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    Question Need to update mobo's BIOS for CPU compatibility but don't have a second CPU. Suggestions please.

    I bought the ryzen 5 3400g CPU with integrated vega 11 graphics to build a budget pc. I also bought an ASUS prime b450m-a/csm because it was described as being compatibale out of the box with the ryzen 5 3400g. But that is not the case... After finishing the build and booting up the pc, nothing...
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    Hdd light change to power light

    I got my new pc last friday and it works fine but the power led on the fractal case is showing hdd activity. How do i change from flashing hdd light to a solid power light? My motherboard is a gigabyte z270 k3 and the case is a fractal design r5 define.
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    stuck in shell, bios not working

    I have an msi motherboard, and in the bios i turned on windows 10 support, and everytime i boot, i go into a 'shell' thing, and the bios is glitched and not working, how do i atleast get the bios working and getting out of shell?