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  1. Nuke7777

    Question Download in sleep mode?

    Is it possible to download in sleep mode? Few months ago I gone through my new MSI B450 max BIOS setting when I built my first rig. And Now I remembered googling some setting that I didn't know and getting this result "Task while sleeping such as downloading" somewhere. Back then I did not...
  2. A

    Question What's the meaning of the GPU wattage reported by AMD Radeon Software?

    Hello. Let's suppose that for a video card, AMD Radeon Software reports a GPU power of 120 W. Is this the total power consumption -- including the power consumed by the fans on the card, etc. -- or only the power consumed by the core? If it's not the total power, how much do they usually differ...
  3. N

    Question Motherboard gets power, No debug LED, PSU clicks

    I’m doing a new system upgrade, basically a whole new computer. The build went super smooth (and might I say it looks real good) but I’m hitting a few hiccups now that I’m in the first time booting phase. To preface, here is my new system: Ryzen 9 5900x Corsair H150i Capellix EVGA RTX 3080 FTW...
  4. Z

    [SOLVED] Did my laptop burn?

    I was just watching some youtube on my Latitude 3189, it randomly shut itself down like all power was unplugged. I had the charger connected and the battery was still like 70%. It smelled like it burnt. I have no idea if I can use it safely. Will it boot up like normal or will the battery or...
  5. Sherlocksh

    Question Strix Z490-A board restarts unexpectedly

    My PC restarts unexpectedly. How do I troubleshoot the problem? What are the steps I should take? Intel i5-11400F Asus ROG Strix Z490-A Gaming Corsair CV 650W Zotac AMP White RTX 3060 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Corsair DDR4 3600 2x8GB (CMW16X4M2C3600C18)(Micron)...
  6. StaciRexik

    Question Can't choose the right PSU

    Hellou guys, am planning buy new PSU but am not sure which one, can anybody help me ? I was wondering about these two -/ Gigabyte aorus P850W - https://www.gigabyte.com/Power-Supply/GP-AP850GM#kf Fractal Design ION Gold 850W -...
  7. C

    Question No POST after checklist

    So I've been working on my cousins computer for a while and I can't figure out what the issue is. I'll run through everything that was happening, and everything I've done so far. He said his computer one day just went into sleep mode and wouldn't wake up. It eventually got to the point where it...
  8. TheCheapGamer

    Question Need help troubleshooting.

    Hi there, About two months ago my cousin bought components for his 1st gaming pc and has started having some issues. Specs: GPU - MSI GTX 1660S CPU -R5 3600 RAM - generic 1x16GB 3200Mhz MOBO - Asus A320M-k PSU - Antec VP650 Plus I helped him assemble the pc and for two months it worked...
  9. M

    Question I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop becomes turns off. After turning on, that USB doesn't work except on mouse

    I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop turns off. After turning on, that USB is no loger working except only the mouse. I reinstalled the USB driver, disabled the suspended power setting in power setting option but nothing happens. What to do now?
  10. N

    Question .

  11. F

    Question Monitor turns off mouse and keyboard turn off but pc is still on.

    in the title is the problem. while gaming the monitor, keyboard and mouse turn off but the pc is still on. I have read around and people say that's its the psu but the thing is that my pc is brand new and I have built pcs before and this has never happened to me before. this has only happened 3...
  12. B

    Question After unplugging, PC does not power up for a long time. When it finally does, everything is fine until next unplug.

    Hello, when I unplug my PC from power (for moving or because of power shortages) it does not power up. After pressing the power button, MB LED is lit, sometimes fans move a little bit, but that is it. I have to switch off the power supply and press the power on button repeatedly many, many...
  13. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] Does two same processor having different base clock will produce different heat at same load????

    Dell Inspiron 3501 have processor 1135g7 with turbo 4.2Ghz and base clock 2.4Ghz Dell Inspiron 5502 have processor 1135g7 with turbo 4.2Ghz and base clock 1.4Ghz Will reduction in base clock (of laptop Dell inspiron 5502) will produce less heat if i assign same amount of work to both????????
  14. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] What is "Total System power" in hwinfo software??????

    What is Total system power in hwinfo software????? This is the image link Total System Power Is it combine power of display, ram, hdd, ssd, cpu etc??????????
  15. kingston97bg

    Question Enough power or not?

    HI, i already purchased Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2080 Ti version, but im scared to do exchange with my old 1070 Ti cuz im thinking the current psu is not enough for this beast. Should i upgrade with higher PSU or no. I'll use stock everything. No OC's. 𝘾𝙋𝙐: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K 𝙂𝙋𝙐: ROG Strix...
  16. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] Is there any difference in peak power consumption of same generation i3 and i5 having same tdp value???

    If for two different processor of same generation (ex 1115g4 @28watt tdp and 1135g7 @28watt tdp) have same tdp. Will the peak power consumption by both of these processor will be equal or different?????
  17. Question i5 10500H Current/EDP Limit Throttling and Power Limit Throttling

    Hello everybody, I have recently bought a laptop with i510500H cpu and GTX 1650 Ti. To test the machine and see the performance I installed XTU, Cinebench, AIDA64 and Timespy. One thing I noticed while I was running the stress tests and benchs is that Current/EDP Limit Throttling and Power...
  18. T

    Question PC boots up but not to Windows or BIOS, and occasionally crashes ?

    Hello, my girlfriends been having issues with booting up her pc. Sometimes it will boot to bios but very inconsistent. From what I know... The psu is providing power to stuff and leds and fans are all starting up on boot but the pc wont boot to bios or login. The Dram red light goes on then...
  19. P

    Question "No signal" on monitor, and PC won't turn off ?

    Since few weeks ago, my custom desktop started showing a "No Signal" on the monitor when booting, but I usually remove the HDMI cable on both sides and put it back after some forced shutdowns by holding the power button. This morning, the same thing happened again, but after quite a while, the...
  20. H

    Question PS4 slim turns off by itself after roughly 10 minutes

    Firstly, apologies if this isn't the right place to post this.. I've had my PS4 slim for a few years now and I've never had any issues with it. Yesterday my PS4 randomly turned itself off after loading a game and playing for a couple of minutes. I instantly tried turning it back on but...