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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Does the ASrock b450m pro4 need a bios update before using Ryzen 3 3100/3300x?

    Hello, I just bought a ASrock b450m pro4 for a PC upgrade, and I was wondering if the Ryzen 3 3100 or 3300x would work with this motherboard out of the box. I have seen many responses to this question over the internet, but all of them are different. Thanks!
  2. crispy4u

    [SOLVED] 1st time build. Pc shows no display. Have troubleshooted.

    Hello, Specs: Ryzen 3600x 16 gb 3200 ddr4 vengeance ram 550w evga psu (I probably should have gotten a bigger one) msi rtx 2060 super gaming 8 gb Asus x470 prime pro motherboard also the wraith cooler because the cryorig h7 was not compatible. I recently built my first pc for gaming and such...