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  1. D

    Question Multi gpu with 5700xt and 5700

    Hey! Is it possible to make a multi gpu configuration with rx 5700xt and rx 5700 normal. With a 650 watt power supply?
  2. Question RX 5700 stuttering whilst tweaked

    hi ive just bought an rx 5700 and noticed gameplay wasnt as smooth as my previous vega 56. After nearly 2 days of messing about i found if i leave everything as stock within Adrenalin drivers on the overclock section gameplay is very smooth even if you hit the auto overclock buttons...
  3. S

    Question Warzone stutter with huge FPS drop Ryzen 3900x & 5700 XT

    Ryzen 9 3900x MSI X570 ACE Gigabyte AORUS Radeon 5700 XT G.skill trident 32G 3600 Corsair rmx 850 watt Storage: Samsung 970 Evo + 500g m.2 nvme SSD 1 TB WMD blue SSD (Recently added Seagate firecuda SSHD 2tb Cooler Master ml240 cooler I built my computer a couple of months ago and Warzone has...
  4. A

    Question White horizontal line while booting

    Hello yesterday i built my new pc: MSI Tomahawk B450 MAX AMD Ryzen 5 3600 MSI Evoke GP rx5700 16GB DDR4 G.SKill 3200 RAM When I booted my pc i noticed white lines, on the first start it was multiple lines, then I updated my bios and drivers now I have always the white line while booting, like...
  5. ClassV

    Question Upgrading PC for around 900 CAD, looking for a second opinion/insight.

    Basically, before I buy anything just wanted to hear anything some other techies might think about what I'm doing here, because not may people around me can help too much. Currently running my system with an i5 6600k, Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4G, 16GB ram, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, along with 650W...
  6. R

    Question Radeon 5700 on 530w PSU

    I want to upgrade to a Sapphire Radeon 5700. But I currently have a 530W PSU (Thermaltake smart SE SPS 530 bronze certified) Now the TDP of the 5700 is 180W while the 5700XT is 225W while they both recommend a 600W PSU. Now other GPUs with a TDP of 180w such as 2060super/1070ti/1080 recommend...
  7. havoccau2020

    [SOLVED] Video Card Issues

    I am running the following rig: -AMD Ryzen 5 3600X with Wraith Cooler -ASRock B450M Pro 4 with latest P3.90 BIOS -Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model PVB416G320C6K running at default timings and 2133 MHz clock speed -XFX...
  8. srtcy42

    Question Rx 5700 dual bios question

    I just got an xfx 5700 dd ultra. I know it has dual bios, but out of the box are there two different profiles or are they duplicate just as a resource for flashing? I've looked at them both in gpu-z but i'm kind of a beginner so I didn't pick up on a difference. Cheers
  9. Shodoman

    Question Vega 56, GTX 1080 or 5700 XT

    Hello everyone, Need a bit of help with my next card. Want for gaming: Witcher, Dishonored, Assassin Creed, Warframe, Wolfenstein, Dota 2 Have to pick from these 3 options: * Asus Strix Vega 56 second hand 160$: +good price to performance +fits perfectly with my other components -worst...
  10. M

    Question RX 5700 XT XFX models

    I plan on building a new pc in around January and I've began scoping out which parts I could use. I'd originally settled on the RX 5700 (non XT) but in the UK the pricing for that card makes no sense. For around the price of a non reference 5700 you can get the XFX Raw II and the XFX Thicc II...
  11. Deidre The Humble

    Question AMD GPU not loading stuff fast enough.

    I'm new to owning AMD products, but my first PC build with the brand has given me many questions, mainly this one in general: At first I noticed it in a brand new game, and the thought the engine wasn't the best but I decided to give Skyrim a try later on and noticed it again. (Though it didn't...
  12. Deidre The Humble

    [SOLVED] Joining PC Master Race has been a horrible battle.

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet: After years of having bad prebuilt PCs with cards like the 1050ti and the 1060 3gb, I was finally able to get a new beefier card in a custom computer. Ever since 2 weeks ago I've been pulling my hair out, for every game I played isn't optimized with my new...
  13. R

    Quick Question About Amps, regarding PSU

    I recently bought ASUS Strix 970, it says (on the recommend system requirements) it needs 38A, Is this PSU enough? http://imgur.com/sxYrr47