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  1. UKickAss

    Question Gigabyte X570 Aorus PRO Chipset fan very very loud

    Hey, while i was playing skyrim on my new ryzen 3rd gen pc i noticed what seemed to be some coil whine coming from my pc. So i go back to my desktop and i could still hear it. So my first thought was that it might be the aio pump but after unplugging the pump while at idle the noise persisted...
  2. Dynamoo

    [SOLVED] Is my motherboard dead for sure?

    As the title suggests, I want confirmation that my mobo is completely dead before I order a new one. So the thing is I was browsing youtube this morning on my pc and suddenly it turned off without any warning. I pushed the power button a few times but nothing happend. So I opened the case and...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] what is the name of this motherboard and chipset?

    hello i have an inspiron 580 not sure what the motherboard is and the chipset? The components aren’t connected as the computer stopped working long time ago and i want salvage the motherboard into another build i want to know both because i want to upgrade the intel processor from something...
  4. Question B350 chipset on A320 motherboard

    The Gigabyte ga a320m s2h v2 has a B350 chipset as shown in the picture (bottom right of the box or on the left side). Can someone clarify it why? Also should i install the chipset drivers from the manufacturer website (Gigabyte) or the Amd support one (because i have to choose a chipset version...
  5. HisDudeness

    Build Advice Advices on my first system

    Hello there! I'm wishing to build my first PC from scratch. I have a little experience in assembling computers and tinkering with spare parts, but I haven't come near any up-to-date part in ages, mostly sticking to laptops and abandonware as of late. I need some guidance here. First of all, I'm...
  6. [SOLVED] What chipset does my motherboard have and what CPUs are supported?

    As the title suggests I'm trying to figure out what chipset my motherboard has, so that I can get a new and better CPU. I've been trying to find out what CPUs are supported and what chipset my motherboard has, but the more i dig into it the more confused i get. The PC that I have is a prebuilt...
  7. R

    Question PC freezes and restarts for unknown reasons

    My PC started freezing and restarting since yesterday. It randomly freezes and restarts a few minutes after starting the PC and it does the same thing for the 2nd time and never does it again until I turn off the PC and turn it on. I don't get a bluescreen when it freezes. I checked out the...
  8. rvidd

    [SOLVED] How are the PCIe lanes of AMD CPUs allotted to the slots and chipset?

    In Intel, the PCIe lanes from CPUs are directly connected to the x16 slots and maybe few x4 slots or NVMe slots. Additionally 4 lanes are given to the PCH via DMI 2.0/3.0. Does AMD allot the PCIe lanes same as Intel or they do it differently?
  9. A

    [SOLVED] NEED HELP!! CPU compatibility

    I am trying to fix up a slow, old HP computer and am looking for a new CPU which is compatible for it. It currently has dual core processor which I'm tryna bump up to a quad core however I'm not sure as to whether a quad core will actually work on my computer with my given motherboard. Here are...
  10. Mister Lemons

    Question How do I find my current chipset driver?

    I've searched everywhere for and answer and have actually come full circle to the point where I'm revisiting answers I've read before to see if I missed something. The consensus is the same: everyone on this planet whom wants to check their chipset driver version is using intel. I am not. I...
  11. C

    Question Does the motherboard and cpu chipset have to be the same?

    Hello i have a dell t3500 with and i7 920 and i recently bought a rx 570 being ignorant and didnt research if i can overclock the cpu. And i am thinking of getting a Xeon x5675 but my mobo chipset is x89 and the cpu is x58 does that matter? and my socket is lga 1366
  12. Zorax demon

    Question Which LGA 1155 Motherboard Chipset for Xeon to get?

    I need a motherboard for Xeon E3 1220 V2 which chipset should I buy of LGA 1155 motherboard.
  13. F

    [SOLVED] Blown intel hm87 chipset

    Good Evening. My asus G751jy got damaged by water spill, i disassembled the laptop, washed with alcohol, Upon inspection i saw that intel hm87 chipset has a crack on top of it. So probably got shorted and blown by water. See picture I have removed it from the...
  14. K

    Question X399 Motherboard chipset LED turns on and goes off...

    Hi all, First and foremost, apologies if this post is in the incorrect category. I have tried my best to post it where I thought it was relevant. I am in the process of building a new rig and I decided to test the motherboard, before I go any further by simply connecting the 24 Pin connector...
  15. Limbo_man

    Question i945PM CPU Support List

    I have Acer Aspire 3680 with Celeron M430 onboard. I want to upgrade it and started with supported by chipset CPU's. According to CPU-Z, I have Intel i945PM chipset. Usually, I'm searching supported CPU's from CPU-Upgrade and I didn't find any evidence of i945PM. Now the question is: what is...
  16. NightHawkRMX

    [SOLVED] Will my motherboards audio chipset limit budget studio headphones? Audio-Technica ATH-M20x ?s

    Hello, I have an MSI B350 Gaming Plus motherboard with: Realtek® ALC892 Codec - 7.1-Channel High Definition Audio My current headphones are giving up, and I am looking for an upgrade. I really wanted some Bluetooth headphones, but i saw the Audio-Technica ATX-M20X headphones for $49 at the top...