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  1. D

    Question MSI X470 Gaming Plus - Black Screen and CPU Debug Light On

    Hello, it's the first time building a computer; here is the build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QnYtYH. Currently: After powering on, LED's and fans run. Keyboard lights up. But no display output. CPU Debug light is on. Initially: -I installed parts as instructed by research/manuals. X470...
  2. M

    Question EZ Debug LED CPU Red Light

    I upgraded my PC 2 months ago swapping out my old CPU i3 8350k to a i5 9600k and changed my graphics card from a rx 580 to a 2060 and put in a rm corsair 750 watt power supply. Everything worked fine for the past two months, but for the past 2 weeks when ever I turned my computer off. The CPU...
  3. gleamrey

    Question Won't detect CPU after tried to update bios

    I have a problem with suddenly no display ,.. then I came up with Updating or FLashing latest update on my MSI Mobo A320M PRO VD/S V2 ,because there's comparability update ,maybe it should fix the suddenly no signal,. while in the middle of updating, my PC suddenly no signal and now CPU ez...