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  1. Prestianni

    Question Dead motherboard? How can I tell

    Hi all thanks for your time :) Recently on my other threads you can probably see by pressing on my profile about it idk lol. After my power supply instantly shutting off because I had something wrong plugged in (it’s modular) it has never turned on again, don’t worry I paper clip tested it and...
  2. Prestianni

    Question Using different PSU cables

    Hi all, I’ve got a 550w fully modular Corsair power supply. My fans however even though the case is new, came with fans requiring a 4 pin molex connection. I bought a cheap 6pin to molex off of eBay as the PSU didn’t come with one, is this safe and if not whats the chances of something bad...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Temporary Fix during Christmas

    Hey so I'm fairly new when it comes to adding new parts to my PC (only really installed RAM before) I decided to upgrade my Graphics card for Christmas from a GTX 970 to an RTX 2060 Super - was told I had to make sure my power supply was good enough, and it should have been enough (Corsair...