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  1. S

    Question AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - 60C Temps at Idle

    Hello, I've just bought a new CPU and MB. I'm using the newest version of the H60 that I could find. However after installing windows I've found that the idle temps are 60C and doing something as simple as downloading and installing drivers from Nvidia raises the temps to 80C. This isn't...
  2. bintangwidiyo

    Question id cooling auraflow 120 or id cooling se 224 xt?

    what should i choose between two of them?
  3. JunkSniperJoe

    [SOLVED] Recommended Side-Mounted Fans?

    I've decided to do a build with the Corsair 5000D Airflow. This is the first case I've worked with that has both front and side mounted fans. While I'd just like to slap some Noctua's in there and call it a day, I'm concerned the side intake will mess up the airflow of the front intake. e.g...
  4. Therealfifi11

    Question Having trouble finding Fujitsu Lifebook S792 BIOS update

    Hey everyone. After tons of research and no luck I decided to finally register and talk to the awesome people here. My problem is following. I cannot seem to find the update for my BIOS, on Fujitsu Lifebook s792 motherboard model FUJITSU FJNB239. What the point of it is, I want to be able to...
  5. T

    Question Seeking advice on improving the cooling of my Omen 30L. RTX 3080/i9-10850k

    Hello ^.^ I have a HP Omen 30L and I'd like to improve the cooling components for it. I'm honestly not sure what to do, so I thought I'd ask here. I'm not sure what information I should provide to get the conversation started.
  6. M

    Question 2nd monitor bring my idle temp up 20 C

    I just added a second monitor to my set up and my CPU and GPU temps went from about 30-35C to no around 50-52C idle. Is this normal?

    Question Temporary cooling

    So recently I acquired a i7-8086k from a friend who's upgrading. My question is is it okay to to use my stock Intel cooler for the time being untill I can upgrade to a evo 212 or is it best if I just keep looking at it untill I can upgrade. Thank you in advance i also plan on doing zero...
  8. Verain

    Question Can CPU cooler melt hot glue?

    I have an old Macbook pro 13 inch (mid 2014) and it was having cooling issues. I took out the back panel and found that the rubber which is present between the fan and the heatsink is missing. So i put hot glue there as i thought it would help stabilize the temperatures. Now im worried that the...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] What should I do for keeping my system colder

    Hi there, So im changing my cpu from core i3 9100f to core i5 9400f! Here's some questions... I'm worried about my coolness! I mean already my case has only one usual air cooling fan and my cpu temp is not bad... I use from its maximum power tho! Cuz i work with after effects I just wanted...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] 280mm AIO vs 360mm AIO

    Hi, My friend recently bought a 360mm AIO and says he has noticed a big difference and suggests that I should buy one (He doesn't know much about PC hardware) I already have a 280mm Corsair h115i on an i5 8600k which is overclocked to 4.8GHz, would it be worth it to upgrade from my 280mm to a...
  11. Master8305

    Question is this water block compatible with my graphic card

    On day one i managed to get a asus rog stix 3070 gaming?(is that what its called) on amazon , link, and wonder is it compatible with Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30-SERIES STRIX GPU Water Block, link.
  12. P

    Question CPU die dimensions

    Is there a source for accurate dimension specs on intel CPU dies? CAD files? I see measurements on height but I want to know the full dimensions since the die on my CPU is very concave (8 core 10th gen mobile xeon and i9-10980HK). I want to use this to get my machine shop to cut me a nice cooler...
  13. C

    Question Cooler master 430 elite case project let's improve it

    Hi there guys, okay I come with an interesting "project" I'm using a cooler master 430 elite case Which as you can tell , i t has terrible cable management like seriously and the airflow is not exactly the best...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] why are my fans pulsing ?

    I finished building my first pc and I didn't have enough fan ports on the motherboard so I ordered a fan hub but when I connected all my fans to the hub and connected it all together but the fans were pulsing and I checked what setting were on my fans using the RGB fusion software they were on...
  15. S

    Question Is my Corsair H115i AIO dead?

    A couple of months ago, my computer started making a terrible clicking sound and shortly thereafter I started getting BSODs every 1-2 weeks during gaming sessions. I started monitoring my hardware this week and realized my CPU temps are hovering around 85 degrees during gaming and sometimes...
  16. E

    Question System Temp Thoughts

    Just looking for some input on what you guys think about the temps I'm getting. After going from a 4790K and 1080 to a 5800X and 3080 I'm not quite used to all the thermal output. Case: H710i AIO: Kraken x62 280mm (top mounted) CPU: 5800X GPU: 3080 Strix PSU: 1000W Seasonic Fans: 3x120mm front...
  17. MaxiKing66

    Question Cooler on 10700k in mini-ITX Case

    Hey, I needed to rebuild a pc, from mostly new Parts, but I thought the case and psu are still fine. Lian Li PC-Q08 mini-ITX Case 10700K H470M-ITX/ac normal atx PSU So I had a Corsair H60 in the old build(which I know is not very great being a 120x120 in this case), but the CPU Cooler...
  18. ghozt67

    Question Repasting and Replacing thermal pad on Galax GTX 1080 exoc.

    Good day, I am planning to repaste my GALAX GTX 1080 EXOC SNPR and am asking for recommended brands of thermal paste as well as the appropriate thickness of thermal pads. I would love to see your inputs. Thanks in advance!
  19. R

    Question How hot is too hot room temperature?

    I'm planning to move my old PC to a new room. The room in question can reach a blistering 35+ Celcius(95+ Fahrenheit) in the summer. It even nears 45 C or 113 F occasionally. (No air conditioning) The PC I intend to use is pretty old. i5-3450(Stock cooler) and a gtx 750ti. Not using it for...
  20. Johnnyde94

    Question O11XL side push pull vs top push OR pull

    Hello I have question I can’t seem to decide how I want to set up my radiator and fan set up. I have enough fans to do push pull however with my Motherboard I can’t fit push pull if I top mound the radiator. The main question is would a side push pull (6 fans) be better than a top push or pull(3...