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  1. A

    Question I Can't boot Windows 10. Motherboard or SSD problem? Help, Please!!!

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a new PC, and since day one I had a problem. Sometimes I can't boot windows 10. I have a Gigabyte b450m ds3h and a m.2 nvme SSD(xpg sx8100np - 512Gb) and sporadically happen one of this things: Sometimes sees the same bootloader twice (in BIOS when you are...
  2. Fedewastaken

    Question New PC freezzes or shows BSOD every time

    Hi, so I bought a new daily basis PC to work with. And work well until like 2 weeks of building it, I start getting beautiful Windows BSOD. I don't know if there is a Windows update causing this, or my PC is causing the trouble. All start when I needed to render a big scene in VRay -Sketchup-...
  3. R

    Build Advice POST Problems - Starting & Stopping

    Good evening. So I just finished building a new PC, just for ordinary everyday use, no gaming GPU or anything. Specs are as follows: ASRock B450M Pro4 Ryzen 5 2600 G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3200 (8GB, 2x) Deepcool Gammax 400V2 Red Corsair CX450M Fractal Design Core 1100 case 2 Case Fans (1 intake...
  4. tatsuyapuck

    Question Can Tuf B450m Plus gaming With Ryzen 5 3600 run a 3600mhz CL17 288?

    Can Tuf B450m Plus gaming With Ryzen 5 3600 run a 3600mhz CL17 288?
  5. Cyber_Cow

    Question Ryzen 2700 Vcore, edc tdc, ept not appearing

    Hi I'm trying to do a modest overclock of my CPU. Yes I am using the Stock Wraith Cooler but it barely reaches 70C under load so I figure I should have some thermal headroom for a modest 200-300MHz overclock, especially because my CPU refuses to boost under load. At default my Bios reports a...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Front panel connector pin short?

    Hi there. I’m a first time builder and I started building yesterday when I ran into the old “PC won’t turn on” deal. After unplugging everything I had noticed that the one of the pins for the front panel connector pins was shorter than the others. It looks to be the pin that’s connected to the...
  7. Question motherboard causing issues?

    my Mobo is an EX-Asus A320M Gaming, when i first bought it i didn't say in the store which board it was i thought it was an Asus with the chipset B450M. For a couple of months 0 issues now from march till now it gave me multiple issues. Like for example multiple BSOD that are different from each...
  8. DrBeanDog

    [SOLVED] Cant find voltage settings in bios.

    I'm trying to overclock my R7 2700x. I can adjust the clock speed multiplier but I cannot find the voltage settings. The only settings under advanced voltage settings are as follows; Dynamic Vcore(DVID), Dynamic VCORE SOC (DVID), and DRAM Voltage...
  9. Nx2

    Question Fresh build no post

    Hello guys, so I just finished up building my first pc ever and I'm not the best with it and I boot it up and the fans and RGB are on and running smoothly but no display is showing ... and the weird thing is that I tried to plug 2 different KB one with RGB backlight and one without .. the one...
  10. G

    Question Asus b450 gamingAsus Prime B450M Gaming + Ryzen 5 3600 wont turn on

    I bought these parts and they were running just fine, then suddenly it stopped booting. The led lights from the motherboard turns on normally when the PSU is fed but the system wont start at all. No fans spinning, no beeps, no nothing. CPU is cold as ice. I tested every single component of it in...
  11. M

    Question B450m steel legend P2.90 bios with ryzen 2600???

    If I update my bios from 2.50 to 2.90 there will be a problem knowing that I have a ryzen 2600? Or maybe I will have a better temperature? But on the site it is written asrock do not recommend updating the bios if a pinnacle ridge processor is used.
  12. D

    Question How to use integrated graphics along with discrete GPU?

    Good day! My components that may matter to this question are the following: Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Max CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G GPU: Nvidia GT240 (I know T_T) OS: Windows 10 Monitor: AOC without HDMI port (I know T_T) Given that my monitor does not have HDMI, I am forced to continue using...
  13. Mister_Meeseeks

    Question Very weird issues with new CPU

    Okay so here are the basic specs on the system (that matter)when it was working flawlessly: AsRock B450M Steel Legend Motherboard Ryzen 7 2700x (Pinnacle Ridge - this is important to note) Corsair Dominator RAM (compatible with the motherboard, I checked QVL list before purchasing) I just...
  14. havoccau2020

    Question Can anyone tell me what makes this chirp/hiccup?

    My PC makes this sound randomly while running. The sound can be heard near the middle and end of the recording. It happened twice while recording. Doesn't start until after windows boots so I assume it isn't a BIOS or POST beep. PC Chirp
  15. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Is my motherboard safe?

    No, it's not being held for ransom. Firstly I'm a pc building noob! Secondly I was checking my new mobo out to see it because I'm a moron as reasoned earlier. I'm waiting on parts because I can use it and I wanted to make sure everything with the thing looked fine because my posty isnt a ship...
  16. F

    Question TMPIN 6 & 8 hot!

    is this normal I've been having my system freeze or lock so basically pc would run then stop running looking like my screen would just freeze audio slowly faded out. then when I hard reset my pc I would hear 5 beeps and no image so I reseated my ram looks like that worked for now at least so...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Compatibility check - assistance request

    Hi I'm putting together my 1st PC. Despite seeing some lights, I can't get a video/screen response. Any tips welcome. screen recognises HDMI source - but no signal received motherboard has power as cpu fan starts up I tried booting with just 1 of the ram sticks installed - no difference Do I...
  18. Jeff_120

    Question AM4 RAID Driver installation for MSI B450M?

    Hello I have found a AM4 RAID Driver in the driver download page of my MSI B450M but I have no clue how to install/update in Device Manager, I mean which device to pick in the list to apply the driver with? I think this driver needs to be updated so the random BSOD stop (they started with the...
  19. T

    Question B450m steel legend ram not going higher then 2133 mhz

    So I bought ram ddr4 3200mhz and upon installing my pc (mobo b450m steel legend) the ram mhz doesnt want to go higher then 2133 I tried putting on the xmp profile but it didn't increase it at all I don't want to do anything dangerous so help?
  20. BigSideez1993

    Question Offset Overclocking Advice.

    New here so be gentle people! So basically bought a Gigabyte B450m DSH3 and a ryzen 5 2600 to pair with my rx580. Personally, thought that these components would pair well. I am well aware the motherboard really is just an entry level piece of kit but would like to push the CPU a little bit...