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  1. W

    Question Chrome does not scroll down the page automatically

    Hi. I have an issue with Chrome since couple of days. Earlier, when i was refreshing the page chrome automatically was scrolling down the page to where it was before refresh. Now after refresh Chrome sets the page to the beginning. Does anyone know how to change it? I work with a lot of "long"...
  2. I

    Question Can i set chrome to use GPU for decoding videos from youtube

    Hello everyone, is it possible to watch videos from youtube at full HD with no lagging? System spec: cpu - q9400 mb - ga-73pvm-s2 ram - 4gb ddr2 ssd - 120gb kingston GPU - ATI radeon HD 4600 OS - win7 pro 64bit i use duplicate screen, so 2 monitors at the same time. i see high CPU usage when...
  3. D

    Question Google Chrome will not open

    Im working on someones pc and Ive got an issue that's stumping me. Google chrome will not open at all. When google chrome is clicked the circle on the cursor spins then nothing happens. Ive checked task manager chrome opens then closes instantly. Ive re-named the user data folder in chrome to...
  4. I

    Question computer started having problems last night with chrome mostly

    so my computer started having problems since last night i dont know what to do i already restarted and updated and googled and anything i could think of so its like this i tried to install an app and it showed me the usual its from outside windows store and i tried to click to install anyway...
  5. Nooneatall

    Question Failed Disk full

    Whenever I try to download a file that’s 6gb+ Chrome and every other browser I use stops the download and says failed disk full. Thing is my hard drive does not have enough space to download the file so I got an sd card with enough space to download it. It downloads everything but that file. I...