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    Question Need help for retrieving old internal SSD data

    Hey everyone, I recently encountered an issue with my old laptop, which seems to have a problem with either the graphics card or the motherboard. In order to retrieve my data, I removed the ADATA XNS381E-128GM-B SSD that contained all my files, including Windows 10. Now, I'm attempting to...
  2. Skyrosa

    Question Internal SSD disk around 70 degree C at all times

    My SSD shows around 70 degree C temperature on CrystalDiskInfo, Could it be a cause of FPS drops in games? And How do i prevent it? Do i need to put thermal pad or additional fan? Or should i keep my case open? (I have at least 5-6 fans in my case, and fan outside in the room.) On the picture it...
  3. Y

    Question How to retrieve data from internal SSD (ADATA AXNS381E-128GM-B)?

    Hey everyone, I recently encountered an issue with my old laptop, which seems to have a problem with either the graphics card or the motherboard. In order to retrieve my data, I removed the ADATA XNS381E-128GM-B SSD that contained all my files, including Windows. Now, I'm attempting to...
  4. spaceguy15

    Question New PC has broken my spirit. Bad MOBO?

    Built a new pc few days ago, here is the build: i7-13700k Asus ROG Strix B760-I Gaming Mini ATX Mobo EVGA 3080 GPU 2TB Samsung 990 Pro m.2 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM Case: Cooler Master NRP200MAX (Built in AIO/PSU) Let me start by saying I've had a hell of time with this build mainly...
  5. ELEPEpth

    Question My M.2 SSD Stop working after putting a GPU

    (First I would like to apologize for my bad English and this is also my 2nd month doing and learning about pc stuffs) So I have this 5600g pc that I decided to finally add a cheap GPU that I can afford, its an rx580 2048sp. The problem is whenever I plug it, my SSD does'nt turn on. I say that...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] 990Pro No Longer Appearing BIOS

    I have a 960Pro 512GB that I cloned to the 990Pro 1TB. I am running on an ASRock Z370 Extreme4. My 990Pro was undetected the first three times I loaded my pc. My ASRock has 2 M.2 slots that work simultaneously and I have no other drives installed. Fourth time I tried reseating the 990Pro, it...
  7. A

    Question [SSD] AGAMMIXS41-1T-C vs AGAMMIXS11P-1TT-C

    Hello everyone, recently I've been having problems with a company over the warranty of a SSD I bought. I'll try to summarize as best as possible, but I apologize in advance for the long post, also sorry for any possible english mistakes since it is not my mother language. I bought...
  8. Hardstyles

    Question Samsung 980 / BSOD

    Hey, ever since I purchased a new Samsung 980 PRO 2TB M.2 SSD I've been dealing with blue screens of death when running a program from that drive. It doesn't happen every time, but when I download a program/exe or whatever, I sometimes put it on the 980 pro. Sometimes it works & i can run them...
  9. J

    Question Gen 5 NVME Motherboards

    I'm looking at Tom's top motherboards, but unfortunately not all of them have a gen 5.0 NVME slot and the other features that contribute to high end gaming performance. I am am neutral between getting a i7-13700K and 7700X CPU, although AMD seems to be more cost-performance effective as well...
  10. tahmeedbd

    Question PM9A1 (980 Pro OEM) SSD is suddenly not showing up in BIOS after using it ?

    > I got a PM9A1 2TB Drive from Samsung (It is the OEM version of a 980 Pro) > I cloned my OS from my old 870 QVO 1TB with a random software > Drive worked absolutely fine for a couple days > Started showing BSODs frequently so I decided to clean install Windows. > Windows installed part way then...
  11. G

    Question Did I accidentally corrupt my SSD?

    So this all started when my Google Chrome stopped responding, then my entire Windows stopped responding too. I gave it about 5 minutes, but nothing was happening so I decided to shut off my computer. When I booted it back up, it went straight to BIOS, which is then where I saw that the BIOS...
  12. P

    Question Will a cloned M.2 SSD transfer into a new laptop?

    I'm going to transfer everything from my SanDisk SATA SSD into a Sabrent Rocket and before I do so, is it possible to move the cloned Sabrent from my current computer into a laptop with an M.2 slot and can I move this same Sabrent from that laptop into the old computer or an entirely different...
  13. T

    Question Replacing an HDD with an SSD: How should I make the connection?

    I am currently in the process of replacing an HDD with an SSD. Below, you can see how the HDD was originally connected. When I removed the HDD, I noticed that the cables are different from the ones provided with the SSD mounting set. Here, you can see that the HDD has a connector with five...
  14. Rarrur37

    Question Problems with ssd

    When I try to install application to my ssd it becomes super slow and my whole computer basically freezes. The disk then shows 100% usage all the time and it wont go away without restarting computer. I tried to do a disk scan and it said it had something wrong with it but when when it repaired...
  15. B

    Question corrupted M.2 ssd sandisk not formattable

    Hi, i have an issue, the ssd drive sandiskZ400s M.2 128 GB was on a laptop and it stops to work. So I bought an external M2. flash drive and I'm tryng to check or making a diagnostic of the drive from windows. I'm not able to format the unit fort the partition tool of windows. I tried chkdsk E...
  16. U

    Question SSD 100% active state on iTunes ?

    Hello, I have motherboard Asus X79-DELUXE, SSD Samsung EVO 870 EVO 2TB, and Windows 10. The problem is that I am having this issue since the very beignning. On my previous SSD it was working fine. In this new one, it is not. I installed the system about half year ago or more. The computer all...
  17. ah_09

    Question Need help finding the best value SSD for my computer that's compatible with my motherboard

    Hey guys, I wanted to upgrade my existing 1tb hard drive to an SSD (500gb to 1tb preferably), but I wasn't sure which one is the best that would be fully compatible with my motherboard/setup. Here is my current PC specs: Intel i5 7500 ASUS H110M-E/M.2 microATX motherboard ASUS STRIX GTX 960...
  18. J

    Question SSD keeps data even if formatting

    Hello, I have a Weijinto 1TB SSD that have a very strange problem. Everytime I try to format it or try to delete the archives/partitions inside, the data gets back to an old state. Is installed with Windows 10, and since 2021 it's freeze in a state, like a ROM memory. But I can access the SSD...
  19. S

    Question Sudden BSOD after hours of use and SSD disappears in the BIOS

    My PC for days now crashes after 8+ hours of use with a BSOD and on reboot the SSD is missing in the BIOS. After restarting a few times, the SSD appears and the PC works just as intended until the next crash. This is a brand new SSD that replaced my previous one( Samsung 860 EVO 500GB ) that had...
  20. bitsibx

    Question not detected ssd on ( m2p_cpu ) slot

    hi guys I want to add a ssd ( ADATA pcie gen3 x4 m.2 2280) to nvme slot with name ((( m2p_cpu ))) but it dose not detected this is my system info intel core i9 10gen z490 gaming x MB ssd msi spatium m371 on (m2m_sb) slot ssd msi spatium m460 on (m2a_sb) slot so what should i do ?
  21. U

    Question SSD Not Fitting Into Laptop Slot

    Hello, I'm attempting to fit a Kingston NV2 1TB SSD 2280 (NVME) into my Dell G15 gaming laptop. The issue is that it just doesn't seem to fit. I don't have a mount screw, I'll have to order one off Amazon...
  22. M

    Question Is my SSD dying?

    Hi all! I have a crucial mx300 from my previous build that has some worrying looking S.M.A.R.T data but it's possible I might be reading it wrong. Could someone more knowledgeable please help me interpret this and let me know if I should replace it soon?
  23. S

    Question Installing new NVME M.2 gives genie error

    Hello. I have the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WI-FI motherboard. Today I bought a WD BLACK SN850x ssd for extra storage and installed it into my motherboard. My previous set up was that my boot Intel SSD was installed into the m2_2 slot and I had a hard drive in the SATA 2 slot. When I installed...
  24. airwickk

    Question Could I swap out the boot drive from one computer with another’s?

    To make a long story short, I have two desktops in my home, and one of them currently doesn’t work. Both PCs only use a single M.2 SSD, therefore both have Windows 11 installed onto them, and both are the boot drives for their respective desktops. Each system also has an Intel processor, so...
  25. bit_user

    Discussion Datacenter SSDs for Home Lab

    With SSD prices near bottoming-out, I got the idea that it's probably a good time to replace some of the older SSDs in various machines I use. I'll be first to admit that none of these is subject to particularly intensive use, but I always like to "over-build" my machines, particularly when it...
  26. M

    Question Best & Fastest 4TB SSD that's compatible with DDR5 RAM and motherboard?

    Perhaps it needs to be M.2 NVMe to be the fastest one? Fastest 4TB M.2 NVMe SSD compatible with DDR5 RAM and motherboard "Kingston FURY Renegade 4TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD" Is this the fastest and best one right now?
  27. T

    Question WD Black SN770 vs WD SN850X

    Hi all, Deciding between two NVME SSD's. Could use some advice if the SN770 is good enough for the purpose of my upcoming new PC. Parts list here (in progress) I will mainly be gaming...
  28. I

    Question Defrag and Register Cleaner on a SSD?

    I have been told my others more knowledgeable than myself, that I should never use a Utility (ccleaner for example) on my Windows 10 PC, to defrag and/or clean the registry on my SSD PC. What says all of you?
  29. S

    Question Transferring SSDs/HDDs from old pc to new?

    Hey So I think I know the answer, but everywhere I try to make sure the responders go off in the same direction, which is irrelevant for my situation. My questions are: 1: can I use my old SSDs, HDDs without dataloss in a new PC? 2: can I use any programs installed on these? (VS Code and alike)...
  30. A

    Question Data and power cable burned in SSD

    Hi all! I hope you can help me I recently purchased a new Kingston A400 960 GB SSD. When I connected it to my computer, I used a power cable that I didn't realize it was a Type 3 cable from a Corsair power supply (CSM650, I have a NZXT Hale). So when I turned it on, it started to burn (I saw...
  31. _dawn_chorus_

    Question AV scans 4 files on formatted SSD?

    I just formatted an ssd and then scanned it with Bitdefender which says it scanned 4 files. Why are there 4 files on an empty drive and why can I not see them? Is this normal?
  32. Ayaz31

    Question Ethernet stops working after I put my SSD to PCI slot

    I just bought this SSD (Gigabyte Aorus 1TB RGB aıc NVMe) to my rig cuz I didn't have another M.2 slot Right now whenever I plug this in to the second PCI Slot, Ethernet gets disabled and random freezes, stutter appear. I can see that Ethernet device is recognized in Bios but it just doesn't or...
  33. C

    Question Is this bad? - SK Hynix PC300 256Gb SSD

    Hello tom's Hardware forums, I recently bought a used SSD for my PC. Its a SK Hynix PC300 NVMe 256GB Everything was fine at first with the SSD at first. CDI showed health at 99% and read and write speeds were normal. however my pc started to randomly freeze and reboot and when I downloaded...
  34. scampertt

    Question Sata SSD disconnecting during use.

    Hi, I have recently bought a (second as I had the same problem with the first one as well) new Crucial MX500 2tb SSD and have installed it. However after about 20mins to 1 hour it will disconnect itself from my system and disappear from the file explorer. Everything works for up to an hour...
  35. N

    Question Question regarding an SSD's cache size, and how long can it sustain write speeds?

    Hi, I have seen tech reviews where they say that NVMe SSDs have a cache which allows max write speeds until the cache fills up, and then the write speed gets reduced to the SSD's native speed. My question is- suppose I am writing huge data to the SSD that is more than its cache size, but I am...
  36. talhaskrillx

    Question Will Gigabyte Arorus 5000 series work with PS5?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm if this will work with ps5. Image : View: I would really appreciate it if someone with the same SSD could share the experience. Thanks
  37. S

    Question Moving/cloning drive to another on dual bootable PC help needed!

    Hello guys, I am currently using an m.2 nvme ssd and recently bought a sata ssd. I have a second Windows 11 license so I will use it to make my PC dual bootable. (Nvme for games and sata for school etc.) I want to move everything from my NVME to the SATA driver so I can fully clean my nvme...
  38. Vozenger

    Question SSD will not boot whatsoever ?

    Well, this has been so far the biggest mystery I've had with an SSD, so it may be something silly. Here's the scenario: I was calmly playing one night, like usual. I decide to shutdown my PC for a while, when i go to turn it back again, I get the typical "Reboot and select proper boot device"...
  39. OWAN

    Question My SSD is Gone but when i unplug and replug SATA Power it appears??

    My SSD is ST500DM002-1BD142 When I start my pc SSD is not there but after i unplug and replug the SATA Power it appears HELP :<
  40. KeeKSye

    Question Why is my new SSD health 99%? Should I be concerned?

    i bought this Kingstone SSD 240GB New and....after using for like 1 day and 13 hours it droped 1 % Should I be concerned? Lifetime Writes 484GB