Question I Can't boot Windows 10. Motherboard or SSD problem? Help, Please!!!

Jul 16, 2020
Hey everyone, I recently bought a new PC, and since day one I had a problem. Sometimes I can't boot windows 10.

I have a Gigabyte b450m ds3h and a m.2 nvme SSD(xpg sx8100np - 512Gb) and sporadically happen one of this things:

  • Sometimes sees the same bootloader twice (in BIOS when you are choosing boot priority you are presented with the same boot manager listed twice);
  • Sometimes does not detect windows boot manager, just the SSD;
  • Sometimes does not detect the SSD;
I updated the BIOS and the SSD, reinstalled Windows 3 times!

I don't know if there is some problem with Gigabyte boards, SSD and Windows Boot Manager compatibility. Has anyone ever experienced this issue? Could the motherboard be faulty? Are there certain BIOS settings I need to adjust?