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  1. F

    Question Ssd not appearing on boot menu

    So all the similar questions seem to relate to new builds. Im getting the windows won't load message so I go to bios. My ssd which has my system saved is listed in the sata connections fine but suddenly won't appear on the boot menu. Last night my computer turned itself off twice...
  2. V

    Question Confused about disk speed between internal and external ssd

    Hello, I have 2 computers: 1 macbook pro 2015 (with an internal ssd soldered in) 1 custom desktop computer on windows 10 (with a KINGSTON SV300S37A240G ssd) I am used to using an 850 EVO SSD with an adapter as an external hard drive for my macbook pro. Today I did some speed tests and I was...
  3. Rebel836

    Question System keeps crashing. Possibly my SSD

    I've been encountering an issue lately where my computer keeps crashing/freezing inconsistently, but frequently. The crash happens in several different ways. Sometimes the whole thing just freezes and stops responding, resulting in me needing to force shutdown the system. Sometimes it will just...
  4. IAmRooby

    Question New Build --- Windows install ?

    I'm awaiting the arrival of a new motherboard, CPU and cooler in the next hour - I'm currently prepping a Windows Creation stick to reinstall Windows - however, how do I go about formatting the SSD that I'm currently using for Windows so that it's nice and fresh for the new install?
  5. S

    Question What is the best way transfer or copy data from one storage only drive to another storage drive being added?

    I currently have D and E partitions on one physical drive, I ran out of space and now each will have their own physical drive. This is a Windows Server environment.
  6. n0Kyu

    Question Sudden Slow Boot Time with SSD ?

    Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great day. (PC Specs will be at the bottom) So basically, my PC is relatively new (1+ year), never had any issues, and had a fast boot time of around 10-15 seconds. Suddenly today, the boot time has become so slow (~2 minutes) where the screen is just...
  7. G

    Question can't use second SSD slot on z270f

    Hi all, I have a ASUS z270f motherboard with Samsung 960 250GB and now trying to add WD SN550 250GB SSD (both are m.2 NVMe). I can plug either SSD into the first slot (closest to CPU) and they will show up in BIOS under drives. But in the second slot in the bottom right corner, under graphics...
  8. ssbaraskar99

    [SOLVED] Is this NVME SSD Compatibility with Motherboard ?

    I have decided to add NVME SSD as an boot drive to my system I have decided to purchase this NVME SSD : WD SN570 But I'm not sure if its compatible with my motherboard ASUS EX-B365M-V5 So please can anyone help me out to know if its compatible? - Thankyou
  9. S

    Question Installing A SATA SSD For Games/storage, is it a bad idea to set a split page file on your two SSDs/Is There Any Specific Route To Take To Format?

    I am well aware that in most scenarios setting your page file to automatic is the best way, however I just prefer to have a static set page file for my own OCD reasons and am asking these questions based on hypothetical results and would greatly appreciate any answers. I have a few questions...
  10. Viperajlx

    Question HDD won’t show as boot option in BIOS

    I just had to replace my motherboard and it finally came in today. I had been working for hours putting everything back together and finally got it up and working. When I got into BIOS I noticed that it only had my NVME M.2 SSD as a boot drive option. When I originally built my computer a year...
  11. P

    Question Several Problems with new Crucial MX500

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a new Crucial MX500 from Amazon to replace the HDD in my laptop, immediately after installing the new SSD, my laptop face severe lag, I did some Crystal Mark tests and they looked incorrect. So I went ahead and installed Crucial's Storage Executive software. That...
  12. JohnFromJ

    Question SP8 only detects new SSD from external case

    Hello, Got a surface pro 8, I bought a 1TB PM991a SSD. I cloned my current SSD to the new one. It worked but after 10 mins the SSD crashed and wouldn't start. Cloned it again same thing happened, it worked fine for 10 mins on my cloned ssd, then all of a sudden it BSOD crashes, then it never...
  13. thomasbuzer

    Question SSD freezes and needs shutdown

    Hi ! I recently installed a second SSD ( Kingston NV1 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD 1TB) in my laptop to expand storage capabilities. BUT, when using programs installed on that SSD, it sometimes crashes and needs shutdown of the whole system for it to work again. Otherwise, the sysetm runs fine. When it...
  14. K

    Question so I partioned the wrong thing.

    Ok so I was downloading kali linux from a usb I already had windows downloaded I just wanted a dual os setup. everything was going well until the installation process of kali linux when I went to partioned either the USB I downloaded on or my systems SSD I made a mistake and selected the system...
  15. zalfand

    [SOLVED] M.2 SSD not detected when installing Windows 10

    I'm trying to install windows 10 on a newly built PC, my bios detecting the SSD but windows 10 installer keep saying "We couldn't find any drives". I've tried couple of suggestions but nothing seems to work. I'm using Intel 12 gen i5 12400f, Asus Prime b660m A wifi D4, and PNY SSD NVMe CS2140...
  16. M

    Question NVMe Support (MSI B660M-A)

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a new Motherboard (MSI PRO B660M-A DDR4) and have bought with it a SSD from Aliexpress that turns out to be faulty since it glitches and freezes my PC when it's under heavy load. And now what I would like to do now is to buy a real SSD (good brand) even...
  17. TTtheTremendous

    Question SSD on incompatibility problem "One additional M.2 (M) slot is needed."

    Hello! I'm trying to buy (another) SSD and using to find a compatible one, since I would be hopeless at finding one on my own! But every time I add one to my build I get the error message "One additional M.2 (M) slot is needed. " I'm not sure what this means, as I still get the...
  18. G

    Question ASUS Laptop turns off with certain games ?

    I have an ASUS ROG G751JT laptop that I bought in 2015 which lately has been turning off on its own at certain times. One of those times is when I open Windows, sometimes I have to turn it on a few times before I can use it. Another one of those times is when I open a "heavy" game, like Survive...
  19. daniel80x

    Question my ssd is not working right?

    Hello friends, for a few weeks my pc was working somewhat laggy and rough, then reviewing everything I came to the conclusion that it may be the SSD since in the tests it does not show positive results, I wanted to know if these results indicate that my ssd does not work well , thank you...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Drives failure, in the span of 3 months

    Hello, So 2 and a half years ago, or to be more precise, 28 months ago I got a 2TB Seagate Barracuda and I have been completely satisfied with the drive as it replaced a 12 year old Toshiba HDD. But 2 months ago while I was playing a game it crashed, everything started lagging so I decided to...
  21. daniel80x

    Question my ssd is not working right?

    Hello friends, for a few weeks my pc was working somewhat laggy and rough, then reviewing everything I came to the conclusion that it may be the SSD since in the tests it does not show positive results, I wanted to know if these results indicate that my ssd does not work well , thank you...
  22. C

    Question frequent long stutters occurring from "system interrupts" ramping up usage CPU usage to 100% according to Task Manager.

    I have a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54 that started having issues with Windows having corrupted drivers, preventing it from even booting (before this happened, there wasn't any system interrupts). Inside the laptop was an M.2 NVME SSD, and I ordered a ADATA SU760 SATA SSD from Amazon to replace the NVME...
  23. D

    Question Should we avoid Adata SX8200 Pro M.2 SSD ?

    As we knew that Adata has cheated at us by switching component on SX8200 Pro. Some people say it's worse, some people say it's still same, and some people say it's better. In my local Tech Forum, people are completely avoiding the SX8200 Pro and recommending the SX6000 Lite which is slower and...
  24. A

    [SOLVED] Harddrive permissions, can't save to this location.

    Recently I've come across a problem saving files to my external ssd. I tried save a .txt file to my ssd today via my browser and it didn't work, this prompted a message saying "You don't have permission to save to this location, save to pictures instead?" This is really annoying when saving...
  25. M

    Question Can I plug in two 2TB m.2 SSD on my motherboard, and have one Windows C drive with 4TB capacity?

    ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore is my motherboard right now: 1. Can I plug in two 2TB m.2 SSD on my motherboard, and have one Windows C drive with 4TB capacity? Or, am I forced to have a separate 2TB C drive and a separate 2TB D drive? 2. Suppose the...
  26. M

    Question Upgrading PCIe

    I learned from another thread I posted that PCIe4 is better than PCIe3 for performing statistical and mathematical analyses using big data. Currently everything I have is PCIe3 components. Due to compatibility issue, I need to upgrade all the main components (motherboard, SSD, CPU) to...
  27. M

    Question Tool to scan HD - to detect if has something wrong.

    I have the opportunity to buy a laptop of second hand in well state from a member of my family. My unique concern is the HD. What is the best tool recommendation to install or mostly to load through a Live USB to scan quickly the HD to detect if has something wrong. For example bad cluster for...
  28. Cameron.carter

    Question T460 not booting after adjustments to BIOS.

    I have Slackware 15 installed on my Lenovo T460. It's specs are Intel i5, 8GB DDR4 RAM, SD8TB8U256G1001-3/256GB SSD. I upgraded my kernel and it caused startx to not work so I was only able to load the kernel and sign in but my laptop wpupd boot into the SSD and load Linux. I changed a few...
  29. L

    Question Does this nvme ssd fit on this motherboard?

    This motherboard appears to have a built in heat sync and so does the ssd so i was wondering would the ssd still be able to be installed somewhere on the motherboard? Motherboard: SSD...
  30. M

    Question I have I9-10900X. Does it support PCIe 4 SSD and motherboard?

    I am buying a new SSD. I want to buy PCIe4 m.2 SSD and a motherboard which supports PCIe4. But then, does I9-10900X support PCIe4?
  31. grubesa

    Question SSD at 81% after 4.5k hours of use

    I have a "KINGSTON SA400S37480G 480, 1 GB" SSD that I've installed in a PC 15 months ago. CrystalDiskInfo says it has been on for 4472 hours, has total NAND writes of 45989 GB, 29837 GB of host writes and 94711 GB of total host reads. The health status says it is 81% good, and is currently...
  32. P

    Question NVMe SSD not detected on new Gigabyte motherboard ?

    Hi. I just bought a new rig including a Gigabyte B660M GAMING motherboard. I was previously using an A320M S2H motherboard with a HikVision E100N 256GB M.2 SATA SSD installed. My problem is that the same SSD isn't being detected on the new B660M and despite its light turning on, the BIOS states...
  33. Soloplayer90

    Question Help me pick an nvme

    Hello guys iam building a budget pc with ryzen 5 5600g and b550m ds3h mobo I was going to buy a 250 gb nvme (adata sword fish ) and a 1 tb hard drive than i checked the prices and its loke 50 dollars more to go for a 1tb ssd Here is the local store than iam going to buy for My budget is a...
  34. barneyyy24

    Question What PCIe adapter to run my NVMe SSD at full speed?

    So I've read that using PCIe adapter can make your SSD run at full speed if NVMe is not supported by your motherboard. My SSD is running at 700mb read which is 1/3 of its max speed of 2100/1700. But I don't know anything about PCIe adapters. So which adapter should I buy to get my full speed...
  35. mattheuu3

    Question SATA cable for SSD

    I'm currently trying to install a third Samsung 870 EVO SSD into my computer. I'm currently out of SATA power cable so I was looking to buy one. I'm not too knowledgeable about this topic so I apologize if I made any mistakes. Power Supply...
  36. Jlg823

    Question BSOD During Escape From Tarkov

    System Info: Ryzen 5900X | ASUS B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi | 32 GB Corsair Vengence RGB PRO 3600mhz CL18 | Seasonic GX650 | Acer 240GB Boot Drive | 1TB Samsung 980 So a few days ago I had an issue where my PC would just turn off and reboot, as if the power went out and that hasn't happened since then...
  37. T

    Question Maximum SSD capacity supported by Gigabyte Elite AX DDR4 Motherboard ?

    Hi, as per the title, Z690 Motherboard. I am wondering what the maximum Storage is on the M.2 Nvme SSD slot. I currently have a 1Tb M.2 NVME ssd as a "C" drive and wish to add another SSD drive. I did a search and the only info I could find was the Max RAM. I am not asking about Ram, But...
  38. R

    [SOLVED] Does my HP Laptop need a SSD?

    Hi everyone Hope I've posted this in the right section. I have a HP ENVY Notebook - 14t-j100 CTO which I've been using for about 5 years now. It has been a couple years now that whenever I run ANY programs, the "Disk usage" spikes to 100 and stays there for a solid 3 minutes before it goes...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] Do PCle 4 motherboard/SSD provide faster computing than PCle 3 motherboard/SSD?

    My purpose is to do statistical analysis using statistical/mathematical packages like Matlab, SAS, Stata. The data size will be 10GB or sometimes even 100GB. So normal computers find it hard to even load 100GB data quickly, let alone process statistical analysis on them. Do PCle 4...
  40. incmachine

    Question Windows 10 SSD not Recognized by Laptop?

    Installed installed Windows 10 on a Netac 120GB SSD 2.5" in a desktop PC and everything seemed to be working normally. Later, I moved that SSD to a Dell 2120 laptop and I am getting a message that says "no bootable device" A screenshot is here: View: Does this...