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  1. C

    Help with ram and PC

    Hello! I wanted to know if my Timetec Hynix 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3L 1333MHz PC3-10600 Registered ECC 1.35V CL9 2Rx4 Dual Rank 240 Pin RDIMM Server Memory Ram Module Upgrade is compatible with my MSI H81m-P33 ATX motherboard? I cannot find this ram in and it is concerning me.
  2. J

    Boot Laptop on Second Monitor, Laptop Screen NOT WORKING!

    My screen on my laptop is broken and I am trying to boot it on a secondary monitor. It is an Advent Modena M200 Laptop. Can anyone help me get a display shown on my monitor ?
  3. S

    Question about Raid 0 build from Dell (from Dell Website) (screenshot) (help)

    Hi, I'm confused about this (see screenshot below). I'm trying to order a machine for video editing. On the raid 0 options, i choose the 2.5 SATA/SSD boot + 3.5 SATA HD. What exactally does this mean? Does that mean there will be a SSD plus 2 SATA drives for the raid 0? So i would add the...
  4. S

    MSI Afterburner bug?

    Hello, I want to monitor my framerate. vram/ram usage, core usage, temps but I only get to see iGPU usage and framerate, I can't see anything else. I've reinstalled msi afterburner and rivatuner but still no difference even though I have everything ticked in msi afterburner. I thought this was...
  5. K

    CPU Fan Splitter

    I have a Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard and im looking to add 3 chassis fans. Im looking to get 3 of these fans 2 for the front and 1 for the rear. I have the NZXT s210 case. Can someone find me a chassis...
  6. V

    AMD 8370e Overclocking with a Asrock 970 pro3 R2.0

    Hi, This is my first post on this site so bare with me... i would like to get my cpu to a stable 4ghz, so is it possible with my setup? should i disable all turbo-core things and just increase the multiplier? on the Asrock CPU support list it says = For cooling the CPU and its surrounding...
  7. V is no find

    how to show passwod
  8. J

    my new tv doesnt have scart option but my harddrive only has scart connection how do i get round this please

    require solution to enable continued recording of programmes
  9. A

    Looking for GTA V game knowledge

    Hi ..i got GTA V downloaded files from my friend it was around 30 GB. I installed and have to put my laptop date back to april 2015 to play it. As iam new into all this gaming stuff and dont know much about it can you please tell me that 1. can i know from where my friend has downloaded the game...
  10. S

    CdaC15BA locking me up

    Guys this is really the only place I feel I can ask questions and get real straight answers. Lately my system locks up and I can't get out of it, I end up having to hit the reset button. My event log is full of these Event ID: 7000 The CdaC15BA service failed to start due to the following...
  11. king_bobbyjo

    Ram that goes well with Asrock z97 Extreme6?

    I was wondering if there is any ram that matches the heat sinks of the motherboard, or even that provides nice contrast, have side window with blue led fans so I would prefer blue, but black may work as well. Thanks! Edit: Need 2 sticks of 4 Gigabytes.
  12. A

    New Build For January 2015 $1500-$2000

    Hello, I am planning to build a PC in January, I believe. I'm going to spend between $1500-$2000. I'm going to be purchasing a monitor and I've included that all in this build from pcpartpicker. If anyone has any recommendations or advice I would appreciate it. I'm looking to get the best...
  13. S

    No drives recognized Windows 7 (usb, sd, cd/dvd)

    I have an Acer Aspire 5250-0468, running Windows 7. It suddenly stopped recognizing any usb, sd or cd/dvd drive. The drives don't show up with windows explorer, there is no power coming from them, and the cd/dvd won't even open. Help!