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build a pc

Forum discussion tagged with build a pc.
  1. D

    [SOLVED] My first Pc, please help!

    I’m new to this all so could someone check if my pc would work with these parts, please. I can get items a different prices, just want to check how good the [gaming] performance and so forth would be. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor ($172.39 @ Newegg)...
  2. U

    Build Advice Will this build be compatible?

    Hello, first of all this is my first real full build. I did some hardware changes before on my existing PC like changing the GPU, CPU, RAM and some smaller changes, but this will be my first time making my own build from scratch. Second, I am planning to get mostly new parts but I am going to...
  3. T

    Build Advice [SOLVED] Cannot install Windows on the new build

    Hi Everyone, First post here. I have searched through the forum for answers but could not find the working ones for me yet. I am having a problem trying to get the "simple"window installation to work. I have done this before, but this time it just doesnt work and I do not know why. This is...
  4. MSYF27

    [SOLVED] Some opinions on various options for a build

    What I'm trying to accomplish for this build is primarily for school and it will firmly be still my set-up after I graduate. I am under a creative course ( primarily digital, so 3D animation and video editing). Software wise it vary's on the teacher of the subject on what programs they prefer...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Need upgrade advice for a GTX 1660 based PC build

    My current PC specs, CPU - Intel i7 2600k Motherboard - Intel DH67BL RAM - 8GB - Hyper X Fury GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7850 I bought GTX 1660 but unfortunately my 2nd gen Intel Processor and motherboard is too old to support without BIOS update even though the board has all the facilities for the...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Will this computer work fine?

    Hello. I am searching parts for a new pc. I chose some from Amazon. Pcpartpicker gave no compatibility issues. But i am not sure, will this computer work? Part list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07KNMH629/ref=olp_twister_child?ie=UTF8&mv_size_name=0&mv_style_name=0...
  7. I

    Question Will G-sync help me in this situation?

    So there's a big sale in my local shop on monitors, and I can't quite decide which of the three would be the best for me (mainly gaming). If it helps, my rig is quite good, and my GPU (Phoenix GLH 1080) does support G-Sync. I would prefer to play on 1920x1080, as I don't really need more...
  8. Question What's causing my build to fail?

    CPU: i7 4790K CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED GPU: PALIT GTX 1070 JetStream 8GB RAM: 8GB Hyper-X Fury DDR3 1866MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97x Gaming GT PSU: BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P9 550W Case: Cooler Master E500L STORAGE: 64GB SDD for the system + 1TB SAMSUNG HDD Some of the...
  9. S

    Is this a good graphics card

    Is the nividia GTX 870m better than the 950m or 960m.
  10. G

    Best Cheap Gaming Build

    Hey there, my budget is REALLY only 300-400 USD with 500 seriously pushing it. I don't need a overkill machine that will play Evolved on Ultra-High or anything but I do need something that can get me off the low settings of smite: CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon 64 X2 2.7 GHz CPU Speed: Info...
  11. C

    dell 3542 or 7537?

    So i'm looking for a notebook, that can handle games aswell. Which one is better for that? Specs: Dell Inspiron 7537: Intel® Core™ i5 4200U 6 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 750M 2GB Dell Inspiron 3542: Intel® Core™ i7 4510U 4 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 840M 2GB If you choose one, tell me why! Thank you!
  12. G

    motherboards and gaming

    I looking for a motherboard that good with gaming and multitasking I want to know if i have to get a atx or micro atx or something else?? I just don't know...the cpu is a Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz Quad-Core and i want to know IF ican overclock and i im just asking and i don't know what...
  13. W

    Is a FX-4300 good for gaming?

    ^^ And also, could it play the new games coming out? (I got a 7850 to with it) Also, what is a cheap and good motherboard to go with it?