Jul 13, 2019
ive been having a problem for the past week or so where my keyboard, mouse, and headset will all turn off and reboot. I havent had a problem with this while watching netflix but i have when simply going onto the internet, watching youtube, or listening to music. It mainly happenes when im gaming and only somethimes when im doing other things. sometimes when im gaming it will go out and all my audio will be gone after it reboots, my music, and game audio will be gone. Ill then have to close out of spotify and the game im playing and load them back up. I have tried to see if it were problems with my internet, viruses, and performance issues. I have watched alot of videos and read alot of posts on crashing, i follow every step but it never seems to work. Pls help me
Jul 13, 2019
is the headset, keyboard and mouse USB?
what are your specs including the make and model of the PSU? Everyone forgets the PSU.

yes they are all usb
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-core processor 3.4 ghz
8 gigs or ram
this is all I could find can u tell me where to find the rest of my specs im new to pc


as they are all USB that limits things to motherboard or PSU.
USB runs on 5V and if the 5V rail is failing in the PSU you might experience this.
if the USB controller embedded in the motherboard is failing or the drivers are faulted you can get problems like this.

does the new computer have a model number I could google. you could try speccy
the PSU may require opening the case and looking at the label.

Canned Grounding Rant-
shut down system and remove side panel. with the power cable plugged into the PSU touch a bare unpainted metal area of the case. (my favorite spot is an unpainted screw securing the PSU) once you have grounded yourself you can unplug the computers power cable from the PSU and can touch the system.
if you move your feet, or shuffle in your chair, plug in the cord, reground yourself and unplug again.
end canned rant-

to ID if the issue is hardware or a software setting you can change environments
Boot to a USB drive with linux on it. grab a USB drive, a copy of rufus and a linux distribution.
http://distrowatch.com/ has tons of differing linux distributions and download links. I personally am fond of linux mint with cinnamon.
https://rufus.ie/ the utility used to extract the ISO file to the USB drive.

use rufus to extract the selected ISO to the thumb drive. it will make the drive bootable and you can run linux from the drive once done.
Reboot into linux and proceed to test the hardware. connect to internet, watch videos, await problems.
if linux is good and stable the issue is most likely inside windows or otherwise software related.
this is a test of the hardware.