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  1. O

    [SOLVED] consumer routers 802.11ac also support 802.11n?

    Do 802.11ac consumer routers in general also support 802.11n? Will 802.11ax consumer routers also support 802.11n? Thanks.
  2. N

    [SOLVED] 802.11ac 2.4 Ghz Compatibility

    Hi, I recently got a new laptop and now realise the wifi card is a 802.11ac card. My home wifi is a 2.4 Ghz (802.11g/n) network, and when I connect to it I get very slow speeds (around 10% of the speed on wireless other devices). I want to know before I go out and purchase and fit an ethernet...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] 802.11ac not working

    my adapter is RTL8812BU. I tried uninstalling it, i even uninstalled windows and it still doesnt work. when i switch to ac, it connects for 10 seconds, and then proceeds to disconnect. my router supports it, and i dont have problems on my other devices. when i use a/n i get a really unstable...
  4. S

    Question Adding WiFi to my Network

    Hi, I have got a MikroTik Radio router antenna on the roof for my internet P2P connection and it's also my router for home devices which are connected to it via an 8 port Gigabit TP-link switch. So i need something to connect it to my switch and broadcast AC Wifi for mobile phone and laptop...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] ryzen 3 2200g cpu high usage

    well , on opening on any game or even browser , cpu usage goes up like crazy , i usualy play path of exile , once i open the game usage goes 85% on normal cases its 2-7% with browser i have : b350m bazooka + ryzen 3 2200g + 8gbts 2400 kingstone + 2tb wd blue i just want to know if that normal...
  6. F

    AMD A10 PRO 8770E weird behavior under load

    I'm having a problem with a HP Elitedesk 705 G3 mini, that our company aquired about a year ago. While trying to troubleshoot an overheating problem (turns out it wasn't overheating), we stressed the computer using furmark combining its gpu stress and the cpu burner, and found out that while...
  7. A

    Problem with Evga GTX 1080, Black screen-Flickering

    Hi everyone, I have just build my PC about a week ago. Anyway, everything was Okay until I played "The Watcher 3". When I play The Watcher 3 about 2-3 mins of starting the game, my screen became black and my GPU fans were at 100% speed. I could hear the game sounds from my headset at that...
  8. A

    Amd 8320 isn't working like it's should

    Hey I have an 8 core processor but in bios is selected all cores but in task management is showing just 3 cores and 6 logical processors . Like 3 weeks ago I set the computer to active just 4 cores instead of 8 because I don't have a very good power supply and not when I set the bios to factory...
  9. A

    Is my build any good? Need expert to advice on this

    MOBO:- H170M-D3H CPU:- i5 6400 GPU:- RX480 HDD:- 1TB WD CASE:- S340 RAM:- 8GB HYPERX FURY DDR4 2133MHZ AEROCOOL 600W 80+ BRONZE
  10. L

    Mixing ram models and speeds

    Hello, I have 1 4gb corsair vengeance ram stick which is a 1600mhz stick and ATM I can not afford another one but I have a spare 4gb patriots 1333mhz ram stick laying around. My motherboard does support different ram speeds up to 2400mhz but my CPU only supports 1333mhz ram (Intel i5 2500k)...
  11. J

    Assassins creed 4 crashes on startup - RadeonPro

    To the AMD and RadeonPro experts out there... I am having problems using RadeonPro. I want to use it to activate dymanic Vsync for gaming (especially for AC4) because I heard that it can improve frame rates and smoothness (currently the game is stuttering alot with my r9 380x card). The problem...
  12. K

    Java installation does not start

    Hello, My computer is Windows 10 64-bit and i cannot install java. I have almost tried everything,i have downloaded all the latest versions of java offline and online and it still doesn't work i have tried installing older versions but still nothing happens. I click the java installer, I click...
  13. H

    how can i root my Motorola Driod M XT907?

    I try many softwares,i tried to root with computer,without PC. But is noy rooting. Plz give me answer
  14. Agera One

    Power saving mode

    Can I always use power saving mode? I always watch movies/ browse internet (connected through ethernet) in my laptop.
  15. tez1986

    Advice on new build

    Hi there I am building a new computer and was wondering if these components are all compatible, and would work to their potential. the parts I will be using are: Gigabyte Z97P-D3 motherboard Intel i5 4690 or 4690k processor G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-14900 1866MHz Dual Channel...
  16. D

    How much will my computer use in Watts

    Hello! How much watts will my computer use? Here are my specs: Motherboard: Z87-G41 CPU: i7 4700K 3.5 ghz w/ stock fan/heatsink Hard drive: Samsung EVO 120 gb DVD Drive: LG GH24NSBO Ram: 8gb Crucial Ballistic Sport GPU: MSI Twinfrozr 750 Thanks!