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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to put a motherboard in the box it came in without a anti static bag?

    Im selling my old FX 8350 System and im gonna sell it with the CPU and RAM in their sockets, but i cant find a anti static bag and they dont sell them here, i could order some from amazon or ebay but i need to sell it in 2 days and its gonna take a lot more time for them to arrive. I Just want...
  2. T

    Computer wont post

    Hey guys! Just bought all the parts so i could finally build my ow PC! Problem is, now i put everything together, but it wont post. The light in the motherboard and the watercooling are on, and the PWR led inside og the motherboard is also own. But nothing happens when i Press the start...
  3. Wayfall

    White mark inside new lens

    Hi I just bought a Canon 50mm 1.8 STM today from Curry's and I have just realised there is a tiny white smudge 'inside' my lens, it's not dust on the front or rear end. It's looks like it's between the glass elements. What is it and what do I do? Regards
  4. V

    PC Turns On, No BIOS or Monitor Display

    Hi, I recently got computer parts for Christmas and invited a few friends to start building the PC however we encountered a few problems: After installing all the components we hooked the computer up to a monitor and turned on the computer. The computer fans and lights aswell as the rgb on the...
  5. A

    2GB MSI NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card (GPU)

    I want to buy 2gb MSI NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card (GPU). my pc configuration is ""core i3 3.50ghz" "6gb ram"" motherbord "gigabite h81m-s2pv"" "500 watt power supply. with this configuration this gpu will work? please tell me sir????????
  6. A

    ssd as boot + 2hdd in raid 0

    i know it's has been questioned - ALOT- i have 1 ssd that i want to use as boot device for win 10 i have 2 1tb hdd that i want to RAID (0). i had all of them connected set SATA mode to RAID windows 10 error in setup "windows cannot be installed on that drive select other boot drive" (the 2 hdd...
  7. Black-Bird_04

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 Not Working

    Hello everyone, I don't know where to start but here we go. To start off, I have the M.S.I Z170A Gaming M7 MB with Windows 10 64bit. The problem I am having is this; my computer won't see they 7.1 but will do 5.1 BUT the sound with 5.1 and standard sound like [censored]. 5.1 sounds tinny and...
  8. A

    I have macbook..i can connect to wifi in mac but i cant connect to wifi in windows..the wireless adapter is not showing

    I have macbook..i can connect to wifi in mac but i cant connect to wifi in windows..the wireless adapter is not showing
  9. N

    is this a good brand gpu?

    is this a good model of the 980ti? this is the brand and model i got from my friend. by model i dont mean 980 ti i mean the version cause there are different 980ti's out there
  10. J

    using 6 pin connectors from the same wire for GPU

    Hi All, Putting together a computer for my son and the graphics card has two 6-pin power connections. The PSU has 2 6-pin connections but they're running off the same line from the power supply. Will it work if I plug them both in or do I need to look for another power supply? PSU: xfx pro...
  11. M

    define r5 cooling

    Will the two included case fans in the r5 plus the noctua nh d14 be able to cool a 970(overclocked) and a 4690k(overclocked).
  12. T

    New PC - Severe Problems (GTX 970)

    Hello all, Recently I noticed a problem to do with my GTX 970 G1 Gaming from Gigabyte. The card seems to only use 169mb of VRAM in all circumstances (benchmarking, gaming etc). As well, over the past few months (since early January; I purchased and built my PC in early December 2014) I have...
  13. J

    Audio crackling popping on PC

    Hello, the crackle and pop is constant, it almost sounds like interference. I get it through my speakers, headphones, and my wireless headphones through the optical cable so it makes me think it is my PC that is causing it. I tried switching the power strip everything is plugged into, and that...
  14. T

    Can my set up run this GPU?

    So I'm planning on upgrading from my GTX 560 to this: The only question I have is, can I run it? Power...