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    Question Very hard Freezes in fortnite

    I got my pc since one week and when I play fortnite my game freezes to below 10 fps and when I look at task manager I see that my ssd usage spikes to 100 and GPU and CPU usage drops but I don't think my GPU or CPU are the problem I think it's because my ssd temp is 60C when I play and...
  2. tmdbedaux

    Question Questions when upgrading my system

    Hello, so I'm hoping to get a new motherboard and SSD soon, so I just have a few questions. So, once I put my new motherboard in and set everything up, is there anything I should do in BIOS or just my computer settings, or anything else I should know about? I'm getting an SSD for more storage...
  3. S

    Question PC Boots up always on second load

    Hi guys, i built my PC about 2 years ago and it was OK since couple of months ago. The problem is every time i turn it on ROG logo Shows for couple of seconds and restarts itself and then ROG logo again and it boots up windows 7. I have tried to set BiOS to boot up with difrrent devices and even...
  4. A

    Question Windows 10 Black screen after windows LOGO

    I JUST gotten an Kingston A400 SSD 240gb Yesterday and installed my Windows on it and everything was smooth and PC is starting in 5 seconds But Today i'm surprised that when i turn on PC after the windows logo i get a (black screen for like 4 seconds) it happens before windows logon after...
  5. J

    Question Is it possible to set up raid 0 with M.2 SSD and SATA SSD

    Main Question I'm building a new rig for game development, music production, and some rendering here and there so I want to have really good storage performance. I have a 1TB SATA SSD on my current rig. I want to transfer that SATA SSD over to the new rig and buy a 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD to set up a...
  6. A

    Question SSD not in FULL SPEED

    I just got a KINGSTON A400 240GB SSD Yesterday and installed windows on it , but im surprised that im not getting the full speed , only half speed wich is 235mb/s reading and 220mb/s writing , It's Supposed to be 450mb/s - 500mb/s as mentioned from the company - SPACE USED OF THE SSD : 31Gb out...
  7. Question Does Acer Aspire E5-576G-51ET support kingston A400 M.2 2280 240 GB?

    I've already bought a new M.2 SSD Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid State Drive M.2 2280 240GB Hard Disk SSD For laptop and I...
  8. [SOLVED] SSD health drops at 24days only?

    I bought this SSD last month and its damn brandnew when i bought it. when i tried to see its health using hdd sentinel it got lowered :( would it even last a year or 2? 240gb was not cheap at all :( it is my first time using and SSD and I already experienced a bad one. Is it possible...
  9. M

    Question SSD not beeing recognized by my dell 980

    I bought a used dell optiplex 980 for dirt cheap. I installed 4 gb of memory and a 1050ti and it worked out great, but my problem is with the ssd. I have a 120GB KINGSTON SSD and the system doesnt boot from the ssd. I first tried to install windows directly from the dell, but as soon as i...
  10. Zdos123

    Question Issue with APC_INDEX_MISMATCH, preventing me from installing Windows 10!!!

    Hello, Recently about two weeks ago and upgraded my computer from a Kingston a400 ssd to a Corsair NVME mP300 it has been fine up until today when Windows crashed and showed APC_INDEX_MISMATCH i tried some stuff, recovered my files but when i tried to do a fresh reinstall, whenever i try to...
  11. awkwerdz

    Question Removing Windows 10 Pro OS from a secondary SSD (for storage)

    Greetings to all! Context: My previous PC had an FX-6300 and a mechanical WD Blue 500GB 7,200 RPM HD. I've built a new computer on the Ryzen platform: 2600 @ 4Ghz on 1.337v, with entirely different hardware, including a Crucial MX500 2.5" SSD. Using the "Acronis software" provided with the...
  12. Y

    Question My SSD Causes My PC to Freeze

    Ever since I got an SSD to replace my HDD (for my main drive with windows 10; I have a secondary HDD) My PC often freezes for 5-10Seconds while my SSD's Disk Usage goes to 100%, I have scanned for viruses with several AV's because I was convinced that was the culprit but I have found none I then...
  13. U

    [SOLVED] 860 Evo not as fast as it should be

    I just got my new 1tb 860 evo and I ran crystaldiskmark and it seems like the drive should have higher read and write then what I'm getting. I have downloaded Samsung magician and downloaded the firmware for the drive and optimized it. Can someone tell me why this is?
  14. editor1

    [SOLVED] Do I need to leave space on drive's ?

    Hi What space do I need to leave free on system drive?, NAS drives and dynamic compiled hdd that make one drive ? SSD and HDD. I have; 465 GB SSD that has windows 10 on it. 1.8 TB HDD and 3 232 GB HDD as dynamic drive (D:) on my tower/windows 10. (some are 8 years old) 2.7 TB HDD and 232 GB...
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    Question Crucial P1 500GB NVMe

    Is the crucial P1 a good NVMe? I know it’s not got as fast read and write speeds but it’s currently £61.19 for 500GB and wondering wether I should get the P1 or spend more on a better one? Won’t be using it for gaming. Just AutoCAD and photos.
  16. felixdoktor

    Question Ssd wont bootbut works

    So, I woke up today to start my computer into a 9c boot problem, got rid of it and tried to boot only to find out that the error was caused by my ssd failing to boot and the MB trying other boot options. Unpluged the ssd pluged it into another pc. Still wont boot, but when i boot the other pc to...
  17. U

    Question System will no longer boot, SSD/HDD keep disappearing in BIOS

    So for the past 2 hours I've been trying to figure out why on boot up I keep get prompted that my drive needs backing up and and could be failing? After poking around the BIOS and disabling my HDD and rebooting, windows begins to load from my SSD as normal. Now I shut the PC down and in my BIOS...
  18. filthyPierre

    Question Can I revive an SSD that has been sitting for six months?

    Hi, Six months or so ago I built a new PC, only reusing a few parts from the old one. The new mobo takes NVMe sticks, so I used one as the boot drive. I kept my old PC's boot drive, a Samsung Pro SSD but it has been sitting there for 6 months in a USB-3 case, but without being powered on in...
  19. Question GPT SSD Win 10 will not install- new hard drive

    GPT SSD Win 10 will not install- new hard drive Help? I am trying to install windows 10 on a brand new hard drive: WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5"/7mm - WDS100T2B0A by Western Digital Every time I try it fails right at the copy window it fails to say something about media or...
  20. S

    Question Game location on SSD or HDD

    Hi as title, for loading the games in character screen like R6S, ghost recon wildland, league of legends and so on, should I locate my game files on SSD for loading faster or it just depends on the process of operation system so I should just install windows on SSD?