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  1. Zembii

    Question Slight Power Supply Rattle? Is this normal?

    I recently built a new computer and while plugging in my headphones i heard a very quiet rattling noise coming from the PSU. I have a new HX1000 Platinum. It is very quiet and I can basically only hear it if I put my ear right next to it. It just stresses me out because I dont want it to...
  2. O

    Question Dual monitor stutter and unstable PC ?

    I've been on dual monitors for a long time. Finally decided to upgrade/build a new pc and upgrade 1 monitor to 4k. My old intel system could run dual 1080p 144hz monitors super smooth. As soon as I built the new system and got the new monitor (4k 60hz), it's not nearly as stable as the intel...
  3. F

    Question Corsair vengeance rgb pro ram not working

    I'm using 16 gb 2x8gb corsair vengeance ram. I just got 4 sticks of corsair vengeance rgb pro and they're causing my monitor and peripherals to not work. They light up with rgb but no display and when I swap to the original vengeance ram they work fine. are they broken? If so why does the rgb...
  4. B

    Question Kid spilled water onto top of pc case... diagnosing liquid cooler?

    Hi, bit of a disaster moment here, one of my kids tripped and spilled a cup of water directly on the top of my pc case, which has a top mounted corsair 100i v2 liquid cooler. I immediately ripped out the power cord and let it air dry for 24 hours. When I try turning it on now, it works fine...
  5. M

    Question Memory errors since changing PSU ?

    Current system: Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390 9900K Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi Gainward GTX 1080 2 x 16GB DDR4 3600mhz Corsair vengeance Kingston 2TB SSD 1000W Leadex SE Superflower PSU So before I installed the superflower PSU I had a corsair 550W. Had problems running RAM on XMP at 3600mhz, the...
  6. Rokie34Onli

    Question Can I overclock Corsair Value Select 8GB

    I bought this ram when Ryzen 1 gen came and now i have 10600k can i overclock this ram from 2400 MHz to 2666 MHz MBOARD - MSI MAG B460 Mortar WIFI
  7. Jlg823

    Question PSU Potentially Failing? Seasonic 650W GX

    SPECS: 5900X ASUS B550-F Gaming (Wi-fi) 32GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 3600mhz CL18 RTX 2080 Super Seasonic GX-650W Modular PSU 240GB SDD (Windows10 Pro Drive) & 1TB Samsung 980 NVME So to begin with my PC just started randomly restarting with no BSOD, nothing in Event Viewer besides "The system...
  8. Triosoft

    Question I bought a new AIO cooler, and the lights aren't working.

    I got a corsair H100i rgb PRO cooler for my system, since my old cooler was starting to break. I installed everything to my prior knowledge and making sure with the booklet the component came with. However, when i turned the pc on the cooler lights did not turn on and my pc said the pump...
  9. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Good psu

    Hi, I m not following the psu market and news, I don t know nothing about elettronic and electronic engeneer. Which are good psu? I know seasonic do good psu and I also know there is a gigabyte psu and the lux from aerocool that are explosive. In general which brand are good and which I shuld...
  10. alikabir1984

    [SOLVED] Power Supply fails Supply tester PG under 90ms?

    So bought a RM1000x for a ryzen build and tested the supply through a cheap power supply tester , The PG (power good) is blinking at 90ms and other rails are under spec. I tried plugging this through my UPS which is a 1000VA APC and that instantly went into bypass mode and sounded the alarms. Is...

    Question Unable to register RAM in DIMMA1/DIMMB1 (second RAM lane)

    I have a brand new MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus motherboard, which is working great, except for the fact I can't get it to register more than 32GB of RAM. It should support up to 64GB. I have 2x 16GB Corsair ( sticks which work great in DIMMA2/DIMMB2 and show up...
  12. T

    Question After Bios Update + Cpu Upgrade, fps has dropped Significantly, even in light weight games.

    First off here are my specs: OS: Win 10 mobo: Asus prime x470 cpu: and Ryzen 9 5900x (old one was 7 2900x) Gpu: gigabyte gtx 1080 G1 cooler: Corsair icue h100i elite capellix. Memory: 48 gb ram; 2 16gb and 2 8gb Corsair vengeance DDR4. Psu: evga super nova 850 g2, 80+ gold 850w So I had my...
  13. MaydenAmerica

    Question Corsair RM750 2021 vs 2019

    Hey guys, new around here. Anyone know the real differences between the RM 2019 and RM 2021 Corsair Models? The 2021 models are on a steep discount at Newegg right now so I grabbed one as a backup. (Have had a lot of power issues the last few days, worried about power surges). I've heard the RMx...
  14. mossi

    Question Is it worth replacing the Corsair HX750W (Silver) with the Corsair RM750X (Gold 2018 model)?

    I've had the Corsair HX750W the silver version for quite a long time. I don't actually remember when I got it. It was an RMA for a HX620, the second of that line that failed and I had to return. I must have had it for about 10 years or so.. I found the RM750X 2018 model at a very good price so I...
  15. T

    Question i7 8700k Corsair H100i v2 CPU Fan at 4000rpm always?

    I have an i7 8700k with a Corsair h100i V2 cooler on it and in HWMonitor it is showing as the CPU Fan as 3900-4100rpm always. Even when not performing any tasks. I installed iCUE from corsair and the pump is showing as 1900-2000rpm and fans are anywhere from 300-500rpm depending on if i have it...
  16. T

    Question PC turns on but won’t boot/no signal/ no peripherals

    Hello! So I recently went from a stock amd cooler to a Corsair icue h100i elite capellix. When I tried to remove this stock cooler, the cpu popped out with it and presumed to be fused/super stick to the heat sink. Tried dozens of ways to get it off but eventually was able to. Anyways, after...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] Can't overclock 3200 RAM

    I am trying to help a colleague set up his Corsair 16GB CL16 3200 RAM. I activated the XMP profile in BIOS, but Task Manager still sees the RAM as only 2133. I also tried to manually set up the 3200 frequency, 1.35V and appropriate timings, but no success. In fact, his BIOS (Asus B560M-A)...
  18. AdrianVD24

    Question SSD nvme kinda not detected to install Windows, but detected by BIOS

    Hey everyone. Thanks for your time. I recently purchased one SSD nvme type but I can't install Windows on it. The weird thing is that it's detected for some parts/software of the PC but not others. Here the details: MSI MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI --- BIOS updated AMD RYZEN 5 5600X --- chipset...
  19. S

    Question What are my upgrade options from an i7-8700k?

    Upgrade Solutions for CPU/cooler/Mobo/PSU Hello everyone, I was inquiring about upgrading some parts and whether it would be worth it this time or if I should wait until the next round of CPUs come out. My current build: CPU: i7-8700k(slight overclock to 5ghz) cooler: corsair h100i v2 Mobo...
  20. E

    Question Planning to buy Corsair LL120 120mm 3Case Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO

    As the title says I am planning to buy the Corsair LL120 fans but the issue is with my motherboard and casing. I have a very old PC. I am not quite sure if these fans connector will work with my PC. The main issue started with my CPU Cooler fan. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212x CPU cooler...
  21. Muhammad Jahid

    Question PNY XLR8 8GB 3200Mhz Vs Corsair Vengeance 8GB 3200Mhz Ram!

    In my region, Pny costs cheap than corsair ram. Can I choose this particular pny ram over corsair? Is there any difference in performance?
  22. R

    Question BIOS woes after upgrading RAM to 4 sticks

    Hi, After buying another 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666Mhz kit to supplement the two I already had to go to 16GB, I am unable to get BIOS to run the XMP to take it up to the afore-mentioned speed. All I am doing is putting the speed up to 2666Mhz and the voltage to 1.35. The system handled...
  23. E

    [SOLVED] Case fans spin up without temp spike

    Just upgraded to an i7 12700k and a new Z690 Mobo, and the CPU idles at around 35-38 which is nice, but every few minutes the case fans will increase to what sounds like 100% for about 10 seconds and the spin back down. I have HWInfo open and it doesnt show an increase in CPU temps. I have the...
  24. B

    Question My PC won't boot up after i turned it off for an hour, and yellow DRAM light stays on ?

    Hello guys, I recently upgraded my PC to 32 GB RAM, I had 2x8 TridentZ 3600 MHz and I sell it and bought a 4x8 Corsair vengeance pro RGB and since I installed corsair ram when I turn off my pc for an hour or more, when I try to turn it on the yellow light stays on and nothing showing on the...
  25. Storkos

    Question Single Channel WITH Dual Channel problems?

    Hello! I would like to ask if i will have problems if i buy this model CMK16GX4M2E3200C16 (dual channel kit, 2 sticks of 8gb) if i have installed on my PC two sticks single-channel of this model CMK8GX4M1E3200C16 (identical CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX RAMs).
  26. Odonix

    Question Screen Tearing, Blue Screen, and No Display ?

    So I have been dealing with a few issues for a while now and finally decided to ask you lovely people for some help/suggestions. Problem 1 I will occasionally experience screen tearing, I notice it when playing games and when just scrolling through a website or on Discord. I keep my video...
  27. J

    Question Black screen with gpu at 100% fan speed

    Not sure if this is a gpu or psu problem at the moment but this issue has been happening for a while and is not recently happening frequently multiple times a day. I have a 1070 strix with a ryzen 1600 (14nm) and a 650 corsair 650 watt psu. Any ideas?
  28. C00kiie

    Question confused about AM4 socket with LGA 115x socket support

    Hello! I'm building a PC with a AsRock X570 ITX/TB3 mobo and a Ryzen 9 5950x. The mobo has a am4 socket that fits the processor, but it has lga 115x mountings. So im wondering if i would be able to fit a Corsair H100i Pro XT, on this? thanks!
  29. ExilasP

    [SOLVED] Problem with the chassis fan

    Hello, I recently changed my pc case. I noticed that the fan that came with it (Corsair rgb fan 3 pins) was not running anymore. When I checked in the BIOS, I realized that it was not detected anymore. When I plugged it back in, it started spinning again. But as soon as my computer goes to...
  30. M

    Question Corsair HX1200i, Is there a specific order to plug in the PCIe modular cables to an RTX 3090?

    (not needed story. Scroll to bottom just for question) I have had the Corsair HX1200i for a few years now, and for a few years I had been having system instability. Very strange and random crashes while trying to game that I had never been able to solve. I'd upgraded my parts several times...
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Fan / AIO Help!

    Hi all! First time builder here and i'm just really stuck with the whole fan and AIO placement situation: My build will be along the lines of this: (I'm considering 12th gen CPU and switching to AMD GPU etc still but this is the general idea) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor CPU...
  32. Lewisj13579

    Question Corsair fan control

    I have 3 LL 120 fans and 3 SP PRO RGB fans and somehow 2 fans are being controlled by one port and one fans outer ring is lit and the other is the inner rim, static colours work but when you try and do any effects it shows up and in icue the 6th fan "LED Port 6#" doesn't control anything and fan...
  33. D

    Question PC only goes into POST with one RAM stick in

    For some reason after my PC blue screened last night it will only boot with one RAM stick in any slot except for slot 2. Otherwise I have had both RAM sticks in and working for a few years now. I recently got a new power supply and CPU cooler but that was a week ago and the RAM only stopped...
  34. madfad

    [SOLVED] one of my aio fans isnt working

    i got a h100i elite capellix for Christmas, i have installed it everything is plugged in but one fan isn't working, it wont spin but the rgb is on (the fan is just barley touching the ram) so can someone please tell me how to fix this ( i've unplugged it and re plugged it
  35. [SOLVED] SSD slows to a crawl. What is happening?

    Bought a Corsair MP400 1TB today to store more games but the write speeds are abysmal. Never had this with any other NVMe drive. Advertised read and writes are in the 3000-4000mb/s range yet it's writing to the SSD at a poultry 16mb/s. What is happening?
  36. Servs

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair ONE Pro a200 bad?

    I am looking to buy a small form factor workstation/gaming machine. I was looking at the Ryzen 9 5950X with RTX 3080 Corsair ONE Pro a200 but "bad thermals" seem to be on every user review, discussion, and video. Does it ever actually throttle or shut down? Is the performance impacted that...
  37. Sosse

    [SOLVED] No monitor signal, no keyboard connection, new prebuilt

    Hello, I have bought the VENGEANCE i7200 Gaming PC, i9-10850K, RTX 3080, 1TB M.2, 2TB HDD, 32GB DDR4-3200 It is a prebuilt pc from corsair which I bought for the same prise over a trusted seller on eBay. It came here, today my monitor came so I plugged everything in. No signal with the...
  38. E

    Question Corsair void wireless makes my pc freezes if I'm too far from pc

    Hi, I'm facing a weird issue since 2 days. My headset Corsair void wireless makes my pc freezes if I'm too far from pc and I have to hard reset the computer.
  39. H

    [SOLVED] Miracle? 2666 up to 3000 MHz and beyond?

    After I fixed computer, i can raise up my memory Corsairs 32 GB (2x16) easily from 2666 to 3000, just setting it. No issues, no freeze, nothing, all good. The case do not fixed mainboard properly causing bad contact. AMD 5 5600X, 4.65 GHz ADATA FALCON NVM-e RTX 2060 PCYes Corsair Memory 16x2...
  40. BrownStar

    [SOLVED] Keyboard doesn’t work so I'm stuck on "Please enter setup to recover BIOS, Press F1 to Run Setup” ?

    I’m not even sure how this happened, all I did was plug my case fans directly to the motherboard vs. being plugged into my Corsair Commander. Now I can’t boot in Windows…. Issue: Stuck on the American Megatrends screen where it says “Please enter setup to recover BIOS, Press F1 to Run Setup”...