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  1. Traclat_

    Question CPU red light please need help don't know what to do first build

    It my first build I just finish building it and I got a CPU red light. Obviously it didn't start so I check online try everything that I can do (I already have my pc in the case so I didn't rebuild it). I saw I put the ATX 12v 2x2 and the ATX 4x2 and it was not necessary so I removed the ATX...
  2. Bobo95

    Question WD Black sn750 1TB NVMe SSD stops my PC from booting ?

    Hello everyone, this might be a problem you never heard of so let me explain. I decided to change the Case of my PC with a Lian-li O11. After I build in all of my components (NO CHANGES WERE MADE BESIDE THE CASE AND FANS) I noticed the red debug CPU light on my motherboard (Asus B450-F Gaming...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] My computer is getting random blue checkerboard pixels on the screen and then the monitor turns off and sometimes it restarts my computer?

    I recently just built my first PC. Here are the specs: ryzen 5 3600 XFX GTS RX580 b450m tomahawk max 16 gb corsair vengeance ram EVGA BQ 650W bronze rated Here is a picture of what happens on my screen before my monitor turns off: View: https://imgur.com/gallery/Hv1NW20 I just noticed that...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] CPU red light on new PC build.

    New pc build (first time). CPU LED comes on as soon as I start the machine. Monitor won't detect the PC either. I'm using a i9-10850K with Gigabyte aorus elite AC z490.
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Red CPU LED, GPU/PSU fans don't turn off after shutdown. PC works fine.

    Hi Few days ago my PC shut down instantly in game menu (MW), but it was able to turn on normally, no bios resets, no burnt smell etc. I did a stress test with Furmark (cpu+gpu) for 1 hour, temps were fine (max 71°C on CPU avg 68, GPU 67°C) and nothing happened. Yesterday, when tried to wake...
  6. C

    Question Ryzen 3600 Failure, CPU red led, b450 Tomahawk

    Hi, Ryzen 3600 build was working fine for few months but it suddenly stopped working and I see CPU red led on , when trying to boot again. It stays on for a few second and the entire system turns off. Below are the stuff i tried But THEY ALL FAILED switching my ram (8gb x 1) to another slot...
  7. C


    Hi All, MY new PC Build was working fine for 2 days without issues. I tried starting it the third day but it wont boot. MB shows red LED next to CPU and MB rgb goes white in colour. So, I Reinstalled CMOS battery , RAM on another slot, etc and PC boots back to normal. Now no CPU led and MB rgb...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] B450 tomahawk Ryzen 3600 wont boot

    Hi I have build my Ryzen 3600 PC with B450 tomahawk. PC worked normally for two days. But when I tried to start it today, It wont boot. No output is going to the monitor. Every fans in GPU , CPU etc runs for few seconds and then turns off. I tried reinstalling Reset Switch Ram ( single 8 gb...