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  1. Wolkenmeer

    Question Motherboard freezes after entering Windows or sometimes when booting into BIOS

    Motherboard in question: AsRock 990FX Killer Fatal1ty AM3+ Socket So, been a really frustrating a past couple of days. My motherboard seems to be acting up after about 3 years of use. Just as the title suggest, after entering Windows, it would freeze after about a minute or two. Sometimes it...
  2. N

    Question Windows 10 tablet wont turn on after changing BIOS settings

    So, I foolishly messed with BIOS even though I didn't know how it would affect the system, and now the device won't even turn on. I'm a using windows 10 tablet that came with keyboard. It is similar to a Microsoft Surface. CMOS reset isn't possible because the battery and board are internal...
  3. Question PC Won't boot, boot drives aren't booting either

    Giving as much detail as possible, I'll try to showcase what I'll believe to be the most important information Intro (2nd paragraph gets straight to the error code): As of a few hours ago, I had trouble installing a classic WoW beta update on the launcher. To fix this error I began...
  4. D

    Question Can't Access BIOS

    I'm new here and not amazingly knowledgeable about computers, so i'm sorry if this is in the wrong area. So this is a multitude of problems and i'm just trying to solve it one by one at this point. It all started with me trying to Clone a Toshiba 1TB hard drive to a Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD...
  5. S

    Question Zapped BIOS - I thought

    Hi All -- ASUS F555LA laptop (i5; W8 originally; 1TB HDD; "2014.09.20" on inside of case) -- My friend was finally persuaded by ASUS Live to do an update. I take it that it was a BIOS update. It came up with text on a blue screen, saying that it was erasing her flash drive, so she turned it...
  6. A

    Question 20-30 minutes boot up times

    So I upgraded my PC about a year ago and a couple of months after upgrading my pc, i decided to turn on BIOS fast boot (not that I had issues with slow loading times, but figured why not). After turning this on, my load times (not bios, and not windows, but in between those two) spiked to 20-30...
  7. Z

    Question I was watching a movie and all of a sudden my PC crash and I can’t get out of the BIOS screen. Help :(

    Hey, I was watching a movie and I got atuck on this screen. First time its ever happened and I don’t know what is wrong. All was find and my pc froze and now I got this issue. Help me, please & thank you! BIOS screen (image)
  8. K

    Question Why can't I display my BIOS!?

    Short and simple story is, my bios will not display at all. The first thing I see on my monitor is the windows log in screen. If i button mash 'DEL' to enter the BIOS, the screen will stay black. Motherboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk CPU: Ryzen 1600x Graphics: Gigabyte 1080 ti extreme I've tried...
  9. N

    Question 8700k Voltage Unstable with Gigabyte adaptive voltage

    I currently have a Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 and I still can’t believe how not user friendly their bios is. I’m coming from asus and I’m trying to figure out the adaptive voltage mode that gigabyte implemented. You set Vcore to normal and have a negative or positive offset but it doesn’t match up...
  10. L

    Question Problems with ryzen 5 2400g

    Hi, I just bought a new PC with the following things: ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0 (BIOS P1.0) RYZEN 5 2400G 3.9GHz + Radeon Vega 11 AM4 STOCK Cooler (stock settings, XLP profile for RAM, and 2gb allocated graphics memory) 2x8GB RAM Team DDR4 2666MHz T-Force Vulcan Red Power Supply Corsair 450W...
  11. sstefann

    Question Can't enter the BIOS, pc goes straight to windows

    I just installed M.2 SSD, and want to make it my first boot option. I tried pressing del and F2 when pc powers on but it didn't work. I also disabled fast startup in both windows and my motherboard. Turns out I was on BIOS legacy, so I changed it to UEFI, and then tried going to Advanced...
  12. S

    Question PC Boots up always on second load

    Hi guys, i built my PC about 2 years ago and it was OK since couple of months ago. The problem is every time i turn it on ROG logo Shows for couple of seconds and restarts itself and then ROG logo again and it boots up windows 7. I have tried to set BiOS to boot up with difrrent devices and even...
  13. M

    Question SSD not beeing recognized by my dell 980

    I bought a used dell optiplex 980 for dirt cheap. I installed 4 gb of memory and a 1050ti and it worked out great, but my problem is with the ssd. I have a 120GB KINGSTON SSD and the system doesnt boot from the ssd. I first tried to install windows directly from the dell, but as soon as i...
  14. M

    Question Strix RTX 2070 fan speed stuck at max

    Card: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 As the header says I can't seem to adjust my fans at all. I installed the card yesterday and everything is working fine but my fans are turned way to high and are making too much noise. the only time they idle is when I'm in the BIOS menu(motherboard is also...
  15. K

    Question Will bios update from windows reset the bios?

    Hi everybody! I recently builded a computer, and I accidentally turned off all the CSM settings, and saved... since then, I'm unable to handle the bios. I mean, I installed a MBR partitioned windows on it, and everything works just fine, but when I enter into the bios (UEFI), then the bios does...
  16. N

    Question updated bios problems

    I recently bought Intel 660p m.2 ssd and testing the read/write speeds which were a lot slower than expected. So i updated bios which I have never done on my Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H. When I ran userbenchmark after bios update everything except GPU (GTX 1080) was running at like 1/3 of what it should...
  17. R

    Question M.2 Samsung 970 evo plus 1 terrabyte ssd not showing up in boot options for BIOS

    Like i said its not showing up for my boot options It only shows P3: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NSBO P4: WDC WD10EZEX-00BN5A0 But its not showing my 970 evo plus 1 tb ssd Can someone help?
  18. 2

    Question Windows boot manager taking priority ALWAYS

    hello, I have an acer vx 15 laptop with both a 120 GB M.2 SSD and a big 1 tb internal SSD hoked to a sata cable , I have windows on the "second" drive being the 1TB one, and I have linux(not specifying any distro because I've been trying many of them for research), now in bios I have enabled...
  19. I

    Question “ROM Binary is corrupted” error message when updating bios.

    I picked up a new set of RAM and a new GPU for my computer just to upgrade it, but none of it worked. Got black screens, tons of errors. Figured my only realistic option to fix it was flash the bios. Well now the bios flash didn’t work. Tried multiple versions, different thumb drives, different...
  20. C

    Question My computer boots to bios before I have installed anything

    I just upgraded my computer and it is almost completely brand new and after tons of issues I swapped parts and fixed everything. However, now it is just booting to BIOS. It recognizes my USB (has windows installer on it) but never boots on it. It is top on priority and has default settings, but...