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    No video output, 5 beeps.

    I have this computer that suddenly stopped producing video output. I replaced the PSU and it did not work. I tested the RAM and the CPU in my (working) machine and they worked. This lead me to believe that its the motherboard. I get a new motherboard put it in machine. Still no video output...
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    Would a PCI-E x16 card (GTX 770 specifically) Work on a PCIE-X1 slot?

    Hello, I have an Acer desktop. It came built with a GTX 770 2GB. According to Speccy, by Piriform, it has one free PCI-E x1 slot available (well it has 2 actually) as the motherboard only has one x16 slot which is of course in use. Do you think it would be suitable to run a second GTX 770...
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    sapphire Trixx is not responding to custom fancurve

    Hi, Trixx is not responding to custom fancurves. I start game > fan goes around 50% > temperature still rises > fan stays at 50%(but should go higer in my fancurve) > close game > fans spin like they should be in my fancurve. What is going on? Anyone who can fix this? Thanks for helping out...
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    PC starts lagging after 15-20 mins.

    Hello everyone. So i am asking maybe a common question but I can't seem to find an answer to it on google. So my question is why my pc starts lagging after like 10-30 minutes? Even when i just turn it on and leave it to work it starts lagging. Also when I go to resource monitor CPU usage is...
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    Bizarre hardware problem causing restarts under load

    I've tried several games including Battlefield 4, Metro 2033, Kerbal Space Program, and also refreshing my "Windows Expreience" rating. All of these cause a grinding beeping sound to come out of my computer after 15 seconds to a minute. The monitor will shut off and my computer will...