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  1. G

    Question can't connect 5V RGB fan to motherboard please help

    Hi the pc case i am using is a gamdias Talos E1 Tempered Window with 2 RGB Fan Micro-ATX i am trying to put 2 x 120mm fan on the top of case and another 120mm fan on the rear and having another 2 pre-installed on the front, i think the fans on the front are a different version to the ones i...
  2. Rafatvj_bd

    Question ASRock b450m pro4 vs msi b450m bazooka plus vs ASRock b450m steel legend

    Please help .. ASRock b450m pro4 vs msi b450m bazooka plus vs ASRock b450m steel legend . Which one I should buy for ryzen 3400g .. my budget for Mobo 100$ . advance thanks
  3. A

    [SOLVED] B450M Bazooka V2 vs Mortar

    I can't decide, here where I live the difference in price is like 3$, what are the differences and which one should I buy?
  4. kenzy9

    [SOLVED] ASRock B450/m Pro4 vs Steel Legend variations

    Hi, B450 Pro4 or Steel Legend, B450M Pro4 vs B450M Steel Legend. And why? Which variants are better? To pair with either Ryzen 2600/3600+ for OC close to X versions Thanx!
  5. D

    Question Is my motherboard broken?

    I don't know if I'm at the right forum but I'm building my first PC. My Motherboard is the MSI B450M PRO-VDH. I've put in the CPU (Ryzen 5 2600) and its stock cooler, my graphics card and my DDR4 RAM. Then I've connected the powersupply with the motherboard and checked beforehand if the...
  6. H

    Question R7 1700 overclock failure

    Hello, I tryed to OC my ryzen 1700 and it's always failed. For the starting I have msi b450m plus. I was watching a lot of videos readed posts and comments but still I can't fix my issue with OC. Wanted to OC to 3.8 at the first just tryed with with cpu ratio and core voltage. Core voltage was...

    Question TUF B450M Motherboard gets stuck on BIOS screen

    Almost every time I restart my PC it gets stuck on the BIOS screen, it's fixable by turning it off and on again but it will happen the next time. I want to figure out either how to permanently stop it or figure out what causes it.
  8. J

    Question CPU Fan speed does not adjust with the fan curve

    Hi, I'm using a R5 2600 on a Asrock B450m Pro4 M/B. I have installed ASrock's software : A-tuning in wanting to control the CPU Fan Speed. However, it seems that the fan speed only correlates to the first point on the left of the fan curve. For example, if my first point is at 40 Deg C @ 40%...