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  1. Mer08

    Question Computer not starting after saving any change to BIOS settings.

    Hello. I have a QDI Kudoz 7x/400a mobo and the CMOS seems to have some issues. Whenever I change any settings (I want to change boot order) and press F10 to save, the computer resets and after the boot logo only a flashing cursor at the top left corner shows up instead of the normal Detecting...
  2. C

    VTX3D Radeon HD7870 (driver?) crashing

    At seemingly random points, and this is all the detail i have; The AMD graphics driver crashes, And leaves my 1st monitor (running from HDMI in the graphics card) Running at a different resolution, and with a purple tint across it. This also causes sound to completely stop from that screen...
  3. E

    New Pc, No display

    Built first pc and here are the problems I have: No display on monitor Powers itself off after a minute or so of being on, then powers itself back on within 5 seconds or so And when I turn it on that fans start loudish then quiet down after 5 sec of being turned on but I don't know if they're...