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  1. H

    Question CPU temp rises to 100°C and PC restarts ?

    For the past few years, whenever I'd run a game that's a bit on the heavy side, my computer would randomly shut down and restart itself. I've started playing Baldur's Gate lately and whenever I'd open the game, the temperature of the CPU would go up without stopping unless I close the game...
  2. SpaceG1

    Discussion CPU 100% usage

    The frame rate of every game I play on my laptop becomes horrible. After playing for 10 minutes, the game slows down from 100 frames per second to 1 frame per second after the CPU goes to 100% usage. I tried a lot of apps to solve the problems, tried to download the latest drivers for the GPU...
  3. Jaye_Lee

    Question An issue with my i9 10900f

    PC CPU - i9 10900f GPU - Rx 6750xt MB - Asus TUF B460 Gaming plus RAM - Corsair 16x2 xmp-3200mhz PSU - Corsair CX 750M Storage - 1TB Crucial Nvme I play a lot of FPS games, CSGO, Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex(nearly 4k hours), I used to play everything on my sister's PC (i7 10700k with a...
  4. M

    Question Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?

    Hello! Everytime i played a game my CPU just went up to 100% utilization but my gpu is at around 30%-50%, I Dont Know why my gpu is low on utilization but my cpu is at 100% I usually play the game on windowed mode and also i don't overclocked my cpu. My ram is also on single channel maybe thats...
  5. P

    Question I Bought New Parts and I'm Still Bottlenecking

    here are my specs: gpu: 3070 cpu: i5 13400 mobo: Gigabyte H610M H V2 DDR4 LGA1700 ram: 16gb kingston fury if u need more specs tell me
  6. G

    Question 9700k and H100i - Hitting 100 degrees on CPU intensive games

    Hi all! I have a 9700k and an H100i V2 Cooler. When I play games which are CPU intensive I notice that my cpu temps are getting very high. I originally noticed this becoming a problem because anytime I would attempt to load into a match on one of those cpu intensive games my ping would spike to...
  7. P

    Question Games crashing ---- faulty CPU ?

    Hi. Ive been having some really annoying crashing issues with almost all games i play and it seems to be related to my cpu hitting a 100% usage and when that happens the game will simply shut down (though not always, sometimes all it takes is a slight usage spike up to 60-80% and games could...
  8. Tatoline

    Question i9-10900K | CPU Usage Always at Max with Different Apps

    For about 4-5 months now, the CPU usage on my computer has constantly been at 100%. Different applications are always using the majority of it. For example, let's say Kaspersky is using 60% and the total usage is at 100%. When I close Kaspersky, then OneDrive starts using 60%. If I close that...
  9. B

    Question CPU hitting 100% sometimes

    Below are my specs: Sometimes my cpu is hitting 100% and my entire computer is freezing up. I play minecraft a lot and will go to the task manager and change it to only using 4 cores. I don't know if this helps, but I read somewhere online to try it. However minecraft isn't the only time it...
  10. R

    Question Strange problem, when using full internet speed it's freezes windows.

    I'm having some throuble trying to figure out what is going on... Maybe someone here have some answer or can help me with some troubleshooting... I've upgraded my local networking of 50mbps to 300mbps and the chaos begins! When I do any internet speed test, my computer starts to do some random...
  11. charliep123

    [SOLVED] 100% cpu and disk usage, need help!!!

    I recently upgraded a lot of parts in my pc. These include the cpu, motherboard, and psu. I also got a new case as well. I’m using the same Hdd though. When I got my pc working, I’m getting 100% cpu usage briefly and then 100% disk usage for a while. I have tried almost everything I’ve seen...
  12. Kenyon Phelon

    Question My CPU used to be fine but now runs at 100% while gaming

    I used to have no issues while playing Smite, but now my pc (and MSI laptop) with an i7 8th gen and a 1050 ti keeps hitting 100% cpu usage and its cause huge frame drops. I've tried malwarebytes, updating windows, updating nvidea drivers, but none of it worked. Any ideas as to what could be the...
  13. D S Q U A R E

    [SOLVED] 100 % CPU Usage While Gaming

    Hello everyone, So i got a problem in my system that whenever i game on the system, the CPU usage spikes to 100% constant and that too not with a gradual increase. The CPU spikes to 100% as i start the game, Like even on the Intro video before Menu in some games. Now I've played COD Black Ops on...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Processor at 100%(while gaming) goes to 400mhz and laging, below 100% usage its on 3700mhz

    I just buy hp 15 ec gaming laptop Specs R5 3550H 16gb ddr4 2400 Gtx 1650 1tb hdd After i see lag first i installed another 8gb ram of same speed to get for 16gb total ram, But even after that now what happen is game runs super smooth and cpu usage is below 100 fluctuating and cpu speed at...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Cooler suggestion

    Can I Use 'Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P' for my (i5 9600k) first build ever... Below are the Specs - i5 9600k Msi GTX 1660 6GB GDDR5 OC Any 8GB x 2 DDR4 Memory Is 'Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P' a good choice . Don't have much choices in India right now and on top of that, this is my...
  16. WhyChrome

    Question Mysterious chrome applications taking up CPU and Memory?

    On booting up, after a new minutes. Random chrome applications open up. I haven't opened chrome but they appear. If I 'end' them they will close and nothing will change, chrome will still function after closing them. https://ibb.co/wYtsyFR - The unusual chrome tabs taking up my CPU...
  17. K

    Question I have problem with the game called Call of duty Mordern warfare Warzone.

    I have a question I have a problem with The game called modern warfare warzone I get 100% Cpu And it stutters freeze and even crashes It's very annoying to play. I've just realized games are played a few months ago have been dipping down a lot for example 144 to 90 frames. Why it's 144 I usually...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] Malware?

    Malware? On my previous thread https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/im-having-a-few-problems-not-sure-if-i-should-make-a-new-thread-for-each-one.3615133/ I shared some problems I had with my CPU Fx-8350 And I was told that the symptoms were Indicators of malware. 1 YouTube video started...
  19. rotten potato pc

    Question CPU usage 100% few minutes after booting

    OS : windows 7 so recently, everytime few minutes after booting my pc like arround 15 minutes or so if i'm opening a heavy app (like a game) my CPU usage will stuck at 100% even after i closed all app that running in the background. Also after booting i got the "computer management snappin...
  20. S

    Question My CPU is 100%

    When i move my mouse my cpu usage in task manager is rising from 12% to somewhere close to 60 %, and when i type something anywhere it goes to 100%. Can someone tell me a solution to this? I also scanned my computer for viruses and there is no virus. I updated my drivers as well and restarted...
  21. T

    Best Motherboard to pair AMD Ryzen 5

    As the title implies i will buy the new AMD Ryzen 5 1400 GPU of choise : Radeon RX480 RAM : prefer 2x8 DDR4 2133 So i am open to motherboard suggestions , i am not going for super high end mobo but something between the lines of budget and gaming.
  22. S

    Do all of the games on a Steam library save to the same space where Steam is located?

    I worded this weirdly so I'll just explain my current situation: I'm building a PC w/ a 120gb SSD. I plan to put my OS in there definitely (Windows 8.1) and I want to put Steam on there as well. Problem is, I plan to have quite a big Steam library on there because I don't have a console and plan...
  23. A

    First ever gaming PC, in need of guidance! (£1000 budget)

    I've already chosen the parts I'm going to use but I'm hoping to use this thread to scrutinise them, as my PC knowledge is almost zero. The build as it stands now: Case- Cooler Master HAF 912 - £65.90 PSU - Corsair CXM 600 Bronze - £58.32 GPU - EVGA GTX 770 2GB VRAM - £275.99 CPU - Intel i5...