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  1. Arahim333

    Question Cannot remove backplate on the back of my motherboard

    I have a Asrock b365m motherboard and when i tried to replace my cpu fan there is this back plate that i do not know how to remove . Trying to install a hyper evo 212 cooler
  2. 13rws

    Question Will applying heat sinks on the back plate void warranty?

    I have a Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity OC. I and my brother play a lot, ~18-20 hours a day. Sometimes, the frames drop 2-3%, although what I've noticed is, when it starts to drop frames by 2-3%, it doesn't draw much power. The power draw falls to 280W instead of 350W. I got to know this is because of...
  3. [SOLVED] CPU Cooling Screws Won’t Reach

    I’m so frustrated right now, I unscrewed the cpu cooling because I heard a bit of shaking and now I’m trying to screw it back on but it won’t reach. I’ve been at it for 2 hours now and nothing (besides messing up my thermal paste) I put the backplate to hold on the cooler but it just won’t...
  4. V

    Which PC Build is better?

    I want the best PC build for games to run at an average of 60fps 900p/1080p and to run Skyrim modded heavily. I am aware of the case and the OS, I have that covered. My budget is at max 690$ Canadian dollars and if possible lower keeping the CPU and GPU. 1. PCPartPicker part list...
  5. S

    HDD Migration to SSD

    I just cloned my HDD to my new SSD. Do I just delete everything I have installed on the HDD? If I do this am I still going to be able to use the HDD as storage? Or do I need to keep some files there for it to work
  6. F

    What Rads Will Fit in a 400c? General Advice Needed

    Looking to build in a corsair 400c, and seeing how it's on sale at newegg currently, I have all the more incentive to buy it! I understand space is limited, but i'm very interested in building a compact atx liquid cooled build. There will only be 1 gpu, and the cpu. I don't need the hard drive...
  7. S

    Mild Overclocking A10 7700k and RAM Cooling Setup

    Greeting from Greece :) I recently bought a new entry level gaming tower, with an A10 7700k cpu and I'm thinking of overclocking at some point, nothing extreme though. After searching for a budget after-market cooler, I decided to choose one the following setups ( since I didn't want to spend...
  8. B

    biostar ta970 password

    i recently posted a thread on a password problem i have ...instead of help i got the standard we don't do cracks here...vrumor , go back and read the post...the question is on the last it possible that biostar now requires an rma to reset the bios password on a ta 970? i didn't ask for...