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  1. B

    Question pls help

    ive been having a problem for the past week or so where my keyboard, mouse, and headset will all turn off and reboot. I havent had a problem with this while watching netflix but i have when simply going onto the internet, watching youtube, or listening to music. It mainly happenes when im gaming...
  2. studiomatthewbrooks

    Question Stability issues, random crashes

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently put together a workstation based around a Xeon E5-1650 v4 and Supermicro X10SRA-F. I pulled 128GB (8x16GB) of Samsung DDR4-2400 ECC RAM from an HP Z440 workstation, so I'll admit that the RAM compatibility with the board is a little iffy...
  3. P

    Question My PC keeps crashing, below are the symptoms and specs:

    So basically my PC keeps crashing whenever I play a game whether it's Minecraft or Mortal Kombat. The whole display freezes and I cannot move my mouse or use my keyboard. Please help? It's been doing this for months. I'm pretty sure all my drivers are up to date and I've checked to see if it's...
  4. Question Computer keeps freezing, cutting to grey screen

    Hey, I've been having a serious issue with my desktop computer for some time now. The computer will randomly, regardless of what I'm doing, cut to a grey screen, now about a year ago when this started it was different coloured screened with vertical lines going across the screen so I'm unsure if...
  5. P

    Question PC crashes and automatically reboots randomly HELP!

    This has been going on for months now. Usually after I use my computer for a few hours, it crashes and automatically restarts itself, no windows restarting message, no nothing (sometimes distorting the current sound that's playing). At times there would random sudden sound distortion of what's...
  6. S

    Question Computer Acting Weird, Need Help

    Ok, so just recently, my computer would start acting up, games would crash, and some wont even launch. Whenever I try to play Destiny 2 I get a Random crash, When I try to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 Or Apex Legends It crashes almost instantly. The Only Game I can load up with no problems is...
  7. vodka20022

    [SOLVED] My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games

    My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games it sometimes happens every time i start a game sometimes it doest happen at all for months. My pc 1070ti i5 6600k 8gb ram 2tb hdd 128 gb ssd 750 w 80+bronze psu
  8. AncientIllusions

    [SOLVED] Crashing

    My PC's constantly crashing. The crash codes vary and its happened 7+ times between yesterday and today. i7 7700 GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming 3 EVGA GTX 1060 (Single fan) 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3200 250GB 850 EVO 1TB WD BLUE RM750x H100i v2 (240mm) NZXT S340 Elite The codes I've gotten so far...
  9. M

    Question Computer seems to short-circuit without any apparent cause

    Hey there! I'm pretty new here, so sorry in advance. I have built my own computer about 3 or 4 years ago and lately my computer seems to act weird. First the specs list -CPU: AMD FX-4300 -MOBO: Gigabyte G970A-DS3P -GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 750ti FTW -RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury -PSU...
  10. Z

    Question System restarting over and over.

    So resently my computer has been running a little slower than usual. Not the main problem but might be useful. The main issue is that when turning on my pc, after a few seconds it just instantly restarts, as in turns off without warning then turns back on. Once it has done this once it just...