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  1. BlazingAngels

    Question Corsair iCue 7000x Side Panel Removal

    I purchased a Corsair iCue 7000x and I needed to remove the side panel to install a GPU while the case is horizontal. Would a standard number 2 Philips head be able to unscrew the side panel or do I need to purchase a special screw driver?
  2. poodude28

    Question Would like to know if this GPU will fit in my case with my parts, checked Newegg and saw no problems, looking for extra assurances

    PC Builder doesn't mention anything about it not fitting, so I'm assuming this will be fine, just looking for opinions before I end up having to return the GPU because it won't fit. Everything I have in my case currently fits perfectly fine, and it looks like I have plenty of room in my case for...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Need help figuring out downsizing

    Prefacing this off with saying I don't know anything about customizing computers. I bought this computer in 2018 and have upgraded the GPU to a Nvidia 1030 ti since then. More specs in the link because I don't know what relevant ones to grab and put here. The thing is, the side tempered glass...
  4. Erik Koinberg

    Question Is this a low profile PCI bracket?

    I am wondering if the image here is of a low profile PCI bracket. Is it dual-slot, single-slot, or triple-slot (it looks like a double slot, but I am not sure) Any help would be appreciated. By the way, the bracket is around 7 cm from left to right.
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Desktop computer fans making rattling noises

    This issue occurred just a few days ago when I started to hear these clicking rattling noise coming from my computer case. What does that mean and why or what is causing my computer case to create these rattling noise and sometimes it will go silent when it wants to. Recorded a short clip of...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Motherboard works outside of case but not inside...

    So I am starting to literally lose my mind here... I've googled and have probably read every possible thread regarding similar issues to what I'm having an all signs point to a possible short in my computer case... but the thing is, I just can't seem to find it!! I've had this case in prior...
  7. Gulbis20

    Question How to fix Microphone that makes humming noise but when touching pc case it stops?

    Hello I have a problem with my microphone. When I touch the case it stops and I changed my power cables to other extension cord but nothing happens. I don't know what to do I have new motherboard and also when I connect my microphone jack into front panel of pc it doesn't detect it but when I...
  8. L

    Question Would a Corsair RGB case be compatible with the CoolerMaster RGB controller?

    So I've purchased a new case on amazon for my setup, I've also just relised that I would be in need of a motherboard that is compatible for the RBG RGB, So Instead I've come to the conclusion that the CoolerMaster RBG RGB Controller (...
  9. J

    Question Case recomendation

    I need a case that supports 2 120mm fans on any side (2 fans for 1 side is a must, although more fans on other sides would be nice) AND is under 5 inches high. Motherboard doesnt matter, but it MUST support full height and dual slot graphics cards
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Airflow confussion

    Hello friends I want to change my cabinet (already have micro Intex) i have many confusions. Below is some models and brands Cooler master Elite 310 (3 120mm fans) normal budget (Top psu mount) Cooler master Elite 372 (7 fans) (1 in bottom) (bottom psu mount) Cooler...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] How do I fix my front panel audio jack?

    Recently I started having issues where my headset only played audio through the left side. I have tested multiple headsets and all yield the same results. My front panel mic jack seems fine but the audio input is a little loose when I have something plugged into it. I can kind of play with the...
  12. J

    UE2 keeps cutting out

    My ue2 Boom keeps cutting out every 10 seconds briefly. It's paired with another ue2 which does not cut out. Any ideas???
  13. A

    which is a better CPU ryzen 5 vs I7 8550U

    acer-swift-3-ryzen-5-quad-core-8-gb vs Asus-Vivobook-S510Un-Bq132T these laptops which one is better for development Asus vivobok was too slow. i'm using it for Android development the build time taken is more. Any better suggestions for laptop better than Asus-Vivobook-S510Un-Bq132T
  14. henrytcasey

    What's a Deepfake? The Scariest Fake News, Explained

    Move over, Fake News. Deepfakes can allow a fake video to be made of anyone, and it's potential is truly frightening. What's a Deepfake? The Scariest Fake News, Explained : Read more
  15. C

    Can't Install Windows

    Cross posted from the Win 7 Forum where I couldn't get any traction: I am upgrading an old 60GB SSD to a 240GB SSD, and am basically just trying to do a clean install of Windows 7. I have it set to boot from the CDROM, and it fires up and looks like it is going to work for several minutes, but...
  16. illumind

    Gigabyte GTX570 Driver

    Greatly appreciate any help with GTX570 (aka Gigabyte 12DC1-N570OC-11BR) drivers. Can't find the exact model on Gigabyte website. Closest is the following: OR @ GeForce... 1st...
  17. 1

    755 in a 780 optiplex

    can i use ram from a 755 dell optiplex in a 780 optiplex
  18. M

    Building my first PC

    I've avoided building a PC ever since I bricked an old desktop while trying to upgrade it. Switching old parts back, searching the beep codes trying to figure out the problem, and eventually gave up. So I bought a mid-end iBuyPower and it does decent but its barely good enough for GTA V on low...
  19. S

    Building A Max $1000 Computer

    I need some help with building a desktop computer. I live in Australia and would like the parts to be ordered from this site: I want to use this computer for Gaming ( LoL, WoW ) as well as graphic and web design. If you need any more information please...
  20. Y

    Run 1.5v with 1.65v ram.

    Hi all, Today I will receive a new ddr3 8 GB (2x4) corsair vengeance pro 2400mhz ram but this days I am running a Kingston hyperx beast 8gb(4x2) 2400mhz 1.65v and for now I didn't face any problem after a year and few months of using them and I am over clocked the ram to 2133 mhz speed ,, and...
  21. K

    Asrock OC throttling

    Im planning to buy asrock 970 extreme 3 r2.0 and fx-6300 cpu with CM hyper 212 evo cooler and it is possible to OC cpu to 4.2 Ghz stable (Prime 95 running for couple of hours) and avoid thermal throttling (CPU getting underclocked). Did anyone tried this with same hardware? Tnx in advance
  22. W

    how to and if i can combine two different graphics cards like R7 and R9

    i have AMD radeon R7 and R9 they both 270x and i wanna know if i can somehowcombine them for more GB and more graphics power i have 2048MB ich card
  23. W

    can't read two WD external hard drive at the same time

    hi, I have three WD external hard drives. all of them are same model. but when I plus them in my computer. my computer can only recognize the first one I plus in. The other two cannot be read. could anyone help??? Thanks a lot!!
  24. P

    Surface pro 2 or surface 3

    Surface pro 2 or surface 3 (not the surface pro 3) which has better performance in things like light programing and gaming? Which has a better screen? Any feedback appreciated.
  25. J

    What better the Asus Nvidia GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC or Asus GTX 780 Ti Matrix Platinum

    Hi I'm looking in to getting a new card and wasnt sure what to get as I can get both around the same prices or is there not much in it so What better if any the Asus Nvidia GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC or Asus GTX 780 Ti Matrix Platinum.
  26. phclyde

    New GPU but it doesnt fit!

    I just ordered the Nvidia GtS 450 and I discovered that it will not fit inside of my case. I have an inspiron 530 case. Is it possible that I could for the time being until I got a new case still connect the graphics card without fully inserting it into the case? Can I possibly connect the...
  27. G

    good pc builds for Internet/Gaming Cafe

    i am planning to put up an internet cafe in the Philippines i need your suggestions for hardware specifications, enumerating some brands would be a great help Budget per PC 15k-18k php