLVED] portable desktop build. power management questions

    Hi all I'm going to attempt to make a portable desktop similar to this; View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSJZ7MtKe1w&list=PLicpvseyvPPnv50o9u7ZreezOPoHJtteb&index=2&t=939s I also will be using battery bank and solar panels/mini wind turbine's. I'm hoping to run the rig 12-16 hr s a day...
  34. JayTee3

    Question Custom Built PC gets stuck on motherboard splash screen

    Not sure why this started happening, but it just gets stuck on this screen I’ve done sfc /scannow’s and DISM’s Updated the bios updated Windows Unplugged the power for a while (though didn’t take out the CMOS battery) Is this an issue that someone else has had and how did they fix it...
  35. M

    Question New PSU knocks out all lights?

    So today my new PSU arrived (be quiet! System Power 9 600W) and I spent some time replacing my old one, then once I finished and connected my power cable and turned the switch on, the entire houses lights in every room just went dark, managed to get them working again with some fiddling. the...
  36. Hawx14

    Question Laptop won't power up, no signs of life after going through airport security X-Ray ?

    I know it's very unlikely that x-ray device harm electronics. But I have a laptop lenovo z5070 , 7 years old it's still nice to use some basic purposes, I upgraded it with a SSD drive one year ago. 4 days ago I scanned my backpack through x-ray device at airport with 2 laptops in it. I little...
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Electrical question for more Wattage

    I didn't know where to post so im just posting it here for now. In my basement (michigan), I just realized there’s a side panel that’s connected to this one outlet. side panel 1 side panel I think it has 30 amp? Does that mean this single outlet has thick enough wire to handle constant 80% of...
  38. B

    Question Monitor Believes the Cable is Disconnected Immediately After Entering Sleep, Then Powers Off

    Issue: So I've recently installed a Quadro M2000 gpu in my system (4 display port outputs). However, the monitor now has a very annoying issue where once the monitor sleeps, the monitor immediately complains that there is no cable plugged in and powers off 10 seconds later (so you have to power...
  39. E

    Question My ongoing crashing issue

    Hey, thank you for reading my post and trying to help because I'm becoming more and more desperate, It's a semi-complicated issue but I'll try to make it as short and coherent as possible. I'm having an ongoing pc crashing problem for almost 10 months. Brief history of what I did and what...
  40. Evosphek

    Question CPU fans/Sys fans and lights are still on after shutdown

    Everytime i press the power button or manually shutdown in windows the fans and lights are still on. I've check bios and turned quick boot off aswell as windows power options but it never works.